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2012 X5 valve cover gasket DIY

spawn1980spawn1980 Member Posts: 10
edited January 2018 in BMW
2012 X5 35i e70
I'm going to change the gasket myself but i'm not sure what else i'm suppose to change.

I recently had the one in my 535xi change. But they also change some other stuff to so i'm not sure if I have to do the same in my X5
1. Valve Cover assembly
2. Gasket
3. Spark plugs
4. spark plug tubes
5. breather hose

I'm thinking about getting a after market valve Cover assembly for $180 vs $450 Oem


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    spawn1980spawn1980 Member Posts: 10
    Miles 75k
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    isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    I know sometimes the shops want to replace the entire valve cover instead of just the gasket and I have no idea how a metal valve cover can somehow go bad! Typical BMW I suppose!
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