97 Passport...has gas, has spark, cranks and cranks but no start. PLEASE HELP

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I'm fairly knowledgeable about fixing my own mechanical problems but I'm stumped this time. My Passport was running fine, minus a week of rough idle in the morning after starting (but it WAS REALLY COLD that week). Then one afternoon it just cranked and cranked but wouldn't start.....a couple VERY short lived attempts at turning over but no success. I thought fuel first and could hear the fuel pump humming at key turn so I checked and replaced a fairly dirty fuel filter (that is indeed filling with fuel). In addition I changed my plugs (needed to anyway), cleaned my MAF and checked at a plug for spark. There is spark showing at one plug (didn't check others). I also tried starting fluid in the intake. I have the exact same problem after all of this. So, I have spark and seem to have fuel (especially with starting fluid in the mix) but it is still not turning over. I grew up working on old Chevy's so I'm not 100% confident in my knowledge of sensor and/or relay diagnostic. Is there something I am missing?....Oh yeah, one last thing, I did have a check engine light before all of this but between the diagnosing and getting an OBDII to check it I had disconnected my negative and now have no stored codes. Can't get one to pop without getting it started. Someone please give me some insight? 1997 3.2l v6 4x4


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    Hello, first let me say I am not familiar with the passport per say but general knowledge says that if you have fuel and spark it has to run. There is however one exception, when the timing is so far out it can't get started. Put a timing light or meter on the vehicle and check the timing for specs, if it is out, check the crank correlation sensor. You need to look up and see if this sensor is pull up or pull down to know what the results of the test are telling you. I don't know if there is a cam sensor, but if so, check that as well. If all this is good, look at the timing belt or chain to see that it is not stretched, slipped or broken. Good luck to you, let us know what you find.
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