Brakes, rotor, something don't look right

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My 2 front wheel rotor don't look right.


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    These are my 2 backs
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    Did you just purchase the vehicle? Just have it serviced? I think I see what has caught your eye, but what is your concern? Are you having a problem with the brakes? Excessive pad wear on the fronts compared to the rears? The cross-hatch marks on the front rotors look like someone has resurfaced the rotors, but a little more detail about your concern beyond the appearance will help
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    I guess I notice it when my brakes started squeaking. and everytime I drive and park or stop there's a burnt smell
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    How long ago were the brakes relined, if they ever were? Looking at the rotor closely you can see the cross hatch from it's original manufacturing visible in the circle. That means the rotor has never been machined. The two triangles show pitting which occurs at the edges of the pads when the vehicle is stitting under the right circumstances. That isn't a problem under normal usage but does contribute to some annoying braking charateristics of which noise is one possibility. The circular grooving is a function of the metallic portions of the brake pad material contacting the rotor as the pads wear. That grooving isn't a problem since the pads are worn identically and in fact that increases the pad to rotor surface contact area. The grooves are a problem when someone wants to replace the brake pads since the pads not having the same wear would result in reduced contact area.

    As far as smelling something hot, can you pinpoint the odor to a specific wheel or wheels? Does the noise you are observing appear to be coming from the same wheel(s)?

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    Thank you for replying. I found out the smell is coming from a oil leak.
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