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00 Silvarado Help

mj12mj12 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
I recently ordered a 00 Chevy Silvarado LS extra
cab, 4 door, pwr seats, rear defog, 5.3, 4x4, tint
windows, tow package, auto trans, z-71, shift on
floor 4x4(dont like push button). I have heard alot
of bad news about them it has frankly made me a
little worried. I should get my truck in a few
months. There are alot of bad colums here are there
any good ones? Did I make a mistake with the


  • obiggsobiggs Member Posts: 33
    I have a GMC Z71 5.3 4door and I love it. I just got back from Tahoe 18 mpg going up,and 20!!!! coming back (Navada gas?)
  • nyalnyal Member Posts: 17
    I have had my 2500 LS since 2/14 and have had no problems at all. I have had trucks all my life and this is the finest pickup I have ever owned.
  • jaijayjaijay Member Posts: 162
    I have a Silverado 4x4 Z71 LS 5.3 extended cab an had no problems either. My milage varies depending upon what I am doing with the truck. I can get anywhere from 16.2 to 19.8 mpg. I usually tow a trailer and have had no problems thus far. I love the truck and so do my kids. I have almost 10k miles without any rattles, squeaks etc. It is just a damn nice truck.
  • jescopjescop Member Posts: 33
    I just have 430 miles so far. No wind noise, no leaks, no rattles. Its a solid truck! I noticed the slight rough idle I've read about in the postings, but you really have to look for it.
    First 225 miles, mostly stoplights and city streets, got 14.125 miles/gal.
    Uses no oil so far, even on break-in.
    It's a great truck and you will love it.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    has 13,000 miles in 7 months.

    Damn best truck I have ever owned.

    If you had a Tundra coming....I'd say you made a mistake...but you didn't take that road.

    You will love the Silverado....don't listen to the "comic Books" I call them..

    - Tim
  • bob332bob332 Member Posts: 137
    Good to hear the good reports on the 00 Silverados. I have a 1500 LS on order and expect to have it toward the end of April. I too, have been kindly concerned about reading so many postings regarding problems with them. Hopefully, most of the problems were on the 99 models, but I don't know. I would like to hear more of these good reports. I also hope I made the right decision. Toyota quality is a known factor. I decided against the Tundra due to it's syle and small size, but it was hard to forget about Toyota's good quality control. I have a 98 Avalon with 56,000 miles and have not had the first problem with it. Just oil and filter changes. I hope my LS does as well. Both cost close to the same amount. Bob
  • chevy00chevy00 Member Posts: 21
    This is my first full-size Truck that I've personally owned, but spent many years driving Fords and Dodges. With exception to a shudder at low speeds due to tire balancing problems, the SILVERADO IS AWESOME!!!! I have a 1500, LS extended cab with a 5.3L, and am giddy over it's performance so far. You can try for Ford, Dodge, Tundra, etc..., but for your money I think you'll be pleased. ALL trucks have some small quirky problems, and generally they can be fixed. IF you can get a reputable dealer with a decent service department (that's another big IF), then your truck will be handled properly when problems arise. There are some who suggest nothing but problems with their truck, and that's unfortunate, REALLY. Hopefully they can get their vehicles fixed, as do I with some minor problems. But I think there will always be people who have problems with their vehicle, no matter what the make is. It's the unfortunate part of automotive buying. Not all vehicles are put together with the EXACT same amount of care, PLUS, there will always be some parts that for some unknown reason do not function like their exact duplicate...this happens everywhere. However, with that said, I hope Chevrolet does try to fix the problems that seem inherent to certain parts, and hopefully stop giving their customers the run-a-round. We'll see. But if you look close, there are a lot of topic discussions dealing with problems for other makes as well. In anything you get, just be persistent (and document) about the problems you find. For the most part, these trucks seems very well built, and I cannot complain too much... The money is high, yes, but I've seen '99s selling used for as much as I paid new for my '00---and that AIN'T BAD!!!!!! You'll like your choice of a Silverado, and the FOURTH door is GREAT! Enjoy.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    99's are fine trucks.

    A very small percent have problems.

    You must remember.....Most people come here to tell about problems or look for it may seem like a lot

    - Tim
  • jaijayjaijay Member Posts: 162
    I own a 99 and as I mentioned, it has given me no problems. Towing and hauling are both easy tasks for this truck. Granted it is a half ton that I own, I have had 22 sheets of 1/2" dry wall and 60 2x4 loaded at one time. A little heavy but the truck did not mind it at all. It is one great truck.
  • rshornsbyrshornsby Member Posts: 200
    being a darn great truck. I only have 340 miles on it so far, but the ride has been a vast improvement over the '88 (deleted) F250 that I had. I have no problems what-so-ever, so far. EXCEPT trying to hold under 50 mph. I have always broke a new rig in by varying the speed, staying under 50 mph for 500 mile. Then take off.
    Never have had engine problems of any kind. My '78 Pontiac GP has 256,000 on it and still going. My grandson's pride and joy. But anyone looking to buy a new '00 Silverado, my advice, go do it. One whale of a truck....

    Have a nice day everyone...

  • jmendojmendo Member Posts: 13
    I own a 1999 Chevy Silverado 1500 Ext. Cab and have had no problems to date. I know some people who own th 99's had some quirks here and there, but These are well developed trucks. This is by far the best vehicle I've ever owned. I've owned foreign and domestic cars and the Chevy Silverado tops them all, of course this is also the most expensive. Don't get discouraged by other posts, I agree in that most people come to this site are stating their problems, very few give praise. I think most people are very happy and satisfied with their Silverado's or these trucks wouldn,t be the second best selling truck on the market today, Ford being first.
  • rooster9rooster9 Member Posts: 239
    Why would someone come here and praise they're truck, that's not interesting. The interesting stuff is the kinds of problems people are having. And that's what I think a lot of people do on these forums, is post if they have a problem, and if not, don't post. Also, how many truck owners are out there that either don't have a computer, don't have the internet, or have the internet but have never seen a forum in their life, my guess is A LOT! So I totally agree with Tim.
  • RoclesRocles Member Posts: 982
    A 2000 with 340 miles is better than a 88 3/4 ton? Seriously? How about that! LOL!

    I know. I'm a smartass......just had to interject....
  • redsilveradoredsilverado Member Posts: 1,000
    what a crybaby you are. the reason this topic got
    started was becuase someone questioned the
    Chevy's quality before going ahead with a
    purchase of a new truck. if everyone wants to
    reply with a good response then so be it.

    Oh wait i know your one of those winers that
    looks for something wrong even when there is
    nothing wrong.

  • bg4dgbg4dg Member Posts: 44
    Don't believe everything you DON'T read. My '00 Z71 started shaking at about 1000 miles, and still does. No help from three different dealers and no help from GM. There is enough of a problem to have it documented by the NHTSB. GM lied to me when I was told there was a "fix" for the problem coming in March. Never happened.
  • rooster9rooster9 Member Posts: 239
    I was just making a point. If you see a lot of problems on a particular vehicle, I wouldn't worry about it a whole lot, cause it doesn't mean they all will have a problem. I like to see positive posts, of flawless trucks, cause I am gonna buy one in the near future.
  • rshornsbyrshornsby Member Posts: 200
    Title of this topic is "'00 Silverado Help", wouldn't that mean good, bad, indifferent. On almost all of these posts from top to bottom are statments about how much trouble people are having with their Silverado's. I would think that for someone looking to buy one, a good report is well appreciated, at least once in awhile. Appears so far that most posts are Silverado bashing. I still love my trouble free '00 Silverado.

  • ww00650ww00650 Member Posts: 47
    I can only say great things about my truck. 2000 1500 LT with 3300 miles. No problems.

    My dealer was less truthful than expected, but that would be a different topic. Hmmmmmm.

    The only thing I brought my truck in for was the free oil change, which i upgradeded to Mobile 1 at 2200 miles for about $25.

    BG4DG - sorry to hear you're having problems. I'm sure you've been looking at your options, but in case you havn't, (and I hate to say this,) seek legal advice pertaining to the lemon laws, if it's that big a deal.

    As others have mentioned, there are good stories, there are horror stories, and there plain-old stories.

    Be careful out there. Accidents raise all of our insurance rates.

  • redsilveradoredsilverado Member Posts: 1,000
    didn't mean to jump on you just tired of seeing
    silverado's get bashed, there specific pages for
    the guys(gals) that are having problems.

    as for the original post that got this topic
    going i have a 2000 1500LS 4dr LB (had to it
    makes me money as well as being my weekend toy)
    5.3L and to date has been the most awesome truck
    i've driven.

  • mledtjemledtje Member Posts: 1,123
    I've got 25,000 trouble free miles on my 99 Silverado. I am so happy with it, that I just ordered 00 Silverado 2500.

    The trucks with problems are in the minority. A vocal minority, but a minority. You hear a lot of complaints here, but this group has more combined knowledge of the products than most dealerships. A lot of problems have been fixed because of complaining here and getting pointed in the right direction.

    I hope if (big if) you have problems with your new truck that you come here and let us know. Maybe someone can help you become a satisfied owner like most of us.

    Mike L
  • meredithmeredith Member Posts: 575
    The PICKUPS Conference has gotten WAY too big....

    it is unwieldy to manage, and difficult to use for "newbies". There is entirely TOO much topic duplication, so I will be doing some SERIOUS topic consolidation in the next few weeks, getting us down to not more than 2-3 topics per vehicle type, and ultimately down to 200 topics or less.

    THIS weeks consolidation candidates are: F-150's, Silverado's, Dakota's, and Dakota Crew/Quad cabs.

    In that vein, please consolidate this Silverado topic to Chevy Silverado - Continued IX and continue these discussions there.


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