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Ford Escape Power Windows

rknopp1rknopp1 Member Posts: 6
Is it normal that the rear power windows on the 2005 Escape only lower about half way ?

Is there a way to lower them all the way ?

Thank you


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    dw438dw438 Member Posts: 41
    Federal law. Supposed to help keep those back seat drivers (kids) from falling out of the windows. A '70's legacy.
    Seen in ALL vehicles that have rear passenger door windows.
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    chitown777chitown777 Member Posts: 13
    I found this item on ebay and it has been selling like crazy. Apparently it will save you gas and give you more about 20 hp. Anyone own one of these or heard of them? I know you install it right under your airfilter. All it takes is a screwdriver. You can get one for about $20-25, but I don't want to buy one if there is no real results. Any info is appreciated. :)
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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    The place to ask is the Gas Saving Gizmos & Gadgets discussion (and ask yourself why the manufacturers don't add them to help them meet their CAFE standards).
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    markathomemarkathome Member Posts: 1
    I believe that the wheelwell prevents the window from lowering any further than it does.
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    2004escape2004escape Member Posts: 2
    Yesterday I noticed that my back window on my 2004 Ford Escape didn't look right. It was hanging down slightly on the right side. So I pressed the latch button and my right side of window started to fall off. The black piece window came loose from the window and the bolt came out of the back piece. It will cost me $175.00 at the dealership to repair becuase it is no longer under warranty. I have always noticed dry water spots on the inside of th rear window. When I took it in they kept replacing the weather stripping. Obviously it wasn't the weather stripping, it was that window was not put on securely.

    Has anyone had this happen to the hatchback window
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    olcrankolcrank Member Posts: 5
    Never heard of the window falling off, but the mount for the hatch window is very simple, consisting of a hinge mounted to the hatch with the window mounted to the hinge with a torx screw. The dealer should have noticed that on your first visit. Did the window fall off the hinge or did the hinge fall off the hatch? Either way the dealer should not have charged you $175 to reattach especially if you had been in with the problem before. :mad: :cry:
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    cinelightcinelight Member Posts: 3

    power window on the driver side of my 2002 Ford Escape doesnt work, nothing happens when I press button, it stays closed.

    All other windows work.

    There is a light 'on' the window console and also on the button itself when driving at night.

    Any ideas of what it could be ? how to fix it ?

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    davichodavicho Member Posts: 190
    Either bad window switch or bad window motor/regulator.
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    cinelightcinelight Member Posts: 3
    Is it something I can change/repair myself ?

    Obviously don't want to spend much/any money.

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    davichodavicho Member Posts: 190
    I have never done it myself on my wife's Escape but I have done it in other vehicles. It is fairly easy to replace either the switch or the regualtor. In either case you'll have to remove the interior door trim panel to get to them. Choose your route....

    Left master window switch is part# 3L8Z-14529-AAA ($148.08 MSRP)
    Left front window regulator/motor is part #2L8Z-7823201-BA ($82.18 MSRP)

    I am willing to bet that your problem is the regualtor and not your switch. It is also the cheaper route, so why not start there. :)
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    cinelightcinelight Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the detailed info, i'll have a look into it.

    Thanks !
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    faziofamilyfaziofamily Member Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    My son's '02 Escape has a problem with the driver's side passenger window. Came home from school yesterday and told me the window was down (while it rained all day) when he came out of school.

    Took the door panel off this morning. Motor/switches are working, but will not raise or lower the window. Cable seems to be intact/not snapped.

    I don't see anything broken (plastic gears, etc.)

    Any idea what the problem is?
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    mac019mac019 Member Posts: 1
    how do you seperate pwr window motor from regulator? any cautions?
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