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1997 Blazer Overhead Console

nicki8705nicki8705 Posts: 2
edited August 2014 in Chevrolet
Does anyone know how to reset the information (gas mileage, fuel used, etc...) on the overhead console display on a 1997 Chevy Blazer. I bought it without a manual. We got it to reset once but can't figure it out again. Thanks!


  • repairdogrepairdog Posts: 948
    Push both buttons at the same time and hold for a few seconds and it will reset - scrool to a resetable value to see i.e. fuel used.
  • thanks. ha, i feel dumb because that was really easy. but i thought id tryed that before. hmmm, oh well, it worked. thanks again!
  • How do you set the Garage Door opener to work for your garage at ur house because it dont work at all theirs three buttons and i can get it to work at all PLEASE HELP ME
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    Do you have your owners manual? My Blazer isn't here right now, but there is a procedure that tells you how to program the middle button.
  • No I dont have it i wish i did though but could you help me out?
  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Posts: 2,242
    I would be happy to, as soon as I get the Blazer back. Blew an intake manifold gasket and it won't be back from the shop for a couple of days. In the meantime, try this. Substitute "Garage door opener" for "Gate Opener". As I recall, this is the same process I used.

    1. Press and hold the two outside buttons of HomeLink, releasing only when the indicator light begins to flash after 20 seconds. This procedure erases the factory-set default codes (do not perform this step when programming additional HomeLink buttons).
    2. Turn your vehicle’s ignition switch to the second (or "accessory") position.

    3. Position the gate operator handheld transmitter 1 to 3 inches away from the HomeLink surface (located on your visor, overhead console, or mirror), keeping the HomeLink indicator light in view.

    4. Using both hands, simultaneously press and hold both the desired HomeLink button and the gate operator handheld transmitter button. Continue to press and hold the HomeLink button while you press and re-press ("cycle") your handheld transmitter every two seconds until the frequency signal has been learned.
    Note: It is advised to unplug the device during the "cycling" process to prevent possible motor burn-up.

    5. The HomeLink indicator light will flash, first slowly and then rapidly. When the indicator light flashes rapidly, both buttons may be released. (The rapid flashing light indicates successful programming of the new frequency signal.)
    6. Now press and hold the programmed HomeLink button and observe the indicator light. If the indicator light is solid/continuous, programming is complete. If the indicator light blinks rapidly for 2 seconds and then turns a solid/continuous light, proceed with the following rolling code programming instructions.
    Perform these steps only if your gate does not operate after completing Step 6.
    At the garage door opener receiver (motorhead unit) in the garage, locate the “learn” or “smart” button (usually near where the hanging antenna wire is attached to the unit). If there is difficulty locating the training button, reference the garage door opener’s manual or contact us.

    8. Press and release the “learn” or “smart” button (the name and color of the button may vary by manufacturer). NOTE: Once the button is pressed, there are 30 seconds in which to initiate the next step.

    9. Return to the vehicle and firmly press and hold the programmed HomeLink button for two seconds and release. Repeat the “press/hold/release” sequence up to 3 times to complete the training process.
    To operate your entry gate using your HomeLink system, simply press the programmed HomeLink button. Activation will now occur. For convenience, the gate operator handheld transmitter may also be used at any time.
  • I tried this and it didnt work ill keep trying but it jus didnt work
  • This worked good. Thankes
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