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Just leased my 2k6 Avalon XL, I am a longtime 5 Speed manual driver who always liked the sporty feel of actually shifting. I also always try to squeeze every inch of MPG out of my cars(being a child of the '70's who lived through REAL gas crisis and I foresee bigger and worser ones in the near future) But no longer being a child, and falling firmly into middle age, I now relent and give in to the reality that I am no longer comfortable in most Manual-shift-available cars (smaller more sporty sized) I admit, I bought my Avalon for comfort. 1 small consideration in the purchase of the car was the "avalable shift-tronic" transmition..the "Make-believe manual" I call it.

In my test drives I tried it out abit and honestly it wasn't really very "Manually".....but it was at least a taste of manual....now I'm wondering...will driving the Avalon in the shift-tronic mode, (if I actually learn to drive it right) actually give me any measurable improvement in gas mileage?..hey...I may want comfort...but I still want my 32 mpg...


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    no. when you use the shiftronic, you're holding the lower gear longer...which causes the RPMs to increase...which requires more gas.

    truthfully, although I like having the shiftronic option, the driving experience doesn't change all that much on the Avalon. In other cars I've owned, using the shiftronic gives you a very noticeable difference in the driving experience.
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    Hi james52, welcome! Your post is more likely to be seen by someone who can help if it's in the general Avalon discussion so I moved it for you - just click on that link to get there.
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    The Avalon's Shiftronic has got to be one of the worst features it has - only goes to "4" no matter what speed you are going. Even a Hyundai Sonata does not change the current gear when you go "manual". It responds slowly to shifting, too.
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    The only advantage I could think of for a "shiftronic" is being able to downshift manually for additional engine comoression braking. But since that will be fraught with safety hazards in a FWD (NO CLUTCH) it would not be advisable to do so absent full and certain sure knowledge of current roadbed traction coefficients.
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