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Dodge Caliber Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I ordered My silver R/T on May 8.The dealer called me on Aug 15 to say it arrived. :) 14 weeks to the day.i paid 500 over invoice but the car came in $700 lower than the original price.(HAPPY DANCE).I find it a little under powered but I just stepped out of a 2000 Dakota V8 Quadcab 4X4,so I will adjust.The Ride is nice,it's quiet.I have the leather seats and don't mind the plastic interior one bit.very easy to keep clean.Musicgate kicks A**.I stuck with the single disc CD just to have the Aux. input.
    I have ordered a spoiler,HD floormats,bug shield,Splash guards,Sill guards,and have already installed the vent visors,and cargo mat as well as a third brake light cover that reads CALIBER R/T.
    I love the unique look of the car.
    Funny thing happened after we picked up the car.We decided to go out to dinner,just another excuse to drive the new car.Pulled into the Applebees parking lot and there were two other Calibers there already.One green one white.14 weeks I hadn't seen a single one.I have the car three hours and see two at the same time.
  • Well - I bought it last weekend! I am expecting to pick it up at the end of the month..someone else canceled their order and I am taking theirs - since it was exactly what I wanted. Got the dealer to give me $500 off the price (which was the exact same price as what I built online), so feel good about it. Looking forward to driving my new car! :blush:
  • I first started researching this car in March just after I bought my '06 Ram Quad Cab. I heard that Dodge was going to, in a roundabout way, bring back a new and livelier version of the old Pocket Rocket. Intrigued, I started reading about what was starting production, still kind of a concept car. 300 HP in a little 3300 lb. (If that) hatchback?? The more I read, the more I wanted. Feeding two Hemis on a 60 mile per weekday commute was starting to wear on me. Both trucks have paths worn into the Chevron's parking lot. As time went by,(and my savings account got smaller and smaller) I continued my research and found that the R/T, with it's much better estimated gas mileage would probably be the way to go. I might be what most of us consider middle aged; but I still don't like to pay an arm and a leg for insurance. Try paying full coverage rates for three!!

    Anyway, I contacted Lithia Dodge in Roseburg and talked to the Gen Mgr about finding me an R/T since they didn't have one in stock. He made some calls and found their sister lot in Eugene had 3; all I had to do was pick the color. Marine Blue; no way; Solar Yellow-that's why I have a Rumble Bee-so Silver Metallic is was. My car has the Inferno Red Dash Bezel and the red seat inserts, too. She also has the 6 disc, in dash CD Changer with the 458W Boston Accoustic MusicGate system. After a stressful day at work, there is nothing like sliding open the moonroof and tuning out to Crue all the way home at decibel levels that sometimes threaten to vibrate the rearview mirror off of the windshield. Lithia has always treated me exceptionally well so when they called me and told me to come pick up my little girl, I wasn't worried about figures we had previously discussed changing. They know I don't pay ADM; they know I rarely pay invoice so when I walked out of the dealership with the trade equity out of my '03 Mitsubishi Galant; ZERO $$s out of pocket, lifetime oil changes minus rebate, I financed a hair over $15,100; I'm not about to b**ch! This is the third brand new car I've purchased from this dealer in 10 months!

    Do I feel Lucky; Yeah I do-God Is definitely smiling on me.
  • mikeorbmikeorb Posts: 4
    My sales guy knows I don't want the AWD R/T he has in stock but says that I'll have to wait until the end of the month to place a factory order because they are not accepting any due to backlog.

    I could see this being true, but also wonder if the dealer has perhaps reached some dealer-specific limit. I'll call another dealer if I'm serious about the Caliber -- need to test drive again tonight and it is this out the larger Outback -- but was curious if anyone has any thoughts.

  • jhknightjhknight Posts: 46
    Silver caliber sxt w cvt, A/c, cruise, fog lights, package 24d, chrome grille accent, 17 in wheels, touring suspension, has silver dash, gray cloth seats, power windows, power locks. price $17800. Paid too much, disappointed in fuel economy.
  • Just another update. Ordered 6/12/06, factory confirmed order on 6/16/06 and has been in D staus ever since. Still no build date or ship date. Chrysler keeps saying "it is in production with a firm build date" but nobody seems to know what that date is. I suspect it is it is so they can change it if they want.

    The wait continues.....
  • :) Picked it up today - absolutely love it!
  • Tampa Bay Florida....2007 Marine Blue SXT, Musicgate/BA/Sirius, Power, cruise, CVT/VVT, 24D pkg, Grey cloth seats (no inserts), ABS, All SRS Bags, 17" wheels, fog lamps, alarm/security group...$19,500 Out the Door ($17,863 plus TTTL). Added extended Warranty to 85000 miles for about $1700 more than that. Have yet to do a MPG calc. as I'm still on the first tank. Great little car IMO, my kids love it, hauls all my gear, golf clubs, etc.......
  • Hi,
    Chicago here!
    Ordered SXT on 7-14-06 and just picked up last night 9-29-06. LOVE the car-Sunburst Orange, package 24E, Auto/ABS/Driver Convenience group/Security Alarm/Sunroof/Sport Appearance group w/color inserts/Fogs. 19,670 but paid invoice because the dealer said the car I wanted originally through their website was there, but was sold when I arrived-it was a 30 mile trip to this dealer, and they also gave me a red Caliber loaner until my vehicle came in. :)

    2 issues, cosmetically:
    1: NO Chrome Grill as advertised. :mad:
    2: NO FLOOR MATS-I was not aware that is was NOT a standard feature as I had read. I too reserched this vehicle extensively and was really FLOORED when I found out "Floor Mats" were not on my window sticker. :surprise:
    Put in a call to their Customer service to straighten out. Awaiting their response.
    Other than that, I just love the car and its style; good gas mileage so far. I had the luxury of driving their loaner with the same engine, so I knew how it was going to be when I received my own. :shades:
  • bigtsrbigtsr Posts: 149
    Hi, I have black SXT 2.0L CVT,security and speed control and
    also think Caliber is great vehicle for the bucks paid.
    It's been quite a while now but the 24E doesn't come with
    the chrome grill only the SXT 24D package,however the basic
    floor mats are supposed to be included,keep after them
    or ask for a discount on the slush mats for their well
    worth it as the fit better and really needed for those
    Chicago winters.
    Good luck and welcome to the Caliber club.
  • Hi, and thank you, I really enjoy reading about other's experiences with this car.

    I was not aware of the chrome grill only on the 24D package-thanks for the info!

    As for the mats, I got the call back and they are going to order me the mats! Did not get even the "basic" ones. :mad:
    I think they changed their tune because I still have to fill out their customer survey. :P

    Now I have to go return the universal one's I bought! ;)

    As for the car's mileage I have been reading here, when I had the loaner, it had 858 miles on it-I added almost 500 more in the time I had it-filled it only once-and got 268 miles on it before the chime went on. And that was mostly city driving with a lot of stop and go. True, it's a new engine and all, but still, I found the mileage very good.
  • rog46rog46 Posts: 1
    We ordered a RT AWD on June 14th and we still have no idea when or if we will ever get the car. My dealer Megee Motors in Georgetown DE told us 4 to 6 weeks and now it is almost 4 months. Chrysler told me if I gave them a VON # they would tell me when it was scheduled to be made. I gave them the order # and the VIN # and still have no idea. I have always had Chrysler products but this experience might cause me to end my loyality to them as I feel they have no concern for their customers.
  • Hi again,
    Here's the update:
    The Dealer is not budging on giving me the car mats nor the chrome grille. I ordered this car when the brochure was current, including the floor mats and chrome grille. They have made changes since, and somewhere in the middle of the 11 weeks I waited for the car, they made the floor mats a $30 option.
    I think it's pretty petty for a dealer not to give you floor mats all things considered-for 19 grand, and at least trying to make me a happy customer, you thought I was asking for a new engine or something. :mad:

    At any rate, I contacted Chrysler's CS and they gave me an incident number and told me to buy the floor mats at a Dodge dealer (I will NOT go back to the one I purchased my car from), and fax the bill to them and they will reimburse me with a check in the mail.

    They are still looking into the Chrome grille issue. At the time of the order, the brochure had all the info stating the SXT Sport comes with the chrome grille and the floor mats as standard equipment on all trims except the SE.

    I am hoping this gets resolved soon. :confuse:
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A reporter from a large daily newspaper is looking to speak to women who are current Dodge Caliber or Compass drivers. The reporter would like to discuss why you purchased the vehicle. Please provide your daytime contact info to no later than Wednesday, October 18, 2006.

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  • vocsvocs Posts: 7
    Hi All

    I ordered an RT/FWD in sunburst orange in late Sept. They told me 8 weeks to come in which would be the week of Nov 13. They told me this weekend it might be Dec now but they don't know.

    Can anyone tell me what their experience has been with ordering RT's? I know SXT's seem to be 3-4 months.

    Does anyone know if the third shift they added to make these cars in July really happened and if that has helped?

    When do you think I can realistically expect my car?

    Many thanks
  • commprocommpro Posts: 13
    Here's a link to a story on Chrysler moving past their production problems

    I can't speak to the RT but I pick up my SXT today which was ordered on July 12th.
  • Hi My R/T took exactly sixteen weeks,and it showed up at the dealership with no advance notice.
  • vocsvocs Posts: 7
    Hi There
    Thanks for the info. When did you order yours? What month? Just curious because I know they added an add'l shift in July.
  • I ordered it in April & recevied it in August.
  • All you people seem lucky. I ordered mine July this would be my 18th week and it hasn't even gotten out of bx mode (I'm assuming that is paint and body dep't) So much for ordering the 'odd' colour.
  • I bought a 07 Marine Pearl Blue SXT Sport, CVT, 2.0, speed control, sirrius radio and paid $18243.88 out the door price (taxes, license everything) cash , no loan, no trade in. Probably could have bought a little cheaper, but wanted to stay local, I like the dealer, service etc. happy and safe Caliber driving to all.

    p.s. test drive more than one Caliber, I drove three and there was a major difference in two of them. I would not recommend ordering one special because of this. I could not believe how much better one was over another :lemon: , forget about color you are in the vehicle driving it most of the time not outside looking at it. Go for the best ride, performance, handling, smoothness, :shades: and of course good getty up! :shades:
  • vocsvocs Posts: 7
    All - my dealer finally fessed up that the allocation never happened in Sept or Oct and would not happen until Dec of Jan and that the factory is closed in Dec for two weeks and so 8 weeks from order pick if in Dec would be end of Jan maybe Feb. Which puts my order at 8 weeks but the dealer allocation held it up. They didn't want to admit that. Would have been a 6 month wait. I ended up just buying an Orange RT AWD that I located on a lot about an hour away. I love it. COuld not be happier. But not so thrilled with how the dealer lied around the situation.
  • How do you find the production date or status?
  • vocsvocs Posts: 7
    Well...kind of a long story. I called another dealer farther away who is a friend of a friend. He explained allocation to me. I guess (if I have this right) a dealer can't put an order in for a car until they sell a car. My dealer didn't have Calibers to sell until Oct so until he sold one of those he couldn't put in an order. Allocations are picked up the first of the month for the following month so he sold in Oct, on Nov 1 the allocation would be picked up for Dec. If the car then takes 8 weeks to make and the factory is closed for two of them we are looking at 10 more weeks from the date the order goes in.

    I pressured the dealer to tell me what was going on. I asked him if he had an allocation and he told me that an allocation is bull and any dealer will tell you they have one. In reality he was lying to me so when I got more info I went at him and he admited the order wouldn't get picked up until Dec.

    Now keep in mind..if say two people put orders in prior to mine and they get 2 allocations in Nov for Dec, those two orders will go in and I would be next in line. So I did'nt even know if Dec was a sure thing.

    Sorry I'm rambling the whole thing really pissed me off.
  • I agree with test driving, but I've yet to see one with a sunroof and the wife wanted a sunroof. As for them driving differently, that is what the warranty is for...with the dealer I deal with, I am already considered a pest because my '05 Magnum is in every time my wife or myself detects there is an issue (:P on them). I think the PT has the similar issues as the Cal, 'cause mine sucks, but my buddies runs mint. I just want my dam' car. :mad:
  • there was nothing wrong with the other cars I drove so warranty would not apply. The car I bought was built better, tighter and was far superior than the others. I sacrificed color for a better quality and car would do it again, everytime. Did you drive several Magnums to compare in 05? Hope you get a good one with a sunroof and all the other options you desire. Happy Calibering!
  • The magnum came from auction...1 year old, 26000 kms. $18000 CDN...sticker was $33000. 55% of initial cost was good, but no test driving at auctions. I got one of the cleanest. 26 to choose I opted on 3 and he got the one with the lowest mileage. As for the "MiniMag" it better be a viper ;) by the time it gets to me (actually I think they produce them quicker) The Caliber ordered is loaded with everything except heated seats and hands free cell. That is only $22000 CDN out the door. We'll see.
  • clcrclcr Posts: 14
    We ordered ours on August 16th and it was put in BX which means "Passed edit available for schedule." It stayed there for a few weeks and then it was put back to BG "Passed edit n/a for schedule. I don't know what's taking so long. Why would it be ready for scheduling and then it isn't? Doesn't make any sense.
  • I am soon to take delivery of a Marine Blue SXT with 5 speed and nothing extra but the 23D standard equipment pkg. Sales price was $14,800. They gave me both the dealer holdback and the $500 customer cash. I am buying it from a dealer in Western NC and they are delivering it to my home 4 hours away, for free! I hope to have the vehicle in my garage in time for the weekend.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    Please give us a full report on the 1.8 and 5 speed. There is almost no information and no reviews on this combination.
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