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I have a 2003 Volvo XC70 I'm having some electrical problems with

lilfx5150lilfx5150 Posts: 1
edited January 8 in Volvo
I picked up this Volvo XC70 2003 for my girlfriend and newborn child  because Volvo's I know are safe and reliable cars. The car has 249,000 miles on it. There's an indication light in the Middle of the instrument cluster with a red triangle that will not shut off, the high beam light on dash is constantly on whether I click high beams on or off and highs beam wont cycle when turned on and off, while charging the battery the floor lights constantly flash on and off, the car constantly drains the battery within the night, something under the hood keeps buzzing and clicking 24/7, the driver information module (DIM) says airbag module needs to be serviced soon and coolant is low but coolant is full and the SRS has been checked with a diagnostic tool and nothing is wrong.... Has anybody experienced any of these problems


  • Steve EliasSteve Elias Posts: 2,181
    edited April 24
    Install a new fully-charged factory-spec-or-better battery asap. Weak battery can cause lots of electronic randomness. (Consider to swap that battery unless you are 110% sure the current battery is less than 2 years old and has never been damaged by a full discharge.)

    The red triangle light may be the rear fog light - controlled by a button on the dash.

    If proper/new battery doesn't resolve some of the issue, sounds like there is a definite electronic/sensor issue. Start by diagnosing/finding-root-cause for that buzzing/clicking thing under the hood and go from there.

    headlight issue could be due to burned out low-beam headlight bulb. swap low-beam bulbs to find out.
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