Floor shifter and some indicator lights out

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My light for my floor shifter in my 2008 edge Is out and several lights for indicators such as my hazard light button are out I have replace the bulb for the floor shifter to no Avail and I have checked all fuses that I know to find and nothing has worked I would appreciate some solid suggestions on what I could look to and look for to fix this problem

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  • kooljameskooljames Member Posts: 3
    I am very grateful for your response and I thank you for your time I have check fuse number 10 and replaced the 15 amp fuse it was blown but after replacing the fuse nothing worked just like before So I am curious as to whether or not I will have to pool the smart Junction Box to get to the wires that you spoke of any help with this situation is greatly appreciated
  • kooljameskooljames Member Posts: 3
    I am also curious about the semiconductor relay that you  spoke of And is that something that is easily replaced?
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