ENVISION: Garage door opener range issues

terrywwwterrywww Member Posts: 2
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Built in Universal remote garage door opener only works within 2 ft of closed metal garage door. Regular remote works 30 ft away. Even tried moving receiver antenna outside with only very minor improvement. Homelink can not resolve the range problem. I have to check with dealer service to see if there is a way to boost range.


  • imidazol97imidazol97 Member Posts: 26,937
    The dealer should have a tester to check the transmission power of the unit. My Homelinks in Buick and Chevrolets have had a range of about 150 ft through a brick wall. I've never noticed any drop when the aluminum door has been in between my car and the antenna wire.

    I wonder if the sender has been correctly programmed into the Homelink? You might try reprogramming following directions carefully especially if you have one of the units that changes codes or something. My Genie door is old enough that's not on it.

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