Lower Control Arm Disconnecting from Knuckle

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Hello, I recently went through a 1994 Del Sol V-tech and replaced nearly all the front suspension components. The list includes: Lower control arms, upper control arms, tie rods, all joint and bushings, Damper Struts and CV axels. After replacing the components, I got an alignment from a local mechanic. However, a critical problem keeps occurring that could lead to serious injury. On the passenger side of the car, the lower control arm disconnected from the ball joint that presses into the knuckle while making a left turn at moderately low speeds (left turn, loads right suspension). This happened a second time after I replaced the ball joint again after the first offense.

Does anyone have any idea what the root cause of this problem is?


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    Do you have pictures? Where did you get the parts, especially the original replacement control arm?
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