Nissan 350Z Weird Noises

heronmheronm Member Posts: 2
This is the 4th time I have taken the car into the dealer to have this looked at the car has 36,000. miles on it. When you start the car and switch from Park to drive or reverse, the rear end of the car has a clicking sound. I thought it was U- joints or the pennon (spelling). The dealer took it the first time and said the linkage was loose in the rear. Got it home same problem. 2nd trip. They replaced the trainy. (so they say) 3rd trip, the slid the shafts out and re greased everything. 4th response, they told me it was part of the ABS system making the noise. Whatever. I ask him if I get in a new Z and place the car into gear will it make the same noise, he said no, it doesn't have the dame mileage as mine. I said that means the car has a problem and he needs to fix it. Anyone have any advice for me?


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    I have the same clicking noise in the rear of my car. Started at about 30,000 and has gotten louder.
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    hey how are you doing I have a touring z 2005.. I had that problem after like 10 k miles more or less.. supposedly it was a chain. It is a defect they have.. they changed the chain and nothing else but.. I would think no matter the milage of your car they should fix it.
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    I've had the car in the dealership around 5 times in less than 4 months. The lawyers are involved at this point. I have to tell you, my buddy has a new maxima and it's always in the shop. They have had his car around 4 weeks. I'm not sure if this dealership has hired burger flippers for mechanics or what. They need to get it together or my lawyer is going to eat them alive in court.
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    My girlfriend's 350z is exhibiting these same symptoms. I performed the following steps and came up with solution at end of this posting.
    - raised entire rear end of car on jack stands
    - asked girlfriend to depress brake pedal, place car into drive: lightly press accelerator, hear clicking. shift to reverse: press gas, hear clicking. shift to drive: press gas, hear clicking. repeat. Each time changed from drive to reverse the clicking noise was audible. I removed wheel from each rear wheel, watching the brake rotors v/s hub while performing the above steps.

    The brake rotor has approximately 1.5mm of play on the lug studs with wheel installed/un-installed and using a mechanics stethoscope I pinpointed the fact that this is the source of 'clicking noise' on our 350z.
    **Update** Nissan has released a TSB seen here:">link title Applying grease to driveshaft? Guess I won't know it until I've tried it...

  • cantgo55cantgo55 Member Posts: 4
    Hello all,

    I bought my 2006 350Z touring roadster in Nov 2005.
    I have been very happy with this car up until now.
    For the past two months, every time I pull into my driveway,
    I can hear a rumbling noise in the back of the car for
    a few seconds. The way I pull into my driveway is like this.
    As the car approaches the driveway, I slow down enough to
    almost a complete stop, and put it back in first gear as I turn into the driveway. Then I slowly
    accelerate while in first gear to make it over
    the curb.
    My driveway is on a bit of a downward incline.
    As soon as the front of the car makes it past the sidewalk,
    I can hear the low rumbling noise in the back.
    At this point the car is rolling on a downward incline in first gear. It appears that the rumbling noise is only heard while in first gear
    and on a downward incline. No noise while backing
    out of the driveway in reverse gear.

    Took it to Nissan dealer but they could not replicate the
    noise. The mechanic found the tire changing kit not strapped
    down and blame it for the noise problem.
    But I can produce the noise consistently at home, even with the
    tire changing kit strapped down. The spare tire is also
    tightly strapped down.

    If anyone knows what is causing the rumbling noise please
    let me know. You can send me an email at Many thanks in advance.
  • dat2dat2 Member Posts: 251
    Is it possible this is the stability control kicking in? If the car is canted as you turn into the driveway, one of the rear tires is lifting up and activated the traction/stab control. This would then sound like a rumble or some type of racket in the rear of the car. Try turning off the stab control before entering the drive.
  • cantgo55cantgo55 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks dat2. I will give it a try and let you know.
  • cantgo55cantgo55 Member Posts: 4

    I turned off TCS and it appears that the noise went away.
    I turned on TCS and also did not hear the noise again.
    So it is possible that turn TCS off and on reset something?
    Thanks a lot for your help.
  • dat2dat2 Member Posts: 251
    Yes, I think you reset it, it is probably just the TCS/stability control kicking in. Good luck!!
  • kalakala Member Posts: 9
    If the rumbling sound returns check my reply under "Nissan 350Z: Transmission Questions." The cause could be as simple as something loose in one of your storage compartments.
  • 03nissan03nissan Member Posts: 11
    i have an 03 nissan. i like racing it but since i got it, it doesnt do any good. i hear a noise when i hit holes on the road like if something is loose. sounds like if the exhaust is hitting or if i have something in my trunk. but its none of those its been like tripled checked and like if it had a voodoo spell on it bcuz they cant find these annoying rattling sounds. my stock engine would do 14.5 seconds at quarter mile. i installed an hks ehaust, stainless steel headers, an AEM intake sytem and a high performance clutch kit. and now im doing 15 seconds when i should be like on the 13's or something lower than 14.5 of course. anyone can help? when im on idle theres a rattling sound. and at the rear end like if my exhaust rattles or if its shaking. i have warranty at the performance shop and everything was guranteed and double checked twice. what can i do? i cant blame it on the racing parts because it would do the same stock way b4 i got into racing. i just thought trying to modify it from stock would help. but i need help. i love my nissan and its really putting me down :(
  • htbeemerhtbeemer Member Posts: 2
    hi, i have 2003 350z as well and i had the same problem, i did my homework and found that 2003-2005 Zs have a rear bearing problem. I had the right side done at 48k and now the left side is making the same noise. u need to have the bearings replaced in the rear axel. i suggest u replace both sides at the same time. the dealership wouldnt cover both sides at the time when it was under warrenty and now i to replace the drivers side myself. if u wanna comfirm u have the same problem. put ur in reverse, hold down the break firmly, and tap the gas, if u here the clicking noise this is ur problem. hope that helps...btw it cost a about 300 or so to get it fixed.
  • htbeemerhtbeemer Member Posts: 2
    one other note i was online and found a tech forum for nissan, the tech is saying the axle needs to be greased. this what the tech says the repair is for clicking noises in the rear. from what i seen, u need take off the rear axle use a special grease and replace a flange and the hardware to the flange and then put it all back together.
  • turtsturts Member Posts: 1
    Hello to all. Any advice would be appreciated. I am not at all mechanical. Mine is a 5 year old Roadster 46000 miles and I have been very pleased with the car. A noise has developed behind my left ear, i.e. to the rear centre of the car. A mechanical steady tone (bit like a buzz) has developed and can now be heard along with the normal lovely engine/exhaust noise. The noise increases in line with the speed of the car. Any thoughts please? Also, I'd like to sell the car at some point. Is there a market for them at the moment?

  • car_lovecar_love Member Posts: 27
    edited June 2010
    Odd, seems like VDC and antilock brakes kicking in. My car runs smoother when I turn of VDC and seems to seems happier once I switch it off then back on. I realize my car just makes a bunch of odd noises with it on, it has 37k on it. however back on topic.

    I have a weird noise in the back of my car, it sounds like it's inside and it chirps like a cricket once every few days. Any ideas? I was hoping it was just a cricket but it seems to be something mechanical or piece of equipment.
  • horatio_50horatio_50 Member Posts: 1
    When I start my 2008 manual Z (and when it is not in gear), there is a whining noise which goes away when I depress the clutch. I took it to the dealer thinking it was an issue with the throw-out bearing and they listened and said that the noise was normal and was nothing to worry about. I find this hard to believe. Anyone else had the same issue?
  • bmcseawolfbmcseawolf Member Posts: 1
    I ha ve the same problem with my 08. every time I go over a bump or a pothole I hear this clanging noise coming from the rear of the car. I sgtripped it down, took every thing out of the trunk, but still there. Makes me mad, even the dealer couldn't find it. what can it be, please someone tell me some
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