Volkswagen Rabbit

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    2007 VW Rabbit

    Affordable German engineering has returned in the form of the VW Golf renamed the Rabbit for the US/Canadian markets.
    Starting at just a hare under $15,000 dollars it competes very well with Japanese and outruns the domesting competitors.
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    Great price with good standard safety features.
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    I drove a GTI yesterday and loved it, but too spendy for me right now. I am excited to see that the Mark V is coming our way... be it called a Golf or a Rabbit. I want to drive it in the 2 door. I hope it has the safety features of the GTI. I went to the VW UK site, for some info on the Golf Mark V, after it was introduced at the Chicago Auto Show. I bet we will not get all the color choice in the US. I like that it is being build at the Wolfsburg factory. :)
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    I'm really interested in this vehicle, but have heard and read worrisome things about VW reliability. Does anyone have any experience/information to share in that regard?
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    Years ago, my first VW was a two tone van and it just keep running til I traded it in. Today I have an 02 Passat and have had no problems and a very good experience with the service department. Before that, I had a new Beetle as does my friend. Hers is an O1 and no problems. I traded in for the Passat, because I found the Beetle too small for my travel needs but it was a very good and reliable auto. I have had, over the years, many autos, American and Japanese, but I am now a VW fan. The are safe, they are well built and fun to drive. This is my experience. I have read that others had bad experiences. I do believe VW has listened and is trying hard to put the past problems behind them. I think it is important to keep the car serviced properly (all the new VW use synthetic oil changes) and find a service department you like. When I buy a car I always want to meet and talk with the service manager before signing any papers. Also drive the car and check it out for any flaws in paint or interior. Make sure everything is working. Take your time to check out everything, again, before signing papers. This goes for any car you buy, old or new.
    As far as the Rabbit, a friend had one in 78 and it was small and I can't remember any problems. The new Rabbit will be a much different car. I too am anxious to drive one. If it is built anything like the GTI I drove on Tuesday, it will be a really great car.

    I am calling my car dealer to find out if he knows when they will be coming. Look at this link under the Golf to get an idea of what the Rabbit will be like...I don't know which ones will come to US, but I want the 2 door and understand it is one of the choices. I doubt that we will get all those color choices, but it has been in Europe for several years so all the kinks should be ironed out. I understand they will like the GTI be built in Germans. :)
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    I'd refer you to the only publically available large scale statistical analysis of US VW automobile reliability: Consumer Reports Annual Auto Issue or their 2006 buying guide for cars. No matter how much some people want to beleive that Consumer Reports is being paid off by Toyota and Honda to make American and European manufacturers look bad, it's solid information.

    Buying a VW is trade off: you give up reliability in exchange for the qualities the German (and more frequently, Mexican) engineered VW offers. Just know what you are getting in to. I'd love to own a diesel, but I haven't decided if it's worth it- it's an individual decision; just don't decide based on a couple of personal anecdotes... look closely at Consumer Reports.
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    ... and then you will find that the typical VWs of the past had about twice as many problems in a given time than the most "reliable" cars. That is, they were not catastrophically worse, but probably enough to make ownership a bit more inconvenient than the best. Warranty and longevity were good (after the auto trans manufacturer was changed ~6-8 years back), so long term, they have always been quite solid and had excellent cost of ownership, and many models also had accordingly good resale values.

    The MkV Golf and GTI are built in Germany. Early indication is that they have few "problem areas" and a high degree of satisfaction with owners.

    For the Diesel, you will have to wait until the low Sulfur fuel has been introduced in the US, and the car manufacturers have adjusted to the new emissions regulations (that are unfortunately set in place before the low Sulfur fuel is going to be fully available). For VW, that likely means late 2007 or early 2008 with their new high pressure direct injection Diesels.
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    Does anyone have any info when they will start selling them? I tried few dillers here in Phoenix but they do not know when. All they know is sometimes this summer.


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    Availability begins in June and selection will improve in July according to regional VW rep..
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    To Z_Man: Yesterday I spoke with one of the internet managers from the VW dealership in North Scottsdale and he
    told me that they will have approximately 6 Rabbits coming
    in sometime during the 4th week of May. If I remember
    correctly they had 2 two doors and 4 four doors in a few
    different colors: red, black, and silver. These guys are
    pretty on the ball, Berge VW in Mesa are clueless. One of
    the salesman I spoke to there wasn't even aware that the
    golf was being renamed as the rabbit. Duh!!! Go to Scottsdale!!!
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    I do hope that they build some plain jane models..not all of us like all that power junk,,just more to go wrong. I have had VW since 1976, have had 4 rabbits, a dasher,2 sciroccos,1 golf,1 gti and now a jetta...
    all cars have problems, some worse than others. I would like to get one but at the price will have to wait til its 5 years old!! Bought my first rabbit new for 4389.15!!
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    anybody know what is standard/options and pricing on this new rabbit? is it going to be disel? thanks
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    The base model will be just under $15K in the US.

    As has been posted here many times, a Diesel will not be available initially with the 2007 model, because the government emissions regulations have changed, and the required low sulfur Diesel will take a while to be fully available, nationwide. VW has a new high-pressure direct injection Diesel that will satisfy emissions regulations. It may become available as early as the second half of next year.
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    It never ceases to amaze what a difference a good dealer makes!

    You would think people who make a living selling product that costs 10s of thousands of dollars would spend a little time getting it right.

    Hope your well informed Scottsdale dealer runs rings around the numptys.
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    and the required low sulfur Diesel will take a while to be fully available, nationwide. VW has a new high-pressure direct injection Diesel that will satisfy emissions regulations.

    We cannot get the low sulfur diesel in North America fast enough.
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    Our minivan got t-boned and we need to replace it fairly quickly - we no longer need a minivan, but after the t-bone I want to get side curtain airbags - which focuses our choices on the Impala (standard, so easy to find), the Caliber (standard, so easy to find) and the new Rabbit.

    My favorite dealer told me the Rabbits are at the dock awaiting release, but he has no price information and no list of actual units. I asked if there would be a definite early June release, but he said Customs sometimes likes to pull a sample to test for emissions compliance (! even from a major manufacturer?) before authorizing release from the port.

    He also told me the $14990 price is without the $630 destination charge (shades of Honda pricing strategies!) and guestimmated that the auto will add $1000 (which it does on the Beetle) and that a 4 door should only carry about a $230 premium (since content looks similar).

    Finally, whatever "decontenting" is going on doesn't hit the stuff most of us care about - no crank windows, it's pretty much power all the way with power windows, power door locks (with remote) and power mirrors, with heated mirrors. This is all he can tell from the very limited marketing material VW is giving him at this point. He said he drove a sample at a dealer ride and says the interior is a pretty nice fabric. He said VW is asking its dealers to order one or two of the 5 speed $14990 specials since VW will be promoting them.

    Can anyone help me crystal ball this a little better? If I KNOW the Rabbit will be out the first week in June I can wait, otherwise its Caliber or Impala this time around...not that that's bad...but I'd like a Golf...errh, Rabbit....
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    The pricing info. you got from the dealer sounds pretty accurate. Not sure about the story of Customs pulling some for testing, though. Hmmmm?

    You might want to surf over to the forums and watch the threads in the Golf/Jetta V forum. Beware, the forums are very active.
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    Here is a shameless copy of the order guide. Highlights are: sun roof, satellite, 4-doors, and rear side airbags are all stand-alone options (with several of them only available on the 4-door). As to pricing, while the Jetta is packaged differently, you can get some ideas about the cost looking at the Jetta (but starting from the much lower base cost of the Rabbit).

    You may also want to consider the GTI, which in my opinion has a much better engine (much more responsive, 50+hp, more low-end torque, and better fuel economy). The GTI will be available as 5-door this summer, as well.

    For either version, you may have to wait a couple more weeks than beginning of June (perhaps August for the 5-door GTI), but for a purchase like this it may be worthwhile to wait.

    At any rate, the Rabbit is coming in at a lower price than most people had anticipated.
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    Thanks, the order guide is great! Looks like VW is finally figuring out how to keep it simple - one trim line (no GL/GLS to deal with) with almost no options on the 2 door, and sunroof available on the 4 door. No Monsoon sound system etc. to deal with.

    I hope they deliver some automatics lightly optioned. Often people who order automatics want a lot of other stuff as well.
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    Stopped by a VW dealer today to see if they had any news on the ETA for the Rabbits. No, the salesman said, we don't expect any deliveries until July. Nor have they received pricing information or brochures. The place was empty. Don't think business is good there. The GTI is not moving, according to the guy I spoke with. Too many older drivers in the area, I guess.
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    No posting phone numbers in messages as they will be deleted.
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    That's strange, since the demographics for the GTI are all over the place (pretty flat from 17 to 60).

    By the way, for now the GTI alone is outselling all Golfs (1.8, 2.0, Diesel, V6, R32) of last year. And, usually, the other Golfs far outweigh GTI sales...
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    According to VW of North Scottsdale, they will have
    six Rabbits delivered to their dealership on May 29th. There will be six of them, 2 two doors and 4 four doors, with 2 being 5 speeds and the remaining 4 automatics. Also
    for anyone questioning the potential reliability factor of the Rabbit, these are rolling off the Wolfsburg assembly line, they are not Hecho en Mexico. I am looking forward to
    their arrival and having an opportunity to test drive one.
    Good luck to everyone who is interested in the Rabbit.
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    A VW salesman told me that the Rabbit is SMALLER than the Golf MK V. I don't think this is correct, is it? I thought the Rabbit was merely a Golf V w/ a different badge and options. Anyone?
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    Also, for anyone questioning the potential reliability factor of the Rabbit, these are rolling off the Wolfsburg assembly line, they are not Hecho en Mexico.

    That is not good. :( Puebla VW Manufacturing has higher quality than the Wolfsburg plant. It is too bad the Rabbit is not being made in Puebla. The last generation Golf was made in Curitaba Brazil which had more defects per vehicle than Wolfsburg.
    Was hoping that the Rabbit would be made in Puebla on the new Jetta line that supplys Jetta for North America and Europe.
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    2007 Rabbit=Golf MkV

    No difference other than bumpers, lights, and equipment levels specific to North America. It is the same as the German Golf.
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    ...just so people don't have to link...

    2007 Colors:

    Rabbit (same for 2 and 4 door):

    Black Unit
    Reflex Silver
    United Gray (SOP 30 / 2006)
    Sage Green
    Shadow Blue
    Candy White
    Tornado Red

    2 Door
    2.5L 150 HP 5-speed manual $ 14,990
    2.5L 150 HP 6-speed automatic TBD

    4 Door
    2.5L 150 HP 5-speed manual $ 16,990
    2.5L 150 HP 6-speed automatic $ 18,065

    Destination Charge $ 630


    2 Door

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System $ 150
    Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP) $ 450
    16" 'Magny Cours' Alloy Wheel Package (with 205/55 R16 all season tires) $ 400

    4 Door

    Power Sunroof with console and sunglasses holder $ 1,000
    Rear Side Impact Airbags $ 350
    Sirius Satellite Radio Service $ 375
    Tire Pressure Monitoring System $ 150
    Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP) $ 450
    16" 'Magny Cours' Alloy Wheel Package (with 205/55 R16 all season tires) $ 400
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    ...I seem to recall hearing/reading that it would be Japanese (Aisin, I believe). Can anyone confirm or deny?
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    That's a big differential between the 2 door and 4 door. My dealer told me that the last generation difference had dwindled to a few hundred dollars. Equipment levels should be similar.
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    That's why you have to take things posted on the intarweb with a big grain of salt.

    My guess is, anything beyond $350-$500 is a different configuration (e.g., ESP, alloys, and sun roof included).
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    I am looking to downsize my SUV, and love the new golf/rabbit as projected.

    I am looking for folks with experience with golf's/rabbit and family and travel..

    My wife is not convinced that we will NOT enjoy travelling with this vehicle with our 3 month old ("it'll be cramped') We are not making our family any bigger than the three of us, but I want to sacrifce my SUV for fuel econ and the environment and i really like the prospect of this car (former '91 8vGTI owner here)

    i need help convincing her that this will be the way to go...

    Also snow experience will be helpfull as well..

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    You will have to bend down a little to install the kiddie seat in the Rabbit. But with 4 doors it is certainly doable.

    FWD cars with the proper tires can get through most inclement weather systems as well as any SUV, assuming you are driving on roads and not some mountain path.
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    Since your baby is only 3 months, you are probably using a rearward facing baby seat. We were unable to use a rear facing seat in our 2001 Golf but could use one on a PT Cruiser. Rear facing baby seats are real space hogs.

    At least there is more front to backseat room in the new Rabbit than in the old Golf, so it may work for you, but TAKE ALONG YOUR SEAT and try it before you buy.

    Overall I think you are making a good choice, at least if you are looking at small cars, since the Rabbit is heavy for its size (and weight is always important for impact safety) and has standard ABS, side body, and side curtain (full length) air bags.

    Having recently been in a side impact crash, I favor (1) having a door pillar next to the side of the body, since a strong body structure beats reinforcement plates in a "long" door (so 4 doors are better than 2, 2 door vehicles move door pillar to my rear); and (2) side curtain air bags (my vehicle didn't deform too much, but my head was thrown against the side of during the impact). The Rabbit 4 door is therefore better in my mind than the 2 door; fortunately ALL Rabbits have both kinds of side air bags, plus ABS which is also great. To get that kind of overall safety you have to look long and hard.

    I don't think a Rabbit 4 door will be "cramped" so much as "intimate." I have mostly owned small cars, with one minivan, one "cute ute" (a Honda CR-V) and one Impala thrown in for variety. In some vehicles you can't reach across to unlock a door or even to access the glove box. In smaller vehicles with a large bodied passenger, you literally feel too close to each other. Since the passenger in this case will be your wife, and since many new moms sit in the back with baby anyway, there will be plenty of room. One big plus of the hatchback design of the Golf, is that if you leave out the rear package tray, you wife has "reach over" acces to all the extra junk a baby needs, in the trunk/hatch area (I'd actually try to put the package tray on the floor of the trunk so you can use it for security/privacy when you need it; I'd also privacy tint the rear windows.)

    The problem that arises with small cars in general, and moms and small cars in particular, is that women seem to have a strong protective instinct that tells them to be in one of the larger, if not largest, vehicles on the road. They are mentally comparing size all the time, and a Rabbit just isn't that big nowadays. My wife, for example, drives the Impala now, ya know, not me! And she is all of 5 foot tall and the kids are very small (2 & 9). But she feels better there, and I'm happy to take a high mpg, Rabbit style vehicle to work.

    BTW, depending on which SUV you have, your "total safety" quotient may actually go up...although SUV's almost always fare better in crashes with other cars, they are involved in more single accident crashes (roll-overs, mainly) and their roofs are notorious for collapsing in on their occupants. The Rabbit is a tough little egg....

    (The best way to sell your wife on it, is to tell her you'll get her an SUV next year when the new models have been in production for a while and gas prices have stabilized, then you can use the Rabbit for commuting... it worked for me... last time but not this time!)
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    I've heard a lot of different things... Consumer reports says quality is "below average"... a realative of mine has a VW;loves it and has had no problems... a friend of mine has one; again, loves it and has had not problems. Though I do not know much more than you do.
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    I have a Sage Green 5 door coming in (manual).

    I hope they computer info is correct and they didn't put a beige interior in the car.

    I hope it has more driver leg space than the Civic I test drove last week.

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    I am driving a 2003 VW Golf and just had its 40K service today. My little car is completely trouble-free. I spent a few extra dollars to add a nice ski/bike rack on the top and it looks great. Can't wait to test drive the next generation. If I followed the Consumer Reports's suggestion, I would have never got this car. It's obvious to me that "Reports" always favors those Japanese auto makers. :P
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    Can be found in:
    1. Canadian VW website
    2. KelleyBlueBook :D
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    Thanks for the info!!! The Kelley site at least gives us the options... even if not the prices. Also answers my question about interior color with the Sage Green...beige :cry: ....just hope it isn't true...I know someone on this forum ordered a green and hopes it isn't beige.
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    Kelley site perhaps is not 100% accurate. I think the Rabbit is assembled in Germany instead of Brazil as listed there. I guess more color options will become available later. Green/Beige does sound very attractive! :D
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    shift all Rabbit production to Germany for the new model? So, no more Brazilian or Mexican Golfs, which I am hoping will improve things if only for Rabbit owners. (Jetta buyers beware!)

    fob666: any initial idea of what the fuel economy is like? Do you have a stick or auto?

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

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    My local dealer has one of each, a bare bones black two door, and a nicely equipped silver four door. The four door was something like $19.5K, and the two door, $15.75K. Options on the four door included alloys and a sunroof.
    As for the essential differences, the four door has a full console with rear seat vents, a fold-down armrest and pass through in the rear seatback, driver and passenger seats with more adjustments, nicer seat materials, and of course, the convenience of four doors. But once past the sunroof and alloys, the price difference was something like $2400. While I liked the added features on the four door, I think I would go for the base two door, and dress it up with the alloys, and do it in something other than black. I did like the silver on the four door.
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    Aren't these Rabbits 2006s? I believe they are. The dealer had 2006 stickers on them, and I think the Monroney sticker also said 2006 for the model year.

    If you drive it, check out how much the center stack impedes the space for your right leg. My right leg was making intimate friends with that thing the whole time I was driving. Not sure if it would become uncomfortable after an hour or more of driving. It wasn't a comfort problem on my 10-minute test drive.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

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    Was the silver four door seats black or grey material? I can't wait to see and drive one. My local dealer doen't have them yet. Thanks for the info.
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    I had a similar interference problem with my right leg and the center stack on my 2001 and 2004 Golfs. Guess it must be a German thing - sit straight. But I have had no such problem on the many other economy cars I have had, ranging from diminutive (Scion xA) to nearly mid size (Focus XZ3) to very cheap (Cavalier).
  • gogirlgogogirlgo Member Posts: 47
    They are starting to change things on the official site Rabbit is beginning to appear...see the ad campaign for rabbit in New York.
    Also some fun with the Jetta crashing into various objects..pretty cool! :)
  • rcinmdrcinmd Member Posts: 139
    Seat color in both was grey, different patterns. I'll admit the four door was more appealing.
    Gas mileage rating was 22/30, which is not stellar, but I am willing to bet the highway figure can be bettered.
    Both cars were locked, and I was in a hurry. I had just come out of the showroom, where I sat in a GTI for the first time. I was impressed with the quality of fit and finish. I am 5'9, but with a long torso. Once positioned comfortably behind the pedals, I wished I could have raised the steering wheel about a half inch more, so that it did not quite clip the gauges in my line of sight. I sense that I might be prone to ever so slightly lowering my head while driving. There was good headroom under the sunroof, and good room with plenty of foot room (under the front seat)in the back, unlike a Subaru Legacy for example.
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    Hope to take delivery on Monday. Will drop by on the weekend to make sure it is what I am expecting: i.e. dark interior.

    I am very happy with the lease payments: $265 CDN/month cheaper than what I was paying on the Passat Wagon we returned last month.
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    Just a quick note for anyone in the Phoenix are looking for a Rabbit: VW of North Scottsdale just had 6 Rabbit's delivered this afternoon; 2 two doors and 4 four doors. Also
    Chapman VW in south Scottsdale has 6 Rabbit's posted on their internet inventory, but I am not sure if they physically have the cars. Good luck to everyone!!!
    Also, I had a chance to drive a friend's 2006 GTI this past weekend and what a little
    pocket rocket!!! Handling was excellent on both the California highways and winding roads
    and there is plenty of room for tall folks. I am 6'5" tall and weigh 255 lbs. and I had more
    than enough room. In fact, if the seat was all the way back, it was to far. I actually had to
    move the seat forward a little bit.
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    The 1.4-liter TSI supercharged/turbocharged engine, probably within a year or so.

    The reason is simple: the 1.4-liter TSI engine offers just as much performance as the 2.5-liter I-5 engine now in the Rabbit but with likely much lower fuel consumption. VW will probably have to slightly lower the compression to around 9.7:1 to accommodate US-market 87 pump octane gasoline, so the US-market engine will probably be rated at 160 bhp SAE 08/04 net.
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