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Pontiac high performance car may be in Jepardy again. Since Pontiac revived the Throwback namaplate in 2004 the GTO has been nothing but budget priced and really fast. The GTO of today bears resemblance to the past GTOs. They are fast, stylish, and thirsty. Several rumors have been started on what the future holds for ths Pontiac hi-point. Some say that the Zeta platform coming over to the USA in a couple of years will inherit the GTO. Some say due to High fuel prices and slow sells that GM may just drop the whole platform all together. Let the GTO die again. What have yawll heard on this topic. I study the GTO very detailed and have learned to love it. I hope that the GTO does not go the way of the world. Its an American sportscar and we have all to few of them anyway. There just aint no substitue for American engineering than the mess being imported.

There again, I just like to talk cars so any input on this topic will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, 79CustomD


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    The GTO already is imported from Australia. As for American engineering, sure many engineering advancements have come from America, but in regards to motor vehicles, quality control has alway been an issue in the States and Australia. Our industry was very muched based on yours. I love my Monaro and have owned it now since 2002. Just fitted new brake rotors (slotted) for better braking + lots of other mods. It now flys like a bird ( chews more juice) but hey when I drive it it launches! Pitty it's going but ther is a plus, the value of the GTO's/Monaro will steady even with the increase in gas prices.
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    is the gto factory intake set up for cold air already or do i need to get a complete intake kit instead of just a high flow filter or cone and attach it.
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    Not sure, the Monaro certainly needed to be upgraded as factory Intake was average. Not sure about the later models though sorry. Also try LS1.com.au you may get an answer. You will need a model/year.
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    Go for the LPI (Lingenfelter) CAI. You should see at least a 10-15 HP gain. I think you can pick one up for around $300. Stay away from the K&N!
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    Hey how much hp will the gto get, to the rear wheel with JBA cat4ward header's?
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    Alright here's the deal, I was thinking of getting a STI at first but after reading about the stiff, bumpy ride that they give you and not the kinda sound I want. Recently I thought about getting a more modern muscle car that makes a lot of noise :P

    So the GTO came to mind along with the charger and mustang, but chargers are a bit to big for my taste and mustangs are way too common around here. So I was wondering what I should do.. wait a couple years and see if any new models come out and if I do get a GTO.. what kind of modifications can I get to get max HP? thanks any input would be appreciated
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    Better get in fast as the GTO will soon be dropped in the US as the Monaro(GTO) has been in Australia.
    Modifications? Plenty but I'll give you a run down on where you can start.
    First - exhaust get some headers and see what you can afford with the rest of the exhaust.
    Second - Air intake - I've recently installed a K&N Air intake much better.
    Third- Computer - go to a reputable mechanic that has a dyno and can reprogramme your current one. If it's an auto that you buy it will even change the shift pattern in Power mode and send you sideways in second! If you want to see how sick you can go there's a company in Perth Australia that went all the way with a 5.7 and actually documented all that went wrong and right. Check it out www.chipmaster.com.au
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    Oh thanks alot for the input, I really appreciate it...I also have a several more questions. How long do you think I got until their dropped, a few months? and what year would you say is better 2005 or 2006?? because i'll hopefully have this job soon, so I can get it and the goodies that I can put on it. So you would prefer to get a manual instead of an automatic right?? and also what kind of HP will it be putting out if I get the exhaust, headers, air intake & filter, and the computer programming??

    Ive seen these performance packages from SLP that includes 160 degree thermostat, high-flow air filter, under-drive pulley, long tube ceramic coated headers with powerflo-x crossover, Loud Mouth Cat-Back Exhaust System, 1.85 Rocker Arm Package, SLP Custom PCM Tuning, 455 HP Bobcat Fender Badges... all for $3,600... would it be worth it for 55 extra horses? or should I do what you first suggested? thanks alot, hope to hear back from you
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    :) Hi Everyone - We Are Inviting Anyone With A 2004-2006 GTO To Come To A GTO BBQ On Sept 9th 2006. We Are Located In Barnesville, GA (1 hour south of Atlanta, GA)

    Info & Directions: www.shipperscarriers.com/party.htm

    Check it out.... all we ask is everyone bring 1-dish of food and/or a 6 pkg of soda. Everything else is supplied.

    Go to website and check it out or call for more details.

    Come check out their mods and come show off yours! Group pixs will be taken!
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    Well if you can afford a new one 2006, go for it. The Monaro has been dropped here for about 4 months although there is another company HSV, (see HSV.com.au) which is a spin off company that sells modified Holdens here in Australia, that has just released there latest Coupe Signature Series (297KW think thats 398HP at the flywheel). I believe this to be the last GTO built in Australia. Not sure about the States but I would say soon or b4 the end of the year.Incidently we even had an HSV AWD which I don't think got to the States (see http://www.webwombat.com.au/motoring/news_reports/hsv-coupe-4.htm)
    That package you wrote about seems like the way to go. Saves all the stuffing around and not a bad price.
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    yehh i was going for a 2006, but since ive heard about a batch of them had bad struts, I had second thoughts, but about the mods, it comes stock 400hp and this package would give it an extra 55horsepower, if i do what you suggested... would it be more power or the same as the package? or possibly a supercharger.... about $5,500 i think
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    Can't really go wrong with a blower! I'd go with the package that you've originally sourced sounds like a neat way to go. Also if you really want better accelaration perhaps rear gears could be replaced. I think standard is 3:46 you can up that to 3:9's I believe!
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    ahhh yes, a blower could work, how much would that cost me? and i would probably replace the rear gears too : ) not sure how much that would cost me either
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    Didn't you say $5500 for the blower kit? I have a mate of mine that modified his pickup (Ute in Australia) with a SuperCharger bit of mucking around getting everything sorted. I would defenitly go for the first package that u mentioned. Rear gears would be around the $1000 mark installed.You may want to do the gears first until you get bored, then go for the rest of the package.
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    mhhh yeh, thats sounds pretty good plan so far but if i get all the stuff done i doubt i get a supercharger haha, but as far as the exhaust goes, I'll probly leave it all stock and just add one piece...link title
    then I'll probably do the rest later on, but things can change :confuse:
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    It was discontinued because GM Holden in Australia, which made the GTO for GM North America, is in the process of discontinuing their current V-body vehicles for their new VE chassis. The original contract between GMNA and GMH was for 3 years of GTO production, after which time GMNA would start building Holden VE-based vehicles here in North America.

    Those vehicles were behind when that plan was shelved last March. It has subsequently been reborn (the new Camaro is part of that plan, but the vehicles we are getting are no longer exact copies of the VE chassis). Holden discontinued the Monaro at the end of 2005 since its LS1 motor no longer met Australia's emissions standards for 2006. Holden continued to build LS2-based vehicles for Holden Special Vehicles and Pontiac, until June 7 of this year.

    The GTO was NOT discontinued because of slow sales; it was discontinued because its three-year contract was up. Holden and GMNA actually looking into continuing GTO production for 2007 and 2008, but the GTO did not meet the new 2007 smart airbag standards, and it would have been a significant cost (plus many crash tests) to re-engineer the vehicle to do so. In light of the end of the V-chassis and the expense, they elected to let the 3 year contract run out.

    GMH built approximately 14,000 2006 GTO's for GM (in 8 months of production), after ~11,000 2005's (in 9 months of production) and ~16,000 2004's (in 11 months of production)...

    Pontiac may get a vehicle off the new Global RWD platform that's being used for the Camaro. They might also get another imported Holden. Whether the vehicles are coupes or sedans are not known. One rumor is that the next GTO will again be a rebadged Monaro, built in Australia (if so, MY2009). Another option may be that Holden's SS-V sedan comes here as a Pontiac (MY 2008 or 2009). Another possibility is that GMNA may produce a Pontiac coupe or sedan on the same assembly line as the Camaro, but not until the 2010 model year.

    I think we'll know more after the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January. I will be there to see whatever Pontiac concept is shown (at this point, it's pretty certain there will be something there).
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    Also be aware that Revenge Design and Lingenfelter Performance have purchased 1000+ GTO'Monaros to be "maggie supercharged" and outfitted here in the states (Decatur, In)beginning next year...........see/plug link below:

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    Here's their web site...those cars look aggressive...ME LIKEY!!!


    Any idea if this would void the GM bumper to bumper warranty? :confuse:
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    As for the engine work, Magnuson-Moss Act allows you bolt-ons with no warranty deletions by manufacturers. However, your bolt-ons can not mess with emmissions. Magna Charger Superchargers, which is what they're installing, are simple bolt-ons and street legal in all 50 states.
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    Hey I'm back after so long.How did u end up going? What did u buy?
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    Sorry...it is over ..enjoy while you can ...... :sick:
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    What do you mean it's all over? So you never ended up buying anything? Never too late!
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    This is a link to the concept Holden V8 coupe. It could be the new Monaro. Could it be the new GTO?

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    Also be aware GM was upset you could buy a car less than half the cost of there vette that had the same GM power, hmmmm ,,, For many reasons we cant have that now can we ??????
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