Ford Expedition Rust and Paint Problems



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    I have a 2006 expedition limited. 2nd owner. Noticed yesterday that the paint was bubbling . Immediately took to BobAllen ford where I purchased. Ford knows there is a problem and will only take care of it under 3yr/36K warranty. This listed for 54K.
    Dealer and Ford general office REFUSE TO HELP out on fixing the paint. Are there any CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS ABOUT BAD PAINT ON FORDS??? would be interested in starting or joining one!!! retiredjp
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    Unfortunately, my Expedition has fairly severe rust in the rockers. I was a bit shocked to see a hole large enough to put my hand through on the drivers side and the passengers side is not much better. Both sides need to be replaced.
    It wasn't that noticible since the running boards hide some of the issues.

    I am surprised since I can walk through parking lots and don't see issues this severe on any similar age trucks from other manufacturers. This is a low mileage truck that is really used for towing my race car trailer in the summers.
    Amazingly, the truck is very clean overall - only the outer rockers seem affected by corrosion. It is almost like the metal wasn't treated.

    Not sure what to think. It is a good truck but normally I hang on to my vehicles for 10-15 years.
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    Same here I have the same problem as you, and minds is a 2007 we just noticed the problem. We have a white vehicle and we noticed that when we looked closer you can see little rust dots. I thought it was just dirt but with the bubbling and rusting on the roof and back I'm fearing that it can be all over the vehicle.
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    I just purchased brand new expedition EL. Got it home installed a electric brake for towing under dash. I noticed that the metal for dash has a brown rust all over it. If you run your hand on the bottom of dash it comes back with a brown rust stain. It could also get on you pants/dress if you hit leg. Took it to dealer and they said its normal. We checked several other vehicles and some had rust but not as bad as mine. Looks like there is no paint or protection on dash metal. The tech sent email to ford and this is what they sent back:

    "This concern is covered by the Warranty and Policy manual. To better assist you on this warranty related question, the Technical Service Hotline recommends that you refer to the dealership Warranty Administrator, the Warranty and Policy Manual, or you may contact the Warranty Assistance Center by accessing Dealers Ask Ford off of for clarification.

    Unpainted interior components will have some surface rust due to the humidity in the air. No repairs should be made for this normal characteristic."

    Has anyone else seen this much rust on the dash metal supports? Its out of sight so most people would not notice but I have concerns with electrical problems in the future.
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    It is normal, on the Expy and most cars. It will not yield electrical problems.
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    I can't believe the rust problems with my Expedition. I don't consider a 5-6 year old low mileage vehicle that "old" in this day and age.... I can stick my hands up through the rockers on my truck. It really is inexcusable to have a vehicle rust out in this short of a period.

    I'd only consider getting another Ford for 2-3 year leased or planned on selling it after 3-4 years. But typically, I keep my cars/trucks for 10-12 years.
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    Same problem here with my 1 month old Exped. EL
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    It is normal, it isn't a problem. It is untreated steel which with just humidity will rust. It happens on all cars.
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    I have the same bubbling, peeling paint on my 2004 Expedition. Ford will do nothing. Watch this link from the FOX station in Kansas City regarding the problem. We all need to join in on a lawsuit since re-painting won't fix the problem.,0,6905374.story - Cached
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    You are incorrect. Click the link below for more information.,0,6905374.story - Cached
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    I'm commenting on rust under the dash, not the hatch / hood issue. I've had the hatch issue and there is nothing normal about that (you can see my post in the news story...)
    There is rust under the dash of every car. Normal.
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    Bought a new 2010 Expedition EL LTD in August 2010; the vehicle has had more than a reasonable number of quality problems that should have been caught in normal factory quality control checks. A few weeks after I had the vehicle, I was hand-washing the car (I never put my cars through a machine carwash and am very careful about how I hand-wash a car) and noticed paint flaking off the plastic rear bumper where it meets the sheet metal on the rearmost sides of the car. Took it took it to the dealer and they were going to use a brush to touch up the spots (on both sides of the car), but upon looking into it further, the body shop determined that the paint was not adhering to the plastic very well, so they had to sand the entire bumper parts and repaint them. Always nice to have a new car that needs to be repainted. I noticed the design of the car is not like the other cars that I have - the plastic painted parts that join metal painted parts are simply screwed together so if there is any movement between the two panels, the likelihood of abrasion problems is high. I noticed on my other vehicles that they have a thin flexible polymer spacer between where the plastic bumper meets the metal body panels and keeps the pieces separated by about millimeter to keep reduce rubbing. This seems like a basic design flaw. Is Ford just trying to save pennies by not doing the same?
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    Does anyone know how to remove this piece of trim from my '04 Expedition so I can re-apply new film?? 32020/a=1175025020_1175025020/
    link title 32020/a=1175025020_1175025020/
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    I have an 08 doing the same thing in the same spots. Make noise it helps. I have filed (BBB) against Ford and the dealership. Next is small claims court. Look up more paint problems on Lemon
    For 22 dollars you can file in small claims court. There are over 300 complaints on this site. Many have sued, all have won.
    I have also contacted the local tv stations. With the amount of complaints out there someone should investigate.
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    I also have a 2006 Expedition with bubbling paint on the front of the hood above the grill. I had a 100,000 mile warranty and asked about it before my warranty went out. It wasn't covered...Ford wouldn't do anything about it. I didn't care because the fact that this vehicle has been the biggest piece of crap I have ever owned just made the bubbles in the paint so small I let it go. I paid $45,000 for this car and they can't fix the paint when it is a know problem?? Really??
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  • maynardjwmaynardjw Member Posts: 9
    My 2008 Expedition Story...I bought it new in August 2008 with an extended 100,000 mile warranty and it’s been a pretty good vehicle when the windows work.
    I purchased my first Ford in 2003 and this is now my 4th Ford vehicle.

    In August 2010 I was having some work done and the mechanic made a comment about some corrosion under the rear license plate bracket. It was about the size of a dime.
    I couldn’t believe it. Knowing the vehicle was just two years old I didn’t think much of it and knew it would be covered under warranty. That’s when things got interesting
    In Dec of 2010 I brought the vehicle in for some service at the Ford dealership and asked them to check out the spot on the rear. When they were done they informed me that I was over the 36K warranty and it wasn’t covered. I was not happy.
    The next day I contacted Fords regional office and was told the same thing. I then called and emailed everyone I could find an email address to at Ford, including the board of directors.
    I went and got an estimate from a Ford dealer for 1600 and change. This covered stripping and repainting the hood and rear tailgate.
    Ford Corporate agreed to take another look and offered me 900 of the 1600 dollar repair estimate. I declined. I didn’t think this was fair for a 2 year old, $41,000 vehicle. I started searching the subject on the internet…..

    I was not surprised to find hundreds of other people with the same issue. All were treated the same way. There were blogs on Edmunds, Lemon Law, Ford Paint Peeling and many other sites including entire police fleets that the paint was falling off riding down the road.
    After pleading for help on some of the sites I was contacted by the Zestar Corporation and they were great at explaining the problem. They have published a wonderful easy to follow book that explains in detail why this is happening.
    They explained that the aluminum that is used on the hood and rear tailgate was contaminated during the preparation process and iron was left on the aluminum which reacts much like acid and causes the blistering.
    After another month or so new spots of corrosion started popping up all over the front hood and rear tailgate. It seemed that a new one was showing each day or two.
    After getting no farther with Ford Corporate I decided to sue.
    I went out and got an estimate for replacing the rear tailgate and stripping the front hood and repainting. $3800. At the body shop I got the second estimate he informed me that I should replace the front hood also because it was impossible to get in the entire framework of the hood to make sure the iron was all removed $4800.
    Show Estimates
    I read the Massachusetts laws on how to sue in small claims. I contacted Harvard University’s Small Claims Advisory Board, who reviewed my letter of intent and gave me tips.
    I filed my case in small claims court. Check with your state to see what your max is. Mass. Is $7000. I also filed for triple damages due to the fact that Ford knew about this problem for years and had not fixed the problem.
    Show 2004 and 2006 TSB’s
    Fords legal department called me a couple of days before court and offered to replace the rear lift gate and strip and repaint the front hood by their dealership. They also requested what amounted to a gag order and a release from any further responsibility for the paint on my vehicle. I asked them for a warranty on the paint job. They never called me back.

    Regarding VIN# 1FMFU16598LA39120, I, Maynard Johnson for the sole consideration of repair of the
    vehicle's hood and replacement of the vehicle's lift gate. The repair will be made by Ford Motor Company in
    exchange for this Release, hereby release and discharge Ford Motor Company "Ford" and its affiliates, subsidiaries,
    employees, agents, and dealers ("Releasees") from any and all claims which I or my spouse or heirs had or may have
    against said Releasees by reason of any action, omission, event, or cause, presently known, up to and including the date
    of this Release.
    This Release expressly includes all such claims for damages, losses, injuries, or consequences, to person
    or property or both, that may be based upon the repair of the hood and replacement of the lift gate on the 2008 Ford
    Expedition with the above-listed VIN #, and I hereby acknowledge full settlement and satisfaction of all claims of whatever
    kind or character which I have or may have against Releasees by reason of such repair(s).
    In making this Release, I rely wholly upon my own judgment, belief and knowledge, and that no representations or statements made by Releasees or their representatives have influenced me to any extent whatsoever in making the Release.
    It is further understood and agreed that this settlement is a compromise of disputed claims and that payment is not to be construed as an admission of liability upon the part of Releasees, by whom liability is expressly
    It is further understood and agreed that all agreements and understandings between the parties hereto are
    expressed herein and that the terms of this Release are contractual and not a mere recital.
    This Release shall be construed and interpreted under the laws of the State of Massachusetts ..
    I agree that I will keep the financial terms, amount and existence of this Agreement confidential and will not
    disclose any financial information concerning this Agreement.
    (NOT) Signed this __ day of , 2011.

    See I wouldn’t let them fix it without the warranty because the paint will just blister again. It had already happened on my front hood where a Ford dealer fixed a small road debris ding just months before. You will also find many places on the internet where this has happened to many people. Once you sign Fords release they’re off the hook.
    So we get to court. I show up with a wonderful notebook sent by Zestar full of all of the facts of Fords paint issues written on their own letterhead. 84.4% of Ford vehicles leaving the plant where my truck was built failed paint thickness and durability tests. 84.4% in 2003-2004 yet it’s still going on.
    I plead my case using Zestars book and my own data. I brought 30 pictures of my vehicle showing the blisters some 3-4 inches long by now. (6 months since I reported it to Ford). I explained that a 2 year old well maintained vehicle should not have issues with the paint. The standard for paint durability is 15 years. I showed the data and information from other cases won. I showed that Ford was aware of this issue for years.
    Ford pleaded their case

    Will participate - In Person
    Court Docket # ll-S6-SC
    CuDL Case Number: 1482033380
    Customer Name: Maynard Johnson
    VIN: 1FMFU16S98LA39120
    Vehicle Year/Model: 2008 Ford Expedition
    Current Mileage: 67,770 +
    State: MA
    Warranty Start Date: 08/14/2008
    Purchased: New
    This claim is: IN BTB Warran
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    / Ford Motor Company respectfully requests that the Plaintiff's claim be denied for the amount that he is pursuing. We understand the Plaintiff, Mr. Maynard Johnson, is pursuing a monetary claim in the amount of $4,700.00 plus court costs for the repair of his vehicle's hood and rear lift gate, which he alleges is the result of a Ford manufacturing defect. While we do not dispute the validity or nature of the vehicle's hood and liftgate paint damage; it is our position that we are not indebted to the Plaintiff for the cost of the repair as the vehicle is out of all applicable warranty provisions.
    Under the terms of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty or also known as the Bumper to Bumper
    Warranty, Ford Motor Company will cover the cost of repairs for a defect in materials or workmanship when the customer presents the vehicle for repair during the warranty period of 3 years or 36,000miles, whichever occurs first. As the subject vehicle has been driven approximately 67,770 miles, theNew Vehicle Limited Warranty, which expired by miles around January of 2010, when 36,000 mileswere reached. Mr. Johnson states that in August of 2010 that he noticed paint blistering on the reartailgate and that the blisters spread to the hood. Mr. Johnson's vehicle was already out of the bumperto bumper warranty for this concern to be covered; therefore he would not be eligible for warrantyrepair or reimbursement, due to the above information.

    Mr. Johnson first contacted Ford's Customer Service on December 4, 2010, (five months after he alleges he noticed the bubbling paint concern). Ford Motor Company advised Quirk Ford, Mr. Johnson's selling dealership that we would cover 60% of the cost to the repainting of the aluminum bubbling paint panels, in which the Mr. Johnson declined as he was seeking Ford to cover 100% of the repairs.
    *** Ford notes that Quirk Ford was attempting to provide customer satisfaction, as a good faith offer to cover 60% of the repairs. They did not have to do that as the customer was out of any warranty that would cover a paint concern.
    When Mr. Johnson filed small claims, he stated that he is seeking a monetary claim in the amount of $4,700.00; however, he did not provide any additional information or documentation as to where he got that figure from. Quirk Ford did not offer $900.00 dollars on his undocumented estimate of $4,700.00; the offer was for 60% of an estimate that was given to Mr. Johnson by Quirk Ford. The total of the body shop estimate by Quirk Ford was $1,690.07 for repainting of the hood and rear lift gate; the customer's cost would have been $676.03, Ford would have paid $1,014.04.
    Mr. Johnson also mentions in a letter that was sent to Ford Customer Service on or about April 15, 2011, that he also got an estimate from Jannell Motors, (also a privately owned Ford dealership) in the amount of $3,875.96, but there are some procedural component items to remove and reinstall, and also their labor rate is higher than Quirk Ford's, but most of the cost is related to the added replacement of the liftgate. It is our position that the liftgate is not necessary to replace due to the factthat the liftgate is an aluminum panel. Jannell does not want to replace the aluminum hood, but wants to replace the liftgate with no explanation why. (I requested this quote, Ford never talked to them)
    j Mr. Johnson states that he found a technical service bulletin (TSB 06-25-15) that is in regards to his concern. Ford would like to explain that technical service bulletins (TSB's) are recommended procedures for repairing vehicles, and should not to be confused with recalls. They are issued as addendums to the dealers workshop manual, they can range from a specific vehicle, to a product line, and they breakdown a specific repair into a step by step process. TSB's are created by Engineers, and are technically specific to a repair process. TSB's also save technician's troubleshooting time, provide an organized itemized repair procedure, and standardize the repair process. TSB's are specific to vehicle identification numbers (VINS). The above mentioned TSB is not listed under Mr. Johnson's VIN. '

    In saying that, the TSB clearly states the specific repair process that is needed, and why this concern happened, Ford will briefly explai~ Ford's Scientific Research Laboratory has performed a number of tests on vehicle body parts returned for corrosion related concerns. Testing has revealed that the aluminum corrosion was caused by iron particles working their way into the aluminum body part, prior to it being painted. The repair is to strip the paint, remove the iron particles (oxidation), and prep the aluminum panels for refinishing. This process is to repair the aluminum panels not replace them, as aluminum panels to not suffer a perforation from rust, as aluminum does not rust. This procedure is intricate, and should be performed at a Ford dealer body shop, or a Ford recommended body shop.
    *** Ford notes although Mr. Johnson states that Ford has been aware of this situation for 7-8 years, the TSB was released for publication to the dealerships on December 11, 2006~This is not a wide spread concern, and at best only effects a very small amount of vehicles. There are isolated situations that occurred, likely in production that caused industrial or environmental fallout that started the iron oxidation process of the aluminum panels. As you can see from the TSB the iron particles worked their way into the panels prior to painting (cross contamination), that is why only certain panels were

    Per the above information, Ford believes that a fair decision in this matter is to use Jannell's higher estimate, less the cost of the replacement liftgate, Ford will repair the vehicle in the amount of $2,192.26. In using Jannell's estimate the repair should be performed there, as Quirk Ford should not be held to Jannell's estimate. The consideration should be to repair the effected aluminum body panels, and not to replace them as it is not necessary to replace any panel at this time. Should there by an underlying concern, once the panel is stripped, then Ford would consider replacing any affected panel if deemed warranted. One can only speculate at this time that a body panel warrants
    replacement, and cannot be repaired.
    On June 10, 2011, Ford Motor Company contacted Mr. Johnson in an attempt to offer settlement for his vehicle's paint concerns. Ford offered to perform repair of the vehicle's hood and replacement of the rear liftgate. Mr. Johnson replied that there was not a mention of warranty and proceeded his answer with a letter indicating his denial unless a "limited lifetime" warranty could be provided, like the body shop quote that he sent. Ford notes that Mr. Johnson did not send a quote or written repair
    A estimate from any body shop. Furthermore, as each dealersnip is"privately owned and operated repair I facilities, Jannell Ford does provide the vehicle's owner
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    On June 10, 2011, Ford Motor Company contacted Mr. Johnson in an attempt to offer settlement for his vehicle's paint concerns. Ford offered to perform repair of the vehicle's hood and replacement of the rear liftgate. Mr. Johnson replied that there was not a mention of warranty and proceeded his answer with a letter indicating his denial unless a "limited lifetime" warranty could be provided, like the body shop quote that he sent. Ford notes that Mr. Johnson did not send a quote or written repair
    A estimate from any body shop. Furthermore, as each dealersnip is"privately owned and operated repair I facilities, Jannell Ford does provide the vehicle's owner a lifetime warranty for paint repair; however, the labor warranty is for a total of 12 months or 12,000 miles from the date of repair, whichever occurs first.
    Ford provides the New Vehicle Limited Warranty to prevent out of pocket expenses to the customer, and the TSB's that are published to the dealer will also expire when the bumper to bumper warranty expires. Ford provided an offer of goodwill assistance well after the warranty expired, in which Mr. Johnson felt he was entitled to full repair coverage. In good faith, Ford is extending a very fair mediated settlement, and feels that this is what Mr. Johnson is entitled to. Ford should not be held responsible for any type of fallout either environmental or industrial, Ford does place care in production in an attempt to prevent these occurrences, but no manufacturer can provide perfection. It is unfortunate that this happened to Mr. Johnson after the warranty expired, but Ford has provided as
    stated above a fair mediated settlement to resolve this matter. Mr. Johnson does have an extended service plan (ESP), a PremiumCARE that also does not cover paint concerns, but will cover over 500 items should there be any other warrantable concern within the duration of the plan.
    In conclusion, Ford respectfully requests the denial for the amount of $4,700.00 that Mr.
    Johnson is pursuing and renders a decision in the amount o~. ~ f1.1-. cJi)
    Ford Motor Company
    They didn’t argue the defect. Their case was based on warranty. Their warranty expired at 36000 miles. But in Massachusetts and many other states all you have to do is show that they are hiding a known defect behind their warranty. In that case the warranty is void. This was done using Zestar’s information.
    The Court kept several pieces of evidence and informed us they would have a decision within a week.
    I won. $4964. dollars. The full amount, and then some, I requested plus interest and court costs. By the way make sure you include rental vehicle coverage in your suit. I forgot and could have received another $500. I got a quote from a rental outfit for the same vehicle I drive. I just forgot to add it to my filing.
    ~~~ -
    DOCKET NUMBER Trial Court of Massachusetts ~
    JUDGMENT FOR PLAINTIFF(S) 201156SCOO2245 District Court Department Small Claims Session
    NTIFF(S) WHO ARE PARTIES '-:0 THI&-.lUOGMENI - - - - --€tJRREN'r COUR, -s-s: -
    1 MAYNARD JOHNSON Quincy District Court
    Quincy, MA 02169-5348
    1 FORD MOTOR COMPANY 07/28/2011 01 :30 PM. ~~~~~

    I- --- - --- ----~ .~. - -- - - -
    the above claim, after trial by a magistrate, the Court has entered JUDGMENT IN FAVOR OF THE PLAINTIFF(s) listed
    e defendant(s) must pay the plaintiff(s) the "Judgment Total" shown below, plus additional postjudgment -
    ~rest under General Laws c. 235 § 8 at the "Annual Interest Rate" shown below from the "Date Judgment Entered" shown
    ow until the date of payment. The defendant(s) is required by law to pay the plaintiff(s) that total amount.
    less the defendant(s) failed to appear, the defendant(s) has a right of appeal within 10 days after receiving notice of
    judgment. See the enclosed instructions for additional information.
    tEl Court also issued a PAYMENT ORDER ordering the defendant(s) to pay the total amount by 07/21/2011.
    ~ Court also scheduled this matter for a next event on the date shown above, at which both parties must appear unless
    used. The defendant(s) is subject to arrest for failing to appear. See the enclosed instructions.
    Date of Breach, Demand or Complaint 5/10/2011
    Qa~ JuqgQ1e_n~Entered - - - ---.;- - - - - - _ 6J21/20j 1
    Number of Days of Prejudgment Interest (Line 2 - Line 1) 42
    Annual Interest Rate of 12.00%/365 = Daily Interest Rate 0.032877%
    Single Damages $4,797.00
    Prejudgment Interest (lines 3x4x5) $66.24
    Double or Treble Damages Awarded by Court (where authorized by law) $0.00
    Costs Filing Fee & Surcharge (G.L. c. 218 §23 & c. 262 § 4C) $100.00
    Attorney Fees Awarded by Court (where authorized by law) $0.00
    Other Costs Awarded by Court $0.00
    JUDGMENT TOTAL PAYABLE TO PLAINTIFF(S) (lines 5+6+7+8+9+10) $4,963.24

    The reason your reading this today is.. NO GAG ORDER.. See I didn’t really care about the money. It’s the principle. If they make you an offer prior to court you could lose everything if you don’t accept it. If you do accept it and there is no warranty, you will be reliving the same problem down the road. To me it was well worth it. Also I felt the court was going to give me at least what Ford offered me prior to court.

    I lost the triple damage part. I knew I would because Mass. rarely gives it out even when people win that part of the trial. I felt I did. Ford said they only knew about it in 2006 and that my vehicle was not even covered by the TSB that showed the issue.
    I asked three times if they had issued one on my vehicle. They did not respond. I then pulled out the 2004 TSB showing the same vehicles that were on the 2006 TSB. This proved that they knew about the issue since at least 2004, 7 years before my case.
    So good luck. Do not give up. You are right they are wrong! We are their customers. See this has been going on for years. Now through the beauty of the internet with sites like Facebook, manufacturers can’t hide their issues anymore. We can pass on information and make the issues public. So hang in there.
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    Check out my 2008 Expedition Corrosion at the youtube link below.
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    Nice video, I have a 2004 Expedition XLT with 121000 miles on it but have only owned it for a year. It had the corrosion spots on tailgate and under the hood when I purchased it but they have not spread over the last year and after going thru a Michigan winter have not gotten any worse. I am assuming Ford would not cover this anymore and since it is aluminum instead of steel neither the hood or tailgate will actually corrode leaving holes in the material like the tailgate of the Dodge Durango I sold to buy this. I would advise other original owners of Expeditions with this problem to follow your advise and get Ford to replace the body panels not just touch them up. I could see on mine where a dealer tried to paint over the corrosion spots and it doesn't last. You would think that between 2004 and 2008 someone at Ford would figure out how to prep aluminum body panels for proper paint work but this comes from the same family that owns the Detroit Lions (see how that has been working out).
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    I have the same problem with my 2008 expedition that I ordered in 2007. How do I go about getting that info and what is it called from Zestar because Ford has offered me $250 from them and asked the dealer to give me $250. I turned this down they said it was because I didn't get a recommended service for my transmission I believe at 30,00 and I have 44,000 mile on it. Any help would be appreciated because I'm not backing down! $44,000 for it to blister in 3 1/2 years.
    Thank you!
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    I have a 2007 ford expedition eddie bauer EL and the roof is rusted in 4 spots in the grooves, and i noticed this after a car wash and the water was dripping inside the cab, took it to a ford dealer here in league city and was told it was out of warrienty and was prob. caused by rock chips and leaving car out in the rain???????
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    Have Ford supply the thickness data associated with your vehicle.

    If told its not available, request a factory representative to take paint thickness measurements of the roof.

    Thin paint will peel and cause rusting.

    Consumers have been having their new and pre-owned vehicles repainted by Ford outside the warranty period.
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    Go to Ford Mercury Paint Peeling on Facebook, Lemon or the Zestar corporation website. There you will find everything you need to sue Ford. With a little effort and a little help from the sites above, you will win in court.
    I have an 08 Expedition that has paint falling off the aluminum. I sued and received 5k in damages. What ever you do don't let Ford fix it without a 5 year warranty. (They wont do it) They will make you sign a release letting them off the hook from any future claims.
    The aluminum on the front hood and rear tailgate will more than likely start peeling. Look closely around the rear license plate shroud and inside the rear tailgate for blistering. The front hood will also start on the inside.
    I sued for sheet metal replacement (front and rear aluminum) and repainting. I also did not sign a release so I can go after them if my roof starts failing. Looking at the paint quality it probably will. I did a micron test of the paint falling off and it was around 4 microns. The paint is supposed to be 7 or more.
    I have a video posted on Youtube. Search Expedition blistering and you will see what you need to watch for.
    Profit is job one....screw the customer!
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    I agree next ride chevy or Toyota .
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    I recently purchased a brand new 2011 Expedition - fully loaded, sticker price just under 50K. While working on the sync system which had broken, I was under the dash and discovered rust on all the metal parts. I am not saying a spot here or there. There is rust from left to right. Well, in true Ford fashion, they said it is normal. My concern is - metal never stops to rust. Metal needs moisture to rust. If there is that much rust now - I can't imagine what it will be like in three years, probably the day after the warranty runs out. So here I am....a vehicle who's tires have had to be balanced twice in 7 weeks (and the vehicle still rides like an old truck), the sync system has gone out twice and rusty metal parts, not to mention the poor glue job on the hatch....Where do I go from here? I have taken 41 pictures of this and an independant body shop has said that isn't normal, after they examined the vehicle. Ford customer service - that was 30 minutes on the phone and my life I will never get back. Totally useless. Any suggestions or want to see some pictures, let me know...your going to ask yourself "What is Ford thinking?"
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    I have a 2006 Mercury Grand Marque and the white paint is peeling/blistering off the hood, roof, trunk and some side panels. I contacted the dealer and they have had this problem with LOTs of Grand Marque and Ford (especially police cruisers) and have repainte "probably over 100". I contacted Ford via e-mail with no results and denial. I contacted Ford customer service by phone and she admitted this is a problem with the white series of the cars as the metal wasn't prepared properly. HOWEVER, FORD WILL NOT BE DOING ANY CUSTOMER SATISFACTION RECALL!!! Thanks Ford! She suggested getting it repainted and save the receipts--$1700!!! I recontacted my local Ford dealership service manager. He had talked to the district and region reps and they refused to budge. They know the problem and have had police cruisers with no paint on the roofs. But he says he thinks they are afraid if they do any more, they will open a flood of repaints and possibly a consumer class action lawsuit--where are the people looking out for us and big companies not standing behind their product. What do I do? I am filing a consumer complaint with the state of Florida, but I am going to half to repaint because it is starting to rust. The car was my retirement car and still only has 22,000 miles on it.
  • tcarutherstcaruthers Member Posts: 2
    This is why I traded in my Ford for a Dodge. I will never own a Ford again. It was also admitted to me by two different delearships since I traded the Expedition in, that it was a problem and Ford was NOT going to do anything about it. Unfortunately, many people can't get out of a vehicle that easy and not enough people know about the paint problems when they buy. Too bad we couldn't get the news to expose the complaint!! I drove my Expedition around for a very long time with bubbling paint on the hood and had to just wait till I had the money and was able to get out of it. Not to mention, that Expedition was in the shop from 1,500 miles until the day I traded it in...the engine even blew up at 98,000 miles. Good thing I had a 100,000 warranty, that I purchased. Oh, and that was a big deal too. The Ford warranty that I bought and paid cash for, had to "investigate" why my engine blew up RIGHT before the warranty ran out...gee, really, the car has been in the shop since I had it with everything from the window motors, a/c, front end problems, starter, transmission and now your surprised about the engine...whatever. It took me three weeks to get my car back, while they made sure I didn't do anything to blow up the engine. Come to find out, two of my fuel injectors stuck open and flooded the cylinders. Not possible for me to have done. After that I just bidded my time to be able to get rid of it....NEVER again will I buy Ford. I'd rather walk, that thing was constantly in the shop.
  • obusobus Member Posts: 6
    Well I notice that mine is now peeling too and Ford is saying tough luck. I intend suing them in Green Bay WI small claims court.

    Can someone tell me what address I should use for the process server for the summons and complaint?

    FYI the local Ford dealer told me that they have to repair the paint on EVERY Ford Expedition they take in in trade or buy at the auto auctions. EVERY single one needs paint repairs under the hood and under the tail gate and on the surface of the tailgate.

    The contamination issue is the real problem. Ford admits it; but they can save money by settling each suit rather than a general call back which would cost them MILLIONS.

    Dennis L Oberer
  • maynardjwmaynardjw Member Posts: 9
    If you belong to Facebook go here!/groups/ford- peelingpaint/

    There you will find everything you need and get help from many who have already gone through the process. One of the members set up Fords paint programs and has all the inside information on the problem. He helped me and recently beat Ford's legal team in Dearborn Michigan across the street from Fords world headquarters.
    It is not a difficult process. You may find the address to mail from your state attorney generals office. Many state supply the information. Also put the dealer that sold you the car as a codefendant
  • obusobus Member Posts: 6
    Thanks Maynard but I still need the address in Dearborn MI for the process server. Does anybody know which address I use to present them with the small claims court summons and complaint?

    D L O
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited April 2012
    If you are hiring a process server, they should know or be able to help you find out. Maybe this link will help if you are serving by mail. Or look up another case in the court index where someone has sued Ford and see what address they used. There's probably a registered agent in your state, if you aren't in Michigan. Maybe the corporations section of your state government has that info.

    You could just call Ford and ask - may have to go through a few menus or CSRs to get there.
  • ggoodyearggoodyear Member Posts: 1
    Tell me why does it matter that I am not the original owner?? The original owner yes bought it off the showroom but kept it less than a year!! I have owned this truck for 3 years. Why with in 3years is my paint peeling on the tailgate and hood??? As you would expect FORD could care less!!! Needless to say this was the 2nd Expedition I purchased and it will be the last!!!! What can I do??? I heard it has something to do with when it was painted originally. Apparently, during the process something got stuck to the body and is now causing this!!! HELP!!!
  • mtcarmelfoxmtcarmelfox Member Posts: 13
    It does not matter if you are the original owner. Pre-owned Expedition and Mustang owners have won in California, New Jersey and Michigan on this issue in small claims court. The information is out there. Many documents exist on the Ford Mercury Peeling Paint Facebook site in which owners have used and have successfully won.
  • maynardjwmaynardjw Member Posts: 9
    Add Massachusetts to the list of people who have won. If you are on Facebook check out:!/groups/fordpeelingpaint/

    Here you will all the information you need. Sue for sheet metal replacement as well. The sheet metal (aluminum) is contaminated with iron from the stamping process and will blister again. Mine did. Getting a check for 5k sure makes the pain go away. Start taking pictures to document the blistering. Get a few estimates and get at least one from a Ford autobody.
    The Dearborn MI win (down the street from Ford Headquarters) was originally thrown out and she appealed. Ford sent in their legal team and lost.
  • rocky1959rocky1959 Member Posts: 1
    Hello I live in Lake Ariel PA I have a 2004 Ford Expedition Eddy Bauer. I have a problem on the hood paint peeling and on the tailgate. I also have minor rust top of doors and sunroof. I have a major problem driver side rocker panel corroded where I live they use cinder not salt from what I have seen many have these problems when I called ford they say they didn't hear that there is a lot of problems with this they blatenly lied anyone have suggestions
  • paint_bubblespaint_bubbles Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Ford Expedition that has paint bubbling under the front hood, by the rear license, under the rear door, and two of the passenger doors. My claim to Ford was refused. I can't believe Ford is content with a $40,000 vehicle having paint bubble in less than four years. Is that how long paint should last?

    See you in court, Ford.
  • bill7337bill7337 Member Posts: 1
    I also have a 2008 Ford Expedition EL that has paint bubbling on the hatch back and have 40,000 miles on it. When under 3/3600 they authorized repainting the hood twice. Now, they told me today that the warrantee will not cover the hatch back where the paint is bubbling above the license plate chrome. I told the CS rep, Kerri, that I have always owned Ford products and currently own 3 with my son owning 5. It makes no difference. She was very clear in telling me that her decision is "final". Great way to honor product loyalty. I am hoping to be able to sue them in small claims court. The Ford body shop gave me an estimate of $731.36. I gave her those numbers. I am absolutely disgusted with their attitude.
  • scottyw46scottyw46 Member Posts: 1
    2010 Ford Expedition. This is my second one. first one was great, no major problems or issues, however, this one, which we have owned about 2 years, has exceeded 40,000 miles. We noticed paint bubbling just above the chrome trim above the rear license plate area, similar to yours. I called Ford and they directed me to the local dealer who took pics and sent it in. I was promptly refused any consideration for the repair of the defect. I followed up with a demand for a supervisor who was very apologetic, and he will review with a committee at Ford to see if they can help. "you will be contacted either by the Ford Body Shop or a Ford representative". I got a call from the representative at my local dealer ship who states he went to the mat for me, the repair amount is $731.36 and Ford is willing to pay $300 of it. I told him to take the $300 and keep it. I am making my Ford a Billboard for everyone to see how Ford takes care of its loyal customers. :)
  • bamiotbamiot Member Posts: 1
    Just throwing my hat into the ring -- bubbling paint on the hood and tailgate. We purchased the car new, and I bought the full bull bumper to bumper warranty covering 100K or 5 years. Ford offered me $400 to fix what really is a $2,000+ job. Ford should be ashamed. My first Ford purchase, too. Love the truck, hate the paint and the way Ford (and our local dealers) are handling the situation.l

    Anyone pursued a class action? Have you heard? That seems like the smart/easy approach.
  • obusobus Member Posts: 6
    I gave up on the individual suit. Too expensive and time consuming. If anyone knows of a class action suit I will be glad to join. I now have 100k miles on the 2008 and it runs like a dream...but I will have to fork over about $1200 sometime soon to get the hood and tailgate repainted. I understand that Ford claims no responsibility as there is a subcontractor painting the vehicles within the Ford plant. Nice. I have had Fords since my first Model A in 1965 and never had this sort of problem that a 4 year old vehicle has peeling paint. The local Ford Dealer told me they have to repaint EVERY Ford Expy that comes in used before they can sell it. So the dealers are getting screwed as well.
  • alalalpalalalp Member Posts: 3
    Is there any way to tell if an Expedition ever had, or is likely to develop the bubbling paint issue? I know that you can see the bubbling on the back lift and hood, both on the outside as well as the underneath, but I am concerned that it might have been painted and will come back. I have looked at bunch of 07 and 08 Expy EL's and all had the issue except one (or it was painted by the previous owner). But the strange thing was that it was the only one of the bunch that was manufactured in the previous model year (2006). I've been reading up on this issue all over the place and still am thinking about taking the plunge. I love the room and the ride, but I don't want to shell out almost $20k for a 6 year old vehicle with 70 - 100k miles on it and have the paint blistering. I know there are people who have sued Ford and won, but I am not sure that I would be able to do that if I bought the EL knowing about the bubbling paint. All I could do is either ask the dealer to repair it or knock some money off the price. I would prefer to buy one that doesn't have the problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • obusobus Member Posts: 6
    Easy Answer...if it doesnt show bubbling it has been repaired. ALL Expy's from 2000 olr so onward have this problem. If the vehicle has an aluminum hood and aluminum tailgate it will bubble. If it is done correctly following the Ford TSB the repair should not come back. Should is the operative word. Live with it or dont buy one. If it hasnt blistered by 70K miles it just may not. Mine started at 75K miles. Expect to pay about $1500 for the repair. So there is your final deduct for the purchase. If you decide to sue; it will take a lot of your time and effort but you would probably win. I just bit the bullet and will have mine painted and pay for it and write it off. Still the best large SUV out there for room, ride, etc. I have now 110K miles on mine.
  • alalalpalalalp Member Posts: 3
    I have narrowed my search for a 2007 Expedition EL to 2 vehicles, one with the Load Leveling System and one without. Both have the heavy duty tow package and I will be hauling our 5,500 lb, 31' Forest River Surveyor SV-294 travel trailer. We will be using the EL for more than just camping. Is there anything that should make me decide one way or the other concerning the LLS? I've read that they are expensive to repair. Can they be converted to coil suspension? Are there lift kits available for it if I need it for towing? Our Forest River road low to the ground and I had to put a 3 inch lift kit on it in order back it up our inclined driveway without scraping the bottom. This was with our Ford E350 Super Duty, which road pretty high off the ground. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  • alalalpalalalp Member Posts: 3
    Thanks Obus. I know bubbling paint doesn't look very nice, but dings and dents never bothered me on a car, so I don't think bubbling paint will. As long as it doesn't rust through. I'm more concerned with the reliability of it getting us where we need to go safely. GM has the only other vehicle with the room and size to do what we are looking to do, but after many many GMs, I've gotten burnt one too many times with their lack of quality and won't go back. My Ford E350 has held up very well, which is the reason I've decided to pursue the Expedition.
  • obusobus Member Posts: 6
    The Expy will sag a LOT more than the E350 as it has a F150 frame. Bear that in mind. The rear shocks are special and expensive on the standard EXPY with the roll stability SRS system and REALLY more expensive with the load leveller system. Price them and you will see. It wont rust through as aluminum doesnt rust. And thats how Ford weasels out of the "perforation" paint/metal warranty on the tail gate and hoods. As they are aluminum and dont perforate. They just shed the paint and get chalky. Nice thing about the EXPY EL is you can put a number of full size 4 x 8 sheets of plywood or paneling and still close the tail gate as Ford has the patented fold down flat 3rd seat. You have to horse the 3rd seat out of a GM big suv as it wont fold flat. I would find out if the LLS really will bring the hitch ball back up to where you want it...ask a Ford Dealer..and be sure to tell him your trailer weight (with all the gear in it). Good Luck.
  • alwaysfords2alwaysfords2 Member Posts: 339
    The frame isn't what determines the sag, it isn't like the frame bends. It is the suspension which determines that, and since 03 the Expedition has departed from shared hardware with the F150 since it has the IRS. That said, the LLS has a limited service life before it needs attention. It would seem that 5 or 6 problem free years is what you get. It can be converted to coils later on, but it is an expense. The shocks for the LLS are around $200 each, for standard suspension between $80-$120 depending on manufacturer. I've never seen a special call out for specific shocks to be used for the RSC system -at least not up through 2010.
  • youngsmobileyoungsmobile Member Posts: 1
    same issues on my 2008 Limited.... bought new and paid $50k+ for the vehicle. First had an issue with bubble on the tailgate. Ford DID fix this issue as we continued to escalate with their customer service team. however, I now have severe bubbles on the hood. From what I've seen I dont see them taking any action to help. Its a shame as these are the things that could help Ford develop a lifetime customer. given the fact they are unwilling to recgonize and address the quality issue I will likely jump to another MFR.
  • bebyseabebysea Member Posts: 1
    I have an 07 Expedition EL Limited. Rust and corrosion on tailgate. I too have searched blogs and found Ford to have cross-contamination in the aluminum. I drove snowmobiles for thirty years with an aluminum chassis in every type of moisture known without ever a hint of rust. Aluminum does not rust. I bought the car certified which includes one of the certification policies of ' no paint defects'. Ford stated they had nothing to do with the program and it was up to the dealer. The dealer stated, I got the best deal, what did I expect. Took it to another dealer who said he would bring the rep in to look at it. He cancelled once, then twice, then just said the car was in an accident and was repainted. (his reason was the hitch was repainted). Finally repaired it myself. Then last summer while in Canada, my sister's 08 Lincoln Navigator has, you guessed it had a rusted lift gate. I too heard of the bulletin and talked to Ford auto body managers and know that the bulletin even suggests how to repair their problem, but they will not issue a recall. Well to make matters worse now all my rocker panels and the door thresholds are rusted out with actual rust holes and I am ready for round 2. Worse than being wrong is not admitting it, my parents taught me that. I will never buy another Ford again due to their lack of old fashioned integrity. I will also advise my 3 kids to never buy one. It appears Ford will loose generations of business to save a few bucks from their mistakes. By the way I have owned a 66', 76, 79, 86, 87, 92, 96, 07, and numerous Ford trucks between 95 and 03 for business, never again.
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