2000 ford taurus

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i have a 2000 ford Taurus ran fine no problems at all then someone tried to put an after market radio in it now it wont act right at all any suggestions and I mean wont do anything wont hold charge or start with out jumping


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    It's a good possibility that they hooked up the stereo wrong.
    Probably hooked battery power to the key on power of the radio and it is pulling power all the time.
    If it were me, I'd remove the radio and see if the problem goes away.
    If it does, then you know the radio is the problem.

    Who installed it? A shop, a friend?
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    Actually the radio is out 
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    Well, then you need to see what wires could be shorting or what was messed up.
    If this all started when they tried to install the radio, then they may have shorted a wire.
    Your choice is, either see what wiring looks like it was cobbled together and correct it, or take it to someone who knows wiring and can square it away.

    It could also be that the battery decided to die at the same time.
    So, first confirm that the battery is in good shape by having it tested. If it takes a load test and passes, then you know that you need to concentrate on the wiring.
    If the battery doesn't pass the load test, then it was a coincidence that it failed about the time the wiring was done.
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