2005 Pontiac Grand Prix constant transmission and electrical issues

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I have a 2005 Grand Prix over $100k miles, I’d have to look tomorrow to see what number exactly. I had an issue like I’ve read everyone else has, one days about 5 years ago the car started shifting hard, and just stopped completely, not able to reverse. Took it to a mechanics, each said needed a new tranny. So I had the tranny replaced, now this year, again started acting weird, bout 6 months ago, another mechanic said needs a new tranny. So frustrating, it’s not even worth the $ to get it fixed but it’s my sons primary vehicle to get to work. In between these years weird electrical issues, lights not working, no signals, dim to almost no lights from the stock radio. The front passenger window failed and motor wouldnt work so I bought a new motor and replaced it. Then the rear window started doing same I never fixed that one but basically don’t use that window. I didn’t buy this car directly, my brother bought it off dealership, and I took over the car cause he couldn’t pay it, and I finished paying off the loan years ago. It was a nice car at first, drives nice, but the transmission issues, electrical issues, etc. have made it a nightmare, and I can’t afford to put that much more $$ into it. Probably have to sell it as is for parts and have no vehicle entirely. I had no idea about these forums until now, sounds like Pontiac is a lemon. I don’t think there are any options at this point where the manufacturer will do anything.


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    Without knowing about a history of service on the car and what kind of replacement transmission was put in, it's difficult to address anything. Window motors do fail in various cars and sometimes fail because the window seals aren't lubricated, causing the motors to overwork. The radio light sounds like the headlights or parking lights were on and the radio was on night setting for brightness.

    Weird electric issues is not addressable since it's nonspecific. Battery and battery cable problems can cause low voltage which upsets computers in some cars.

    As to labeling the vehicle as a lemon, that sound premature since it is 13 years old and over 100K miles. They do require service and maintenance to keep things up and running properly.

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    I’ve regularly serviced the vehicle, and the transmission replacement was done by a mechanics shop, I couldn’t tell you what type of tranny they used to replace it.  The vehicle started having these issues years ago, when it was under 100k mikes, and much younger, so yes, for me that equals a lemon.  I’ve had other vehicles last much longer, with standard maintenance, and not have these issues.  

    Electrical, signals won’t blink, replacing fuses never worked.  No issues with the battery or cables, there’s actually a 2 year old battery in it, doesn’t matter because the stock radio has no lights, but still plays the radio just fine.
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