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Ford Expedition Rust and Paint Problems



  • laf7laf7 Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 XLT and have problems with rust underneath also. The parking brake was so rusted that it broke into pieces jamming up the rear wheel and had to be removed. Now my rotors are so rusted in the rear they have to be replaced. I only have 55,313 miles on it and it has always been in the garage and kept clean. My sway bar in the front end is also broke on both sides and needs replaced. So much for "Built Ford tough" I won't buy another Ford product.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    Just how old does a truck have to be before its allowed to rust?

    Did you always do an undercarriage clean after driving on salt covered roads?

  • To be saying this you must either be a Ford representative or have very very low standards (perhaps you've only driven american lemons?)

    I can't imagine any consumer accepting rust on a $40,000 vehicle after 8 years and 75,000 miles, at a time when salt is not used on roads anymore.

    I have a 1997 Honda CRV that's been driven in the same region and weather conditions, has 140,000 Miles, and doesn't have a spot of rust.
  • charlibobcharlibob Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 F150 with very extensive rust on the roof... to the point of going clear through the metal in places. This only started appearing early this year. There is only 48,000 on it, although I guess that isn't a factor. I don't live in an area where salt is used on the road.

    I just got the stock answer from Ford that rust is only covered for five years, and that there was no history of complaints about rusting on this line of vehicles. I got two estimates from body shops. One would agree to cut out the dollar size rust spots, there are 8 of them, weld new patches in place, do corrosion treatment, and repaint the top for $1600. The other shop refused to do patches, saying that they would not be satisfactory, and wanted $3000 to replace the roof.

    From reading through this thread, it seems Ford has a problem with the rust issue that needs to be addressed, even if out of warranty. Anyone else have some ideas.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    I can understand being upset with the rust mentioned by the previous poster under his vehicle. I can't see however how rust on the roof "snuck up" on you. Dollar sized rust spots going through the metal in less than a year??? Surely there was some bubbled paint or small spots showing up earlier. Do you wax your vehicle?
  • I have a 2007 Ford Expedition EL and at 37000 miles I have found that the paint is bubbling near the right side of the lic. plate. Ford has rejected the claim numerous times.

    Let me know if anybody has experienced this issue.
  • Very common problem. It is an aluminum tailgate so it is oxidation as opposed to rust. Some people have luck getting it fixed at no cost, others are not so lucky.
  • jkl4jkl4 Posts: 1
    Have an appt with the dealer to address peeling paint or plastic coated metal panel on the two panels flanking the back lift gate glass on 2007 Nav-L. It is peeling from the top down, no apparent rust.
  • I'd guess they will fix that for you. If it is the same as earlier models, it is an easy panel to switch, they are riveted into the body and with the quarter windows opened you have great access. I had one ripped off my car while it was in transit to me across the country and it was no big deal. It was a bigger deal that the thing held on for a while and gouged the quarter panel. Would have been nicer had it just come completely off.
  • One day after a hard rain my daughter says dad the car is leaking by the passenger door. Hmmmm, we thought it was the windshield, we climb up on the roof and every grooved slot is rotted out one cracked straight through.. Of course they deny the claim. Makes me sick.. 3K to replace te entire roof. I siliconed it up for now..">
  • jamjimjamjim Posts: 1
    Noticed roof rust (blistering) in the front end of channels over cab. My truck is like new inside and out, but this rust looks like a manufacturer's production problem. Local dealer said, your out of warranty (by a few months) and must call Ford. Called Ford, they said we'll check into it and have your local dealer call you. Two months later no call from dealer, but I did receive a Ford Customer Satisfaction Survey.

    I got an estimate from a local body shop, but the guy stopped me in my tracks, when he said, We've had hundreds of F-150's and Expeditions with rust problems. My jaw dropped.

    Is there any hope for a fix from Ford or am I just another long time Ford Guy who is finding out that Ford has some problems and doesn't give a flip about me?

    Thanks for any insight.

    Jim Colbert
  • wgardenswgardens Posts: 1
    sorry - hit return and my last post went up with no content. Ford has a bad habit of covering up their defects... seems like tons of people are suffering this bubbling of the paint. Anyone interested in a class-action lawsuit against them? please contact me at
  • Another rust story - I'm a clean freak about my vehichles - I noticed my 2005 Expedition Eddie Bauer is rusting/bubbling near the right side of the lic. plate. Noticed numerous issues with this - Is Ford doing anything to fix this??
  • The good news is that it isn't rust, it's oxidation of the aluminum panel. The bad news is that they probably won't do anything about it. there are numerous TSB's on the issue, and that is one of the spots. Doesn't hurt to try though, especially if you have a strong "good will" position with your dealership - i.e. buy from them, get service done there, repeat customer, etc etc.

    I haven't had the issue on my '03, but have on my '04. First by the lift glass, and now around the license plate frame as you described. Had the first spot fixed around 2 years ago and it is still good. Going to get the new spot fixed shortly. They spot fixed it, reshot the color on the area and then clear coated the whole panel again. You will probably find more of the same on the bottom inside seam on the panel where the inner and outers are welded together. I can live with that because you'll never see it.
  • Do a fast internet search for factory paint defect. Problems are occurring with all the automakers. Anytime an issue occurs, why don't the dealer review the dutability criteria for each of the individual layers. That will rule out if the damage is due to a factory paint defect, environment, design or a common TSB issue.
  • drequetdrequet Posts: 5
    My 2005 did this in the same spot. I had bought it new in 2005. At 37,000.00 miles it started that bubbling. My dealer said no way - out of warranty. I got in touch with Ford and since I did buy it new and it is probably our 8th or 9th new Ford in the past 20 years, they paid the dealer to repaint it. A friend of mine is the painter for this Ford dealership. He said he can paint it but it will happen again. Two years later it bubbled up again in the same spot - got rid of it in Dec. I had the fuel pump problem and it was going to take three months to get a fuel pump. By the way Ford did pay my diagnostic bills on that. Love those Expeditions but doubt if I'll ever buy another one.
  • jroyaltyjroyalty Posts: 1
    I also have a 2004 Expedition (<50k miles) and its roof started rusting maybe a year ago but didn't perforate until 2 weeks ago. The dealer says the Ford warranty on perforation is 5 years (I checked the warranty manual and he's right). Unfortunately we've had the truck 5 1/2 years. My 2003 F-150 did the exact same thing 2 years ago but said it was covered b/c there was "less than 100k miles on it" according to the body shop person (never checked the warranty manual). We live 6 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. I don't know if this contributed to this or not - you would think not. A little disturbing that both my trucks have/had the issue.
  • I noticed recently that my 2006 Expedition ( only 28,000 miles) has rusted spots in the channels on the roof. Ford's warranty won't fix it because the rust didn't go through yet to the interior!?!? By the time THAT happens the 5 year warranty will be expired. They want to charge me $1000.00 to repair the roof. I will definitely not be purchasing another Ford. Should have listened to those who warned me about Ford 4 years ago before my purchase.
  • stargo61stargo61 Posts: 1
    I like all here am having the same problem. I contacted my dealer and Ford Customer service in Dearborn without any recourse...basically the just said no it wouldn't be covered under warranty. I am not familiar with the class action process, but I'd imagine we have some cause. If someone else if familiar please say so, I am going to look into how this might be addressed and can keep you apprised. It is roughly $1000 to fix, but there is no guarantee that it won't keep happening.
  • alwaysfords2alwaysfords2 Posts: 339
    Are you talking about the hatch or the roof issue? If they prep the hatch properly by stripping and starting from bare metal it shouldn't keep happening.
    I got a quote of 650 for mine. I previously did a spot treatment, which is still fine but another spot came up. Rather than chase it around I'm going to do the whole thing.
  • retiredjpretiredjp Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 expedition limited. 2nd owner. Noticed yesterday that the paint was bubbling . Immediately took to BobAllen ford where I purchased. Ford knows there is a problem and will only take care of it under 3yr/36K warranty. This listed for 54K.
    Dealer and Ford general office REFUSE TO HELP out on fixing the paint. Are there any CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS ABOUT BAD PAINT ON FORDS??? would be interested in starting or joining one!!! retiredjp
  • Unfortunately, my Expedition has fairly severe rust in the rockers. I was a bit shocked to see a hole large enough to put my hand through on the drivers side and the passengers side is not much better. Both sides need to be replaced.
    It wasn't that noticible since the running boards hide some of the issues.

    I am surprised since I can walk through parking lots and don't see issues this severe on any similar age trucks from other manufacturers. This is a low mileage truck that is really used for towing my race car trailer in the summers.
    Amazingly, the truck is very clean overall - only the outer rockers seem affected by corrosion. It is almost like the metal wasn't treated.

    Not sure what to think. It is a good truck but normally I hang on to my vehicles for 10-15 years.
  • dee808dee808 Posts: 1
    Same here I have the same problem as you, and minds is a 2007 we just noticed the problem. We have a white vehicle and we noticed that when we looked closer you can see little rust dots. I thought it was just dirt but with the bubbling and rusting on the roof and back I'm fearing that it can be all over the vehicle.
  • I just purchased brand new expedition EL. Got it home installed a electric brake for towing under dash. I noticed that the metal for dash has a brown rust all over it. If you run your hand on the bottom of dash it comes back with a brown rust stain. It could also get on you pants/dress if you hit leg. Took it to dealer and they said its normal. We checked several other vehicles and some had rust but not as bad as mine. Looks like there is no paint or protection on dash metal. The tech sent email to ford and this is what they sent back:

    "This concern is covered by the Warranty and Policy manual. To better assist you on this warranty related question, the Technical Service Hotline recommends that you refer to the dealership Warranty Administrator, the Warranty and Policy Manual, or you may contact the Warranty Assistance Center by accessing Dealers Ask Ford off of for clarification.

    Unpainted interior components will have some surface rust due to the humidity in the air. No repairs should be made for this normal characteristic."

    Has anyone else seen this much rust on the dash metal supports? Its out of sight so most people would not notice but I have concerns with electrical problems in the future.
  • It is normal, on the Expy and most cars. It will not yield electrical problems.
  • I can't believe the rust problems with my Expedition. I don't consider a 5-6 year old low mileage vehicle that "old" in this day and age.... I can stick my hands up through the rockers on my truck. It really is inexcusable to have a vehicle rust out in this short of a period.

    I'd only consider getting another Ford for 2-3 year leased or planned on selling it after 3-4 years. But typically, I keep my cars/trucks for 10-12 years.
  • Same problem here with my 1 month old Exped. EL
  • It is normal, it isn't a problem. It is untreated steel which with just humidity will rust. It happens on all cars.
  • I have the same bubbling, peeling paint on my 2004 Expedition. Ford will do nothing. Watch this link from the FOX station in Kansas City regarding the problem. We all need to join in on a lawsuit since re-painting won't fix the problem.,0,6905374.story - Cached
  • You are incorrect. Click the link below for more information.,0,6905374.story - Cached
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