First time honda owner need advice

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I bought a very used 2004 honda pilot last may, 236k on it. Ran great except for some tire noise i was ok with. October i pulled out of a roadway and it just stopped going, it revved real high and wouldnt drive. had it towed home, figured maybe it was the transmission fluid, nothing. towed it to a trans shop and they said it was the transmission it had gone out i needed a new one. It sat there for 3 weeks and after i paid them did nothing. i towed it home, and it drove great for 3 hours and went back to not shifting from 1st to 2nd again. put it in 3rd and it drove. Ive had it parked for a month or so, not knowing what to do. it was one of the hondas that the transmission recall was fixed on so im not sure what to do or where to take it. I need it fixed can anyone help?


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    Your Pilot has a WHOPPING 236,000 miles on it!

    Considering the abuse a lot of Pilots and Odysseys receive I would say it's time for a new transmission!

    At that age and those miles you might consider a used transmission from a trusted wrecking yard that will guarantee that it works OK when installed. That's all the guarantee you'll get!
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    im not familar with the engines on these things however ive been TOLD they were strong. would i be ok rebuilding the trans and ok with the engine for awhile. i dont have the money for a used trans i know nothing about
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    They have excellent engines ASSUMING they have been taken care of with oil changes etc. They have a timing belt that needs to be changed every 100,000 miles to avoid disaster. The price of a quality rebuild on that transmission may come close to the value of the Pilot so be careful. If everything else is in great shape it might be worth it. I wouldn't be afraid of a good used one that came out of a wrecked Pilot if the person selling it will stand behind it for awhile. Good Luck!
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