Nissan Titan Towing Questions

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Hi all, I am wondering whether anyone has any experience with adding a regular truck camper to their Titan - gross vehicle weights, airbags, etc. ?




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    Peter I also had an experience pulling a camper behind my Titan with gross vehicle weight, airbags etc. Some how lets talk Carl
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    Hi Carl, Have you tried a camper yet on your Titan? Don't have the $$ right now, but would like to consider it one day. I haven't seen any Titans with campers yet here in Lower Mainland BC, but it's winter now, so . . .
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    I haven't been able to pull a camper because I still have not resolved the brake defect on my 2004 Nissan Titan. Plus when Nissan stopped backing the warranty on my 2004 Nissan Titan at 24000 miles and 30 months, I had to spend $800 out of pocker on my 4th set of rotor and brake pads. So at this point, even though I have the big tow package, I wouldn't even trust towing a camper. Probably would have the rotors go out quicker.
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    I see. I assume that that was the normal end of the warranty on brakes? I haven't looked at the manual lately. I have heard that an aftermarket set of larger rotors is avail that might reduce/eliminate the overheating/warping issue, but you would then need to buy larger rims to accomodate them. Might be a one time thing, but $$$ !
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    Trying to find camper tie-downs for 2005 Titan King Cab. HappiJacks won't work because front ones go into the bed wall, and I understand that wall isn't sturdy enough on the Titan. Torklift makes frame-mounted tie-downs, but they seem elaborate, expensive, and they say they won't work if running board (or whatever that is now called) extends rearward into the bed area - which mine does. Local Titan dealer and camper dealers know nothing. Help. This shouldn't be a major problem, but so far I can't find anything. To response off-group, sent to [email protected] Thanks.
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    Peter I was towing a 30 ft. travel trailer behind my 2005 Titan and totaled my truck & travel trailer. I was passing a trackter trailer just got by him lost control because of the draft. The tires are only 6 ply side walls.By a bigger & heavy duty truck to pull a travel trailer. I was well within my towing limits.
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    I have a set of tie downs & bedextender that came with my truck that I would sell My truck was 2005 4 DR crewcab 4x4 titan their like bran new carl
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    Location of Fuse/Relay For Trailer Running Lights


    Wondering if anyone can help me with a fuse/relay location question for my '05 Titan SE 4x4. I have obviously blown a fuse that powers the trailer running lights. There was power at the 4 pin plug but now it's gone. Brakes & turn signal lights work and they are marked in the fuse box under the hood. Can't seem to locate the running light fuse though.

    Any help will be appreciated!
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    Some vehicles have a second fuse box under the dash on the drivers side, you might want to check the manual. There could also be an in-line fuse near the 4 pin connector, you will need to look at the wiring to see if there is one back there. Before you cause the same problem, do you know what caused the fuse to blow? Back a boat into the water or anything like that?
    Hope this helps.
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    I have a 2004 Titan CC SE and had a brake issue too. However, my dealer took care of the problem the first time I took it in.

    Did you ever complain to the BBB, file a suit, or anything against that dealer?

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    I have an 2004 Titan w/ the Big Tow Pkg. Regarding the brake issues that have been frequently discussed, I had my front rotors and pads replace under warranty before the infamous brake judder reared it's ugly head. Also, the rear rotors were turned and new pads were installed. Once again, all under warranty.

    As far as towing, I recently purchased a 29 ft Starcraft Travel Trailer. The Titan towed it with absolutely no problems, (aside from sucking lots of fuel)! The trailer weighs about 4,600 lbs but I do have the Equalizer Weight distribution hitch and the Prodigy electronic brake controller. I believe these two things made a big difference.

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    Exactly how bad was the fuel milage and did it have enough power to pull without being in a strain. I have a 28' Dutchman trailer & am looking at the Titan truck because of its horsepower & torque #s
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    I have a 28' Dutchman trailer & am looking at the Titan truck because of its horsepower & torque #s I was wondering if anyone had pulled a camper that size with a 06,07 or 08 Titan truck and if so what kind of fuel milage did you get and did it have enough power to pull without being in a strain.
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    I have an '05 SE with the big tow package. I've towed a 26' power boat that weighed #6,300 and a 29' travel trailer that weighed about the same. No problem with power, but it tends to down shift on slight grades. In the Blue Ridge Mountains the transmission temp rose a bit, but no problems. As to mileage - it really depends on your speed and throttle usage. Accelerate slowly, even though it will move out if needed. At 65 on the interstate(I don't go any faster than that) mileage with a fully loaded trailer is in the upper 9's mpg range. Drop down to just under 60, and I've gotten 11.2 mpg on my best run. No major modifications - synthetic oil, tire pressure at maximum and a K&N air filter. Hope this helps.
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    I have an '04 Titan with a tow-package, pulling a 5,500 lb. Frontier camping trailer with it (25.5' long),equipped w/ load distribution hitch, brake controller, sway bar, all the goodies... pulls beautifully at 60-65 mph. With average flat grade and wind I get 8.5- 9 mpg. Although the truck can pull faster than 65 mph, the transmission starts "kicking down", even with tow-button in... Usually I pull with the 4th gear, mountain passes in 3rd or even 2nd, if really steep. I hope this helps.
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    I have a 2006 Titan Crewcab LE with tow package. I tow a 30ft fifth wheel Trail Lite by Trail Bay. I have a Pullrite Slider hitch which works great. Trailer dry weight 7200 lbs. I also put on 2000lbs air bags. With them at 50psi the whole rig is level and headlights shine where they are supposed to. After a year of towing it, maybe 20 different trips, I am very happy with it. The infamous brake issue is now present, with the brakes chattering when they warmup. I am taking it to the dealer this week. I get about 11 mpg and have towed it over the Grapevine(big and long hill here in So. Calif). both ways, no problem, plenty of power. If you have other questions, I would be glad to answer them.
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    whats the odometer reading when brake issue appeared ,and what's mpg when not towing.
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    I purchased a used 04 Titan 4x4 recently. I want to tow a 24ft Airstream trailer. What would be the best controller to purchase and how is the controller installed,under the dash or elsewhere. Should it be installed by the dealer or can I do it myself. I have read some of the comments about the Titan brake problems. I haven't experienced any as of yet. How can I tell if new 'brakes' have been installed by the previous owner.
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    I would like to buy a nissan titan crew cab with the long box,I think it has a 7'3" box,witch is longer then the box on my dodge,but my problem is that the 5th wheel hitch would cost about $3500.
    So,has anyone put a 5th wheel hitch on their nissan without buying that expensive hitch???
    If so,could you send the plans on what parts I need to use my old hitch.
    Thank you. Steve
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