Signature Lights are not lighting during the day in Auto mode like other luxury vehicles.

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Apparently if the 2017 MKX is not equipped with DRLs the functionality is disabled and not available as an option under the lighting settings. I have an appointment with the Lincoln service manager later this week to discuss and see if he would be willing to enable the DRL setting without having DRLs installed. I would also like to see if the DRLs can be installed as an add-on. There appears to be removable panels in the lower bumper and a socket hanging in the area. The only way that I can simulate running the Signature Lights during the day is to place the headlight selector switch in the Parking Light position which is not acceptable. Please share any insight, I will update my post laster this week. Thanks


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    Ok I just got back from the dealer and the service manager agreed to enable the DRLs w/o DRLs so that the Signature Lights function during the day and the left side settings control now displays DRS as an option. He charged 1 hr labor ($160) to turn on this function. The Signature Lights now during the day when the car is not in park and in the Auto mode setting. According to the service manager, the DRLs can not be added to the vehicle.if they don't exist. I will look into this further.
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