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I'm having fraudulent issue with Acura dealership. Please advise.

neochrisneochris Member Posts: 3
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I walked into Norris Acura West in MD on 12/8 and purchased 2018 TLX Aspec, and traded in 2014 A6. Since Audi money belonged elsewhere, I requested a separate check instead of counting toward TLX. Manager said big amount check could only be cut by HQ, and gave me signed and dated promissory note, promising having check ready by 12/13.

I enjoyed TLX in the meantime, and went back there to pick up the check on 12/13, only to be told the HQ mailed it to me, I wasn't too thrilled but a few more days of wait can't be that bad. So. I waited and waited, and I'm still waiting for the check that never came.

When I called the sales person, he gave me the usual excuses, promising to follow up with the HQ. I asked for manager, but he didn't answer. Manager would simply let my call go into his voicemail or flatout hang up without a word. Then yesterday, the sales person stopped answering my call too. So communication is no more.

I became alarmed at that point, contacted Acuta Client Relation and chatted with a rep, she wasn't very helpful, she told me to reach out to dealership HQ people, but wouldn't make a phone call on my behalf. So I called Norris Automotive Group, they would either tell me it's nothing to do with them, or didn't return my voicemail. It really looked dire at that point. I contacted MD Attorney General's office to file a consumer complaint, but they said it takes 3 weeks before they take any action.

I need advice. Is hiring a laywer my only solution? I can't believe authorized dealership could be this irresponsible.
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