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Why my 96 chevy s10 won't start

chevprob96chevprob96 Member Posts: 2
edited January 2018 in Chevrolet
About a week ago i was drivimg home and my 96 s10 shut off like somebody turned off the key and now it wont start back up i replaced the fuel pump and im getting spark i charged the battery back up (low from trying to start) and it still wont do anything except turn over and over but no fire im running out of ideas any input would be greatly appriciated

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    chevprob96chevprob96 Member Posts: 2
    Ok i will give that a try and the way i checked spark was just touched it to metal and had somebody turn the key thank you for the input and ill put on here if makes any diffrence
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    JvictoryJvictory Member Posts: 1

    I have a 98 Chevy s10. I was on the way to work and it just shut off. I put it in n to see if it would start wile costing and it don’t. It made Al the sounds like it wanted to start but wouldn’t get there.
    Any ideas. I can hear my full pump kick on.
    But when it 1st started up before I left for work driving down the road it was almost like my transmission was trying to slip right before it went into 3rd so I left off the gas. Then got back to it and then about 3 miles down the road it was like incur the key off

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