Stalling Issues

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I bought the car used and I guess I should have listened to advice that said do not buy a Sebring. At least I bought an aftermarket warranty. In October I took it to Firestone because I was hearing awful noises when turning. Turns out the engine cradle was completely rusted out, despite the fact that the rest of the car was rust-free. That little ditty cost me $800 because it wasn't covered under the warranty and there was also a bad wheel bearing. Now, the thing is stalling at lights/stop signs. It's worse when it's wet or cold out. First, the RPMs will shoot up then go back (it kind of sputters like it wants to stall). Then a second or so later the car just dies. Thankfully, it doesn't do this while I'm driving. At least, not yet. It starts right back up. When you first start the car, the RPMs are up at 2,000 and you have to wait for them to go back down to put the car in drive. I had it at the mechanic today and they can't find anything wrong with it. They did tell me the fuel pressure, which should be around 45 is only 40. But, since they don't know if that's what is causing the issue, they won't replace it because I have an aftermarket warranty. Apparently, they checked everything. Since it's not throwing a code it's hard to tell. They even threw water on the electrical to make sure it wasn't that. Anyone have any ideas? I'm scared to drive the darn thing. Of course, Firestone couldn't get the problem to duplicate!
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