Stalling out and other issues, Help??

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I own a 1990 Buick LeSabre Custom 3800 199,5XX MILES, it starts up every time with barely a turn off the key. I changed plugs and oil pressure switch. My issue is that once the motor is nice and warmed up and I either put it to reverse or drive with my foot on the brake the car will idle down and stall out. The torque converter sensor was unplugged to save it from locking up, but if i drop it in gear without my foot or the brake but instead with my foot barely resting over the gas pedal or get a rolling start in neutral with it running it won't shut off when I put it in gear. Other issues with it are it has a rough idle and has a slight miss you can hear once it's warm. Suggestions, advice? Anything would be helpful, I've done 95% of the work to the car myself, but I had a shop change the harmonic balancer/crankshaft pulley. Since then you can hear the miss when it shifts to 3rd and your pulling any type a hill, big or little, the motor will shudder with every other turn of the crank. Not sure what I need to with it anymore but it's slowly becoming a money pit.


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    IIRC MAF sensors were a big problem on those engines. The stalling problem might be that.
    I think you can unplug the MAF and it should go into a default mode--then test to see if it stalls.

    Myself, I'd have a compression test done on it. You might be feeling a compression difference.

    Also the later versions of that 3800 were sensitive to weak ignition wires and plugs. In lower gears they didn't show up, but when the torque converter locked up in 3rd and 4th you can feel the uneven weak firing in one plug. Have the spark plug wires been done with correct original type resistance wires and the correct AC Delco plugs?

    On my 93 leSabre Buick did a prom update after about 70 K miles or more and it kept the transmission from locking up as readily so that the uneven firing didn't get transmitted as easily into the body. Just changed the settings but didn't really fix any problem in the engine, if it was a problem.

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