Was a great car for my son

just_focusjust_focus CincinnatiMember Posts: 53
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I did a lot of research for my son a couple months ago when he wanted to replace his 06 Honda CR-V that had 190,000 miles on it and started to nickle and dime him. He wanted a Corolla S but after my research I found the re-badge Scion IA now called the Yaris IA was a much better deal. It rides better, more standard options and has less road noise. Oh and the best thing we got it out the door for $15,000. Unfortunately after owning it exactly 1 month he had a seizure while driving and totaled the car. I wish I knew how to attach the picture because there is not much left of the car but do you know he walked away with no injuries. I am not sure what would of happened in the 11 year old CR-V but I am glad we replaced the car when we did. Toyota has really figured out the safety of their small cars.
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