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Honda Prelude 1997-2002



  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    I have always taken mine in @ 3750 mile intervals...I think its dependent on how and where you drive. If you are driving it mainly in the city or for short trips, its 3750, if its open highway driving, make it 7500. At least that is what the dealer tells you...I've always followed it.
  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    it should be every 3k or 3 months, which ever comes up first. At least that is what I got from motor trend..haha.
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    Check your oil level regularly. When I had mine, it needed 2 top-ups within the first 3000 miles. I think the Lude has a tendency to burn oil.
  • tomektomek Posts: 20
    just got back from the dealership aND i GOT THEM TO GIVE ME TWO REMOTES however they are insisting that I am suppose tro only get one master key and the other one they are keeping to reprogram mine in case I lose it. What should I do, also what is the ludes gasmilage in city driving ?
    the way it looks right now, I will not be able to get more than 200 miles out of one tank, that would be 12.5 miles per gallon and this is not a pickup, right and i never vteced before so that can not be it right ?
  • asethiasethi Posts: 76
    First, the prelude does burn oil so like others have said keep an eye on the oil level - I check mine every 2/3 days or after long trips. Keep in mind that you'd only get an accurate oil reading when the car has not been driven for at lest a couple hours.

    Your dealer should give you all the keys if you insist - since you OWN them along with the car. However, it may not be a bad idea to leave it with them. I only have one black key and use the grey as a back up.
  • shmangshmang Posts: 297
    Are you sure that you only get 200 miles out of the whole tank? Even you are doing city drivng only and shifting at 5000rpm and keep it there, I would say you can still do better than that (like 18 mpg). You need to do something if you ask me.
  • tomektomek Posts: 20
    maybe this is becasue i am still breaking my car in, but the thing is that i have driven about 120 miles on this tank and it is below half full already, i think one or two marks below that, what am i suppose to do id this normal?
  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    I get about 325 miles to each tank of gas. Usually all city driving...I think the worse I ever got was about 280 or so. I can't remember if your an automatic or manual....might be a little less with an automatic. Mines a 5 speed.

    keys...I got, 2 black, one red and one gray key.
  • asethiasethi Posts: 76
    I don't know about others, but I have found that the gas gauge is not accurate - actually it's quite misleading. Let's say the needle is at "E" and you fill the tank all the way to the top by putting in x gallongs. Now, if next time when the needle is at "E" you only put in x/2 gallons, the needle won't get to the 1/2 mark on the gas gauge but will stay quite below it. Again, this is just my personal observations with my own car that seems to have too many other problems these days.

    Why not try this experiment yourself?
  • shmangshmang Posts: 297
    Yeah, just as asethi said, the gas gauge is not accurate especially around 'half full' range. You can get to there for only 140miles (or less if you didn't make the tank real full). That will be normal. I would check the engine oil level, fuel filter, air filter and also see if there is any alignment problem(I really doubt it since it is a NEW one from Honda). Break-in period is definitely a reason, I remember I got 20mpg on city/highway combined during break-in period.

    If this does not improve after 1000 miles, I would call the dealer and ask their suggestions before doing anything myself since the car is under warranty.

    Good luck.
  • tomektomek Posts: 20
    yeah the gage is off, thats all. however another question how do you know that you reached the the limit in cornering ? i took a corner pretty fast today and my car started fish tailing, however i could not feel anything that would tell me that i am at the limit, especially since it started fish tailing right after i almost straightend out of the curve? any ideas ?
  • tomektomek Posts: 20
    I had the car for 4 days now and bought it brandnew and now I have tiny scratches all over the paint, is the paint really that bad ?
    I only have about 700 miles on it now, so I think that the scratches that are hardly visible, actually only visible if the car has been just washed and it is in the sun ?
    besides is anybody aware of online repair manuals ?
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    Actually it's kinda difficult to get a front-driver to oversteer, unless its lift-throttle induced. I think you'd just have to learn to recognize your car's limit. It's easier to sense the limit in terms of understeer -- you'd feel the steering effort tighten and tighten up to a certain point.
  • tomektomek Posts: 20
    Yesterday with 700 miles on my car, I finally decided to use the Vtec for the first time, I just started the car drove for a couple of hundred yards and then florred it and the rev limiter kicked in at 6500 hundred, is this normal or Did I damage the engine ? How Do I know /If I damaged the pistons ?
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    It's a little early for it kick in at 6500 rpm, isn't it? Redline's at 7000.
  • You are an absolute moron for not letting your car build oil pressure before you revved it up so high. Luckily, Honda does some of thinking for idiots, and the rev limiter will kick in early if the proper operating temperature/oil pressure hasn't been reached.

    Return your car immediately and buy an automatic Aztek or something.
  • I have a 99 Honda Prelude manual. I want to get upgrade 17" or possibly 18" wheels. I was wondering if you had any suggestions or remiders. I know I should probably lower the car. If you have any suggestions in the rims, or wheels, I would appreciate estimate prices or places where I could get the item you suggest.
  • tomektomek Posts: 20
    Do you think I did any engine damage, If yes is there a way og kjnowinig ? it still idles perfect. This is my first new car and the first sports car in my family, all of the other ones are diesels by mercedes. Howevre I think that the engine is aCTUALLY QUIETER NOW.
  • asethiasethi Posts: 76
    Handling: Stock tires suck, so be very careful with them - specially on wet! Better tires are predictive and they warn you when you're reaching the limit. Try experimenting with your tires' limits somewhere safe.

    Early rev limiter: rev limiter should not kick in below 7500, unless your car was not warm enough. Since you'd just started the car and Vteched it right away, that's what would happen. I don't believe it should hurt your car, though.

    If you spend some time and go thru ALL previous posts here, you'd learn a lot of things that you'd like to know.
  • tomektomek Posts: 20
    thank you very much, that gives me peace of mind, what 17inchers are good toupgrade the lude with ?
    How do you deal with the addiction the car gives you ? I have trouible to keep the fingersoff of mine
  • tnguyen74tnguyen74 Posts: 65
    I'm thinking of purchasing a used 98 PRELUDE TYPE SH. The car is in mint condition and has 50K miles on it. Title is clear and everything checked out. The seller is letting it go for $14,000. Good deal??
  • asethiasethi Posts: 76
    Can't help you with 17" wheels buddy, have no intention of doing so. Anyone else? You can also check on

    Also, can't help you with the driving addiction problem - I drove 35K miles last year alone!! ;-)
  • only1harryonly1harry NYPosts: 1,140
    I don't see why you want to upgrade to 17". You will get worst gas mileage and the car will be slower off the line because you 're increasing the rotational mass and inertia and all that bad stuff..
    If you decide to go with 17" wheels you have to make sure they 're lighter than your original 16" which I think are 17-18lbs. You also have to give the tires a chance to break in. They 'll grip much better after 1500-2,000 mi. If you 're not happy with them just upgrade the tires some ZR rated summer tires, Bridgestone RE730 or Yokohama AVS Intermediate, Pirelli P7000, etc. They 'll make a big difference.
    Never REV high unless the motor is at normal operating temperature! Apparently you didn't read the whole manual because I 'm pretty sure it says it in there. Don't waste your money and time on 17" wheels. Your 16" wheels have the proper offset for minimal tire and suspension wear. Just get better tires and wash the car yourself if you don't want little tiny scratches all over from the Car Wash "brushless" brushes.
    '99 Integra GSR
    '06 Civic LX coupe
    '11 BMW 335i coupe xDrive
    '13 Honda Accord sedan (wife's car)
  • cgr45cgr45 Posts: 33
    Hello everyone. I've been reading this board for the 3 months. I must say I learn a lot about the Prelude from you guys. I bought the car on Saturday, 2001 Black Type H. The more I drive it, the more I like it. I have a few questions.

    1. It snowed here in NJ on Monday. I took the car to a "hands only" car wash. When I get home, I notice a bunch of scratches on the car. They are not deep at all, they are just surface. How can I get rid of them or at least covered them up. This is driving me crazy. I only had the car for 5 days. I'm never going back to that car wash.

    2. When should I have my first oil change?

    3. After how many miles can I start pushing the car hard. You know taking it to VTEC?

    4. Can I wax the car now? If I do would it damage the paint at all?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this message. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  • shmangshmang Posts: 297
    Congratulations, cqr45! And welcome to the Prelude family.

    In regarding to your questions:
    Yes, you can wax your car at ANY time you want to. It will only provide more protection if you wax it more. And yes, waxing it is a good way to remove/hide most of those small scatches. Just make sure next time, wash the car yourself or take it to some good quality hand wash place.

    Due to the manual, you can start to rev the car to VTEC range after 500-600 miles, but I would say 200 should be good(if you just do it once in a while and does NOT intended to drive the car for more than 200k.)

    Your first oil change should be about 3000 miles. but again, it won't hurt if you change it earlier. There is no such thing as break-in oil (At least for Honda) and the more frequent your change the oil, the more protection to the engine and more VTEC of-course.

    Hope this will help.
  • cgr45cgr45 Posts: 33
    Hey thanks a lot shmang!!!!

    I've already put 500 miles on the car since Saturday. I love driving this car. I must say this morning driving to work I took it to VTEC for the first time. WHOA!!! That's all I can say. I can't wait to install the intake. Also, another question. Do you recomment any product in particular to remove the scratches and swirl marks. I hear that Turtle Wax Swirl Remover is great. Thanks.
  • tomektomek Posts: 20
    I had the same problem with mine,(it is also black) when I bought it 2 week ago and I would like to know, how did you get rid of the scratches ?
    Will a professional buff be sufficient ?
  • cgr45cgr45 Posts: 33
    I had some time to kill. So, I did a little research. Appearently Meguiar's and Zaino are the best products. I'm gonna give them a try next week. But, first I'm taking the car to the dealer to see if there's something they can do about the scratches. This is really driving me nuts. I think that a good buffing will do the job. I'll let you know how everything turns out.
  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    My '99 is dark green. One of the things I learned right away is that the Prelude has rather delicate paint and have to be very careful where you park it, what you drive behind and where you take it to be washed. Best to do it yourself if you can....

    Welcome to the Prelude family...
  • asethiasethi Posts: 76
    There's a whole topic on this stuff here at edmuds, if you'd like to know more. I'd try 2-3 coats of Zaino's Z5 before thinking of buffing.
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