Can anyone help me? - 1990 Ranger 4X4 problem

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I have a ‘90 ford ranger 6 cylinder 2.9L manual transmission and tried to use my 4wheel drive for the snow other day it completely locked up front end. The guy bought truck from disabled automatic engage button installed shifter it. Any thoughts on how can get unstuck?


  • 0patience0patience Member Posts: 1,712
    Manual or auto hubs?
    If manual, does it free up when you unlock the hubs?
    Sounds like a front differential problem.

    One way to determine is to lift the front end, put on jack stands, disconnect the front driveline and turn the differential yoke. If the tires turn freely, then the problem isn't in the differential.
    Then turn the driveline. If it locks, put the transfer case in neutral and try the driveline again.
    If it still doesn't turn, it is possible that the chain in the transfer case is binding or broken or some other internal problem.

    Those transfer cases were notorious for failed oil pumps in them and can seize to the shaft.

    You will need to determine if it is a front differential problem or transfer case problem first though.
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