2013 Nissan Altima Transmission Failure

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My 2013 Nissan Altima transmission failed at 4.5 yrs old and 75k miles. Unfortunately the mileage makes it ineligible for coverage under the drive train warranty. Nissan offered an extended 10 yr/120k mile warranty on these transmissions through 2010 but reverted to the standard 5 yr/60k warranty from 2011 onward. We are sick about this as we still owe $8k on the car and a new transmission is nearly $4k. It was so unexpected from Nissan - we own two Nissans now and owned another in the past and this is the first major problem we have encountered. Having it happen so close to the warranty period on a relatively low mileage vehicle was not something we expected from Nissan from a quality perspective. We have no explanation for the failure, it is not maintenance related, just that it was out of warranty and failed. There was no warning. The failure happened while my daughter was driving the car on a turnpike at highway speed. She was able to safely pull to the shoulder. She stopped the car and was able to restart only to have it fail again on the highway. She made it to her destination, parked it and it did not move in forward or reverse the next day. We had it towed to Nissan for analysis. We are floored by the cost and the lack of support from Nissan. Does anyone know if there is an alternative to the replacement of the transmission? The dealer says that the CVTs can't be repaired or rebuilt.
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