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central locking and indicators

jonathanl83jonathanl83 Posts: 1
edited January 2018 in Ford
Hi guys

I am having a problem with my 2006 ford focus central locking and indicator lamps which i think is somehow stemming from the trunk not opening. I was unloading the car the other day and the boot wouldn't open with the normal open button on the fob but it does open with the boot unlock button on the fob. When i try to lock the car then it tries to lock itself for half a second and then opens again. The central locking doesnt work either when i am in the car and press the button on drivers door. i have checked the fuses all of which are fine and i have gone through the steps i found online about resetting key and everything else but that didn't work either. It is like the car thinks a door is still open even though it is not and no open doors show on the dash board. The car does lock with the key manually but i still have to manually lock each door from the inside first. Any suggestions as to what i can do. The locking is ok its just i cannot drive it without indicators to even get it to a mechanic/auto electrician


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