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Jeep Grand Cherokee Vibration



  • This is not an issue of wheel balance. The vibration only occurs when pressing on the accellerator. It coasts at 70mph without any vibration at all. Dealer also rotated tires with no change. Frankly, I would like to hear from others with this vehicle and see if anyone does not have the vibration. Could be the basis of a class-action.
  • Waxer is right. The vibration only occurs when there is force on the drive train ; accelerating, going uphill, maintaining speed at 70 - 75. When you coast downhill at the same speed, no vibration at all. It can't be the wheels or the tires. It has to be in the drive train.
  • I agree with Waxer now. I drove the Jeep yesterday eve again and noticed the uphill/accelerating vibration worse than going downhill or even coasting to a slower speed.

    Prior to having the driveshafts replaced, the vibration was all the time rather than when accelerating. So, replacing the driveshafts did do some good.

    I have an appointment at Goodyear on Sat, 9/14. If that proves no good my plan is to revisit the dealer and do more griping. :cry:
  • well folks..............i also have this exact vibration.............occurs at 60 mph, peaks at 75 and is gone ay 90..............i had a 04 overland with this and traded for an 05 limited with hemi and didn't have the vibration..........just got a 2008 overland and it def has this problem....

  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 856
    A vibration that only shows up on accelleration or decelleration (but without braking) is caused by the U joints. Either they are bad or the pinion angle is wrong.
  • the vibration is definitely noticeable at cruise control speed, without actual acceleration happening,i.e. while driving at a steady 70mph........ but when letting off the gas pedal the vibration definitely reduces significantly........and then re-engaging the gas pedal to maintain the 70 mph speed the vibration instantly returns............
  • 9/14/07
    When the Jeep garage replaced the rear driveshaft, the service mgr stated that they checked to see if there was any way to adjust the pinion angle. It was found that there was no way to adjust this angle.

    I ask about the u-joints and found out there is no U-joints. A type of CV joint is used and and very stiff when trying to install. The driveshafts are made of some lightweight alloy, not carbon fibre technology as used in some airplane wings and body structure.

    Also, today, when I read that Jeep was recalling 360,000 jeeps with brake issues. I called the number listed and talked with a real person who said that my VIN number was not listed on the recall list. I thought possibly that the automatic downhill braking the transmission does was somehow engaging erratically going uphill causing the vibration.

    As stated in last evenings posting, I have an appointment at 11:00 tomorrow to have the Goodyear Fortera HL tires looked at. I feel I have to rule out the tires in order to proceed with the Jeep Dealer.
  • i have an appt on monday............i do havea 5 star dealer and has been one of the highest volume 2 or 3 volume dealers in the country for chrysler/jeep........

    the service guy on the phone commented it was probably the tires, so you are right to effectively rule out tires first.....but also, you do need your tires tested on the device with the road force feature.........follow the link below to find a shop in your area with his device........if this proves to be ok, it appears you need to be very very persistent at getting both front and rear driveshafts replaced..........good luck and please kepp us posted.....
  • I had the same problem with my 2006 GC Limited with the Hemi and Quadradrive. My dealer replaced the rear drive shaft. The vibration was just about gone. It was found that the chrome plated wheels were not properly balanced. I had to find a dealer with a road force balancing machine to properly balance the tires. This occurred at 2507 miles. I have 19,256 now with no vibration. There is a TSB for this problem for GC shipped to Canada but no TSB for US GCs. Hope this helps.
  • Do you have a link for the TSB for the Canadian GCL's?

    I have the 4.7 V8. It seems from what I read, the problem is not with only Hemi's but across the engine line.
  • are you refering to teh tsb on the 05 export model , regarding excess grease in the rear drive shaft boot ??
  • I took our 07 GKL to Goodyear today. They checked the balance on the Force Balance Machine and found the right front tire out of round. The fourth one removed from stock was good enough to balance. Three of the four were bad, brand new from the mfg, wow, talk about quality! ;)

    The jeep is doing better, I would say, 90% OK right now. I told my wife that I was going to a different Goodyear store to have all the tires checked again. I don't trust the store when the last tire pulled from stock was good enough to balance.

    The vibration now is a "shudder" between 62 and 75 mph, going uphill or down, no difference. We seemed to have been chasing several problems, all causing differering vibrations. At least that is the way it appears to me right now. I think Michelin Tires would take care of the quality issue with Goodyear but hate to put $800. worth of tires on the thing if we may get rid of it.

    I hope to get the link from bamsdm for the Canadian TSB.

    Will keep you posted.
  • well great......that is atleast re-assuring that this is a problem that can be either fixed or significantly reduced.........
  • my dealer does acknowledge the vibration, and have isolated it to the driveline.......they rebalanced the tires, which were off only slightly..........they even removed all the tires and tried tire sets from several other vehicles on the lot and still got the they are now awaiting guidance from Star which i guess is the nationwide center for warranty issues, to see what are the recommended driveline parts to replace..........based in patterns of warranty claims/issues from across the country......
  • You may want to go to this link.....

    This link is for filing a complaint with a government site. I filed ours under 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4X4 powertrain-driveline.

    Mine appears to be the only one listed for this issue. The more the merrier.

    I have an appointment Thurs afternoon at the Jeep dealer to get another loaner and have them keep looking for the problem. I have also contacted the salesman who sold us this vehicle and plan to try to trade. They are also the Chevy, Buick, Chrysler and Jeep dealer so maybe we can work out something but have a slim hope of coming out without much damage to my wallet. :cry:
  • Excess grease in the rear shaft is the TSB. As for the tires michelins will not solve the problem. When I purchase a new Jeep I immediately sell the goodyear tires and purchase Michelin LTX. The vibration occured with Michelin not with Goodyears.THe chrome plated rims and the rear drive line was my problem. I hope this helps.
  • Well, I now have some better news. We took the Jeep to our dealer this afternoon for either a trade or repair and got a loaner.

    While there, the salesman told me he would get an appraisal on ours. I stated very firmly that no appraisal is due, that we had a certain number of dollars (trade-in + cash + taxes)in the vehicle and that that is what we were do toward another vehicle. If that didn't happen then we were going to pursue the Lemon Law.

    He said he would be right back and was within 5 minutes, stating that he was instructed by the General Manager to get the Service Manager to start the paper work to get Chrysler to buy back the Jeep.

    Now, will this really happen? We hope so but I wouldn't count on it and if it does, will we get our total dollars out of it?? I doubt that too.
  • No luck with the Buy Back. The dealer is calling in the Regional Service Rep as of this evening. They rotated the front and rear driveshafts today. Vibration is much worse, starts at about 45 and up through 75.

    I talked with the dealer owner this eve as well. He was courteous but non-wavering but is the one who is bringing in the Rep. He states that all "all-wheel" drive vehicles have the vibration. Of course this is BS as I have driven quite a few with none having any vibration at all.

    When we got in our Jeep to come home there was a "Owners Rights Under State Lemon Laws" booklet on the console. I believe someone was giving us a hint but still trying to maintain their job.

    Stay tuned, I'm sure there will be more.
  • Most lemon laws apply only to a vehicle that has a problem making it undriveable or unsafe to drive, I believe .. not sure, but in NY that's how I read it. The only sure way to get rid of the vibration is get rid of the Jeep.
  • Flattop

    What type of rims are on your jeep?
  • The rims on our Jeep are the Aluminum standard without the chrome cladding.
  • I spoke with someone who is no expert but suggested that since the jeep has a solid rear axel the vibration is inherent in the design.
  • The Regional Service Manager called me today. We have an appointment for him to drive the vehicle on 10/16.
  • mine is now 98% better.............with a road force balance and replacement of the front and rear driveshaft and both front axles............the parts were taken from another new vehicle on the lot, as i guess they couldn't get all these parts currently...........makes me wonder if there is a more national problem with 08 and driveline vibration.........they did confirm the rear driveshaft was out of balance, but didn;t want to add weights to it.....
  • Great.....Here's hoping for 100% I'm assuming the CV joints in the axles were the problem.

    Do you think the other 2% could be the pinon in the transfer case or either differential?

    Can't wait til the 16th when we meet with the service rep.
  • Hey flattop60,

    What does the 2% represent?
    I have been watching and reading your post and find it almost exactly the same with regards to complaints that I have with my brand new (left over) '07 GC with Hemi. I too have had the rear driveshaft replaced (not the front yet) and that would equate to a 70% improvement. It's in the shop now and they are looking into the front shaft as well as motor mounts. I have a good shop foreman who confirmed he felt the vibration and hum from the drivetrain. He explained that a drivesaft problem would normally happen consistently and not at certain speed points as is the case. The drivesaft that came out had 45 pounds of weights and the replacement had 15 pounds. Completely different! This suggests that Chrysler knows they have a problem. My hunch is that this is a band aid where they have moved the vibration to higher speeds from the original 65-70 where it was most noticable. I am also in the northeast (CT) and made a recent trip to Boston with a client who loved the truck but noticed the vibration. I also have a 'clunk' noise coming from the center of the vehicle that only occurs when i first pull out of a parking lot or parking space maing left or right turns. What amazes me is how poorly engineered this vehicle is considering it has a price tag of over 43K. I have a feeling the scenario will end with one of two options:

    1) They took out the majority of the vibration so i must learn to live with it.
    2) file a lemon law case.

    The frustrating thing for me is i love the truck and really don't want my money back. I just want what every consumer is entiteled to which is respectable engineering and quality control. Something that seems to apparently be completely absent with Jeep. flattop60, please get in touch with me so we can share some stories and our progress. E-mail me at

  • Sorry,

    I mean't suvowner1.

  • Suvowner1 and wholelottahemi,

    Temporarily we are located in the Ohio/West Virginia area until sometime in November. Then we are back to our home in central Florida.

    First, I want to give this new Factory Service Rep a chance to see if he is worthy of his salt. But, just in case if either of you don't mind, could I get your repair facility name, city and State? If not too far I could possibly get in touch with them and get some good service. Even a phone number of the facility would be enough of a start for me.

    I agree with wholelottahemi, we really like all the bells and whistles and would really like to get it fixed if possible. I hate to lose so much money in just a few months if a buyback/Lemon law does not work.

    Thanks in advance if you can help me.
  • I met with the Regional Service Rep this morning. He drove the vehicle and determined the problem to be the tires. He didn't put a lot of stock in the unbalanced driveshaft idea the dealership used to replace both shafts.

    Chrysler is going to purchase 4 new Michelin Tires of comparable value, have them force balanced to the wheels to "fix" the problem. We should have the Jeep back tomorrow. Will this fix the vibration ??????

    Will keep you posted.
  • No! Jeep does not want to admit that the drive line is flawed and pay to replace all of the parts. Frankly, just switching out bad parts for bad parts is just a waste of everyones time. Face it, we all bought lemons.
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