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looking at buying a rav 4 need input

gvcat1974gvcat1974 Member Posts: 1
edited January 2018 in Toyota
hey we are looking at buying a rav 4 years 2007-2010 looking for input on reliability , are there years we need to avoid due to maintenance issue, are there any big maintenance issues, which engine is better the 4 or the 6 cylinder. how long can we expect car to go miles wise- if we look at getting a 100,000 car are we going to be running into trouble almost immediately with maintenance?

thanks for your help


  • charles2640charles2640 Member Posts: 6
    well I'm guessing you've made you decision, but buying a used car has two critical issues: overall model dependability, and owner maintenance. will give you a broad overview statistically if Toyota screwed up (hint: avoid 1st year of a new model), owner maintenance will tell you more on that particular vehicle.
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