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What is causing my 2002 ML320 brake assist lights to keep coming on?

melmaulemelmaule Member Posts: 2
edited January 2018 in Mercedes-Benz
My 2002 ML320 brake assist lights to keep coming on.
Initially, it was just during extra cold weather, now all the time.


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,701
    To assist in creating sufficient vacuum to properly operate the power brake booster there is a vacuum pump in the system. If the vacuum level is below a given value there is switch that will cause the information lamp to illuminate on the dash. Testing will need to be done to identify what is happening and why. Possible issues could be that the vacuum pump is wearing out, there could be a vacuum leak, or the switch or wiring could be failing.
  • melmaulemelmaule Member Posts: 2
    That sounds very logical. I'll get it checked out, and let you know the outcome.
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