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Hello- I have a 2004 VW Jetta. If the front windows are rolled up and the back windows are rolled down it makes a horrible/annoying noise. At first I thought I had a flat tire (that is what is sounds like. Does anyone else have this problem? Is it how this car is designed?


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    It's a vaccum related issue. If you open one or both of the front windows a little or tilt the sunroof up if you have one, it will solve the problem.
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    Actually, in almost all cars with sunroofs you can find this kind of resonance (which is related to the way a recorder/flute makes its sound). The two most common ways to fix it is to (1) not open the sunroof to its fullest position, and (2) to open some of the other windows, usually the front windows, slightly.

    There are aftermarket devices available that attach to your roof (and don't look very pretty) that work, as well.
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    Thank you. My car does not have a sun roof and you are right, the only way I have been able to resolve it is by opening the front windows. I have never had a car that does this.
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    Recently I have encountered a number of annoying problems. For one my doors will lock occasionally on there own. I have removed the batteries from my remote but that didn't solve the problem. When this happens I can not exit the car without setting off the alarm. Anyone have any suggestions.
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    Hey Everyone!

    i recently bought a 1999 VW Jetta 2.0 Auto, and while idling, i hear this annoying "clicking" noise from the engine, is this normal?, someone was telling me that my hydraulic lifters need to be replaced, and someone else has told me that this is normal VW operating noise (they are "noisy cars"), can someone help me figure this out?

    also, there is another clicking noise coming from under the car, near the C. converter area...any ideas anyone??

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    i need help ASAP .. I JUST BOUGHT A vw jetta 2001 vr6 . i dont know anything about cars i have a strange noise from the engine and also a strong vibration under the car when i hit the breaks or when i am driving with 30 miles/h stady speed.
    i was yesterdays to two differnt dealers and they told me diferent problems
    first one said electric fan dosent work and timing chains needs replaced and the second dealer said some valve in the engine its making the noise ( sometimes the noise is every time , sometimes just when you accelerate)..

    none of the dealers drove the car .. and they didnt heard the big noise ( when you slow downd or u drive with 30 miles/h ) for me what noise comes from a tire.. its stranage to explain the noise.. is rithmical
    i dont know anything about cars and i dont know ho to trust and.. i need help !!
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    I think I might have had the same problem. However, I heard a high pitched squealing noise coming from the front of my car. After many hours of it being at the dealer being road tested, inspected and cleaned, it turns out that it was the break pads rubbing against the rust ridge of the rotor. They are able to fix it for about $400 or I can deal with the sound until I need new break pads.
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    I have a 04 jetta 5 speed, lately after driving for 20 min at highway speeds I have begun to smell a burning smell coming from the driver side rear wheel. I checked the area for plastic, none. I inspected brake shoes and found wear is equal on both breaks (disks). I am not very savy on things like axels, could this be a bearing problem? Does anyone have any ideas?
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    My daughter just bought a 2004 jetta 1.8T. When the car is accelerating, I can hear a kind of tapping sound as the motor spools up. The car accelerates nicely with normal speed and tach indications. It almost sounds like I can hear the lifters, or valves or something. The salesman told her it was the sound of the turbo. I have never driven a turbocharged car so I don't know. Does anyone have any ideas what that low level tapping sound might be? Thanks. It is still under factory warranty and she bought a 5 year/100K extended warranty too so I am not real worried about it, but I would like an explanation of what that tapping noise is though.
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    my stiring wheels makes sound like sandpaper rubbing together. i replaced my pawer steering pump. but that wasn't it can someone help me :mad:
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    hey guys

    wondering if you can help me out, ill try to make this as short as possible

    I've got a 1999.5 Jetta, Auto, with 199,xxx km on it, a few months ago i noticed a "screeching/rattle" noise coming from underneath the car, it is noticeable after the car has been running for more then a few minutes or has had a good run on the highway

    it does it when i have the car in Drive, and foot on the brake, i can hear this noise coming from underneath the car, closest to the front, i'd say it was coming from where the downpipe/cat is, also, ive put the Ebrake on with wheels chocked and got down beside it and can hear the noise, it goes away slightly when i put it in park/neutral, i pop the hood but dont hear anything in the engine bay

    anyways, i went to the mechanic and asked if it was the Cat (i had a similar noise about a year ago and had VW replace it under the warranty and didnt really notice it anymore, probley cause it was winter time i.e windows up all the time) he told me that he suspected that it was the heat shield on the i cut it off (my warranty was up anyways)

    noise was still there

    i go to a muffler shop and they said that it was the bracket where the resonator is, the exhaust was vibrating and going to the front of the car where the flex pipe is hence it sounds like had that replaced

    noise is still there

    this noise is driving me nuts, simply because i cant figure it out, i know its not my serpentine belt or my tensioner, i had my timing belt and water pump done not too long ago because of another noise, so i dont think its that

    has anyone had this problem or now what this problem is? i dont want to just start throwing money at in hopes it will stop, i'm just concerned its going to become something worse....

    any ideas?

    thanks in advance
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    I have a 2001 jetta, 1.8 T gas engine. I have a buzzing/humming sound somewhere around the rear axle, comes from under rear seat, in the middle area. The faster I go the louder the noise becomes. It stops when I am stopped. I thought it was the tires because they were worn. I bought four new michelin tires and the noise did not get any better at all. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    I have had the following problem of late emission light came on in the dash , then as I was going up hill on the highway the engine was revying high 4,000 rpm but yet I couldn't go ant faster than 30 mph??? Then we startd hearing I high pitch noise almost like a radio frequency noise but radio was turned off.
    Don't know what is going on?? Anyone experienced same? Any idea what the probelm maybe? I as told that it may be an oxygen sensor? Thanks !
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    2002 Jetta GLC: Intermittent loud noise (with vibration on accelerator peddle) that appears to come from under the center of the dash. This happens only on warm days with AC on. If I turn AC off it goes away. When it happens the car loses power.
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    i have the same problem with my jetta 2001 .one mechanic said it is ac tensioner.dealers can't find the problems as it was not hot.i will again got it checked after 2 days .please update me if you got diagnosed the problem
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    I beleive I have an answer for some of the related posts.
    I recently bought a 2009 jetta. Vibration noise comes at highway speed and comes and goes with the fan or when tailgaiting a truck or not. The vibration frequency does not change with engine speed or road speed. The amplitude changes with wind speed. It can be felt on the steering wheel and pedals.

    First I thought it was wind vibration of the body screen below the engine .. I modified it and the vibration remained. With that body panel/protection off, I noted the AC fan and water cooling fan hood is very flimsy and vibrates exactly at the same natural frequency as I am experiencing. By now I am so sensitive to the noise that I can hear it at speeds as low as 35 to 40 mph. I tied back the fan hood temporarily and it changed the speed at which it starts.
    I am going to request that VW fix this as a warrentee item. It is clearly a design flaw.
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    I recently bought a used 2002 Jetta (manual, 2.0, with A/C) with 144k miles. It has started making a short (2-3 seconds) squealing noise at engine startup. The noise seems to come from just to the driver's side of the engine compartment. It only happens at start up and the volume and duration of the noise do change randomly, but only slightly, The check engine light is on and it gives a code that indicates that there is a misfire in the 4th cylinder (it has been reset 3 times and each time comes back with the same code). I do not have maintenance records for the vehicle. Any suggestions?
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    I have a 2007 Jetta with just over 27,000 miles on it. Recently I started hearing a noise under the dashboard on the passenger side, kind of like a grinding noise, like a bad stepper motor sound. I hear the noise only for a few seconds when I first turn the car on, regardless of whether the engine is on or not. I also hear the noise when I push the air recirculation button on and off, as well as when I put the car in reverse. Any ideas?
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    Have you had any answers for this? I just started having the exact same problem. I origially thought it had to do with the recirc because mine has not worked in a few months but I also have the noise when I switch between reverse and drive.
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    Yes. It turned out to be a bad recirculation flap motor (part # 1K0-907-511-C) under the dashboard on the passenger side. It was replaced and noise went away and still hasn't come back.
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    I just bought a 2006 Jetta. My first one and yes I hear that similiar noise at startup and then after about 30 seconds it goes away and the engine is humming. How much does it cost to replace that flap motor.
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    I don't know. I took mine to the dealer and the part was still covered under warranty.
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    i am on my fourth jetta every one had a tick tick noise from under the dash drivers side and vibration around the radio inset go figure
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    Ok i got this 2002 jetta 1.8T and it makes this loud knocking noise when I'm sitting but when i start to drive it stops can someone help me??
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    I hit a large pot hole in the road, after a few days i started hearing a loud noise. I can hear the noise on inside of car, but not outside. It sounds like i have a bad tire, had them replaced, did not help. Noise gets louder the faster i drive. Can anyone help me.
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    My 2003 Jetta TDI makes noises when it is traveling on uneven roads such as streets with dips or pot holes. Thought it was suspension related, maybe shocks or struts, but that is not the case. Both my mechanic and body shop technician recognize that there is a problem, but don't know a solution. Is worse in warmer weather. It appears to need lubrication but I don't know where to lubricate.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Member Posts: 4,085
    If by "noise", you mean sqeeky when going over dips on hot/humid days.... several folks have reported that lubricating or replacing the anti-swaybar bushings solved this noise.
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    This problem with my 2006 VW Jetta has occurred once again and always after refueling. The first time this happened, the fuel guage showed in the red and the refuel light had just turned on. As I drive into the gas station, I hear a loud thudding in the back of the car like somebody was in the trunk. After stopping beside a pump and turning off the engine there is a loud pop. I refuel with regular unleaded and refill completely as I always do. As I restart, the engine "turns" but doesn't "catch" so that the engine remains turning. So I call a friend and he recommends I pump the gas pedal as the engine is 'turning'. It worked. He also said the thudding was probably my fuel pump. He also suggested I use a fuel additive. First can anybody explain the problem with the thudding and popping? Is it really the fuel pump and how long is a fuel pump supposed to last? And is using a fuel additive on every fill up safe for the car. 3 weeks has passed since then and after that time, I did not have the problem again until today. Again, after I refilled completely, I had to once again pump the pedal as the engine is turning. However, today there was no popping or thudding, and it has been 2 fillups since I used a fuel additive. CAN ANYBODY TELL ME WHY THE CAR IS DOING THIS? Is it the fuel pump? Is it clogged fuel injectors? Is it the starter coils, which they did just replace due to a recall?
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    i have a 2000 jetta 1.8 t that beeps when the temperature is hot outside. it stops as it cools off. it doesnt beep during the winter. strange? yes indeed, not even the pros at the local vw dealer could solve the issue. any thoughts?
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    Did you find out what was going on with your Jetta? Mine is doing the same thing, also a 2002.
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    Squeel is most-likely the serpentine belt slipping until it warms up. Warm rubber tends to 'stick' to the pullies and stop slipping.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Member Posts: 4,085
    see my last append about the squeel....

    Regarding the "misfire" code - OF COURSE it will keep coming back if you just reset the code and not fix the problem. What do you expect??

    A good way to isolate/fix a "misfire" code is to replace sparkplugs. Remove and clean the spark-plug wires and igniion coil.

    Worst case, you may need to REPLACE the spark-plug wires ... However, since the spark-plug wires for that engine cost over $100, it is worthwile to first try cleaning them and applying silicone grease to the boots.

    Very rarely, the ignition-coil itself may have a crack in it and cause misfires. When you remove it for cleaning, you can scrutinize it for cracks. If it is cracked, some people have reported having luck sealing the crack with RTV silicone.
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    Would you happen to know what the indicator light that shows what looks like a gas cap coming off means? I know thy the gas cap is on and not loose. Why would that be light be coming on?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Member Posts: 4,085
    I was not aware that there is such an indicator on the Jetta.... What year is it?
    If you have misplaced your manual, they are available online.

    With that said... I know there is a diagnostic test that runs which tries to pump a slight pressure in the air in the gastank. If it cannot build pressure, it is assumed that the gascap is not sealed properly. Most cars will simply lite up the CEL when this test fails.
  • mrbert29mrbert29 Member Posts: 37
    You're right! it's not one of the indicators that light up when the car does it's startup test. My car is a 2006 Jetta and the light is next to the center bolt (for lack of a better word) that holds the needle on the RPM dial. Anyway I always hear this stretching noise at startup andsometimes this kind of pumping noise while I drive after coming from a cold start.
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    Hello, my girlfriend's 2006 Rabbit (2.5 - manual) is having the same problem (she sometimes hears a knocking and it won't restart after re-fueling until she pumps the gas).

    Did you ever find out what was causing your problem?
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    Hi, I hear the same thudding noise in the rear of my Jetta and would like to know if you have an answer to this problem...

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    my daughter has a 2001 v20 turbo jetta that when idleing makes a strange gurgling noise in the air-intake. It was fitted with a K&N intake before we bought it. I replace some of the air lines that come from the top end of the engine. when i got the broken pieces out of the fitting noticed a pasty, oilly, and watery. Tried to blow all of the water out with compressor, but air-intake sounds like it is sucking water through a straw with a hole in it.

    any help would be greatly appreciated
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    I am not so sure that VW offered a 2.0L turbocharged engine in 2001. I believe it was a 1.8L turbo. (Actually an Audi engine)

    The gurgling you hear may be oil sitting in the base of the intercooler. The oil usually gets there from leaking oil-seal on the turbocharger. A small amount of oil in the intercooler is normal.

    VWs have a "Cold-Air-Intake" from the factory and adding something else is just a waste of money. The factory air-filter is MORE than adequate for the engine. Especially a turbocharged engine where the air is FORCED into the engine.

    K&N intake filters on a VW are bad news. The oil from the filter is KNOWN to contaminate the MAF (Mass AirFlow) sensor. You have been warned.
    (Youngsters add CAI to turbocharged engine so they can hear the whine of the compressor.)
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    My daughter just bought a 2007 Jetta and we noticed this noise during the test drive. The (Toyota) dealer sounded sure it was the flap motor (he called it the blender, it "blends" the hot/cold air to the selected temperature). He said the part was maybe $400 but it was 7-8 hours of labor due to taking off the whole dash. He offered to replace it for 50% off labor if it keeps giving her problems, for now she's living with it although she's reporting it happens not just at startup but when she puts it in reverse and sometimes simply while driving.
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    I recently replaced my PCV Diaphragm on my 2007 VW Jetta 2.5L due to leaking. It fixed the rough idle but when i shut the car off, I'm hearing a humming or whining noise? Anyone encounter similar issue? Thanks for any help.
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