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Went out this morning for work to start my blazer(98 Chevy s10 blazer) and when I turned the key on (when the lights radio and everything else come on) the starter engaged and it fired starting my blazer. I didn’t turn the key the whole way forward to start it. The blazer started and the starter is staying engaged and grinding on the fly wheel. Now to remind you. This is in the AUX postion. Didn’t push it the whole way forward( when you turn the key and it turns back) to start it. Any help would be great. Jobs on the line with all the problems I’ve been having since I’ve bought it. Thank you in advance.


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    At the risk of sounding like Capt Obvious, the ignition lock cylinder is almost certainly the culprit. A Google search for "1998 blazer ignition lock cylinder replacement" will give you all sorts of help if you're going to try and replace it yourself.
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    I replaced ignition lock cylinder and ignition switch it’s self. It’s still doing it. I took a video of it but not sure I can post it here or maybe I just don’t know how 
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    If you remove the ignition switch from the column assembly, can you operate it with a screw driver and get normal operation?

    If that is the case, the problem might be in the gear set between the lock cylinder and the switch. Identified as #15 "lock module" in the illustration.

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