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What's wrong with my GMC jimmy

hurtc423hurtc423 Member Posts: 5
edited February 2018 in GMC
I have a 93 GMC jimmy but it doesn't have the 4.3 it's got a Jasper 2.8 in it I was driving down the road and it started sputtering and then it died and would not start back I checked everything I could think of so I figured I would check and see if it was getting fuel and I honestly couldn't tell if it was or not so I sprayed the carburator full of carburator choke spray and got back in the vehicle held the gas pedal to the floor and cranked it and it fired up but I had to keep revving it up to keep it from dying again and when I try to use my passing gear it sputters and tries to die what could be the issue and when I'm giving it gas it feels like it is holding back power like it's not giving it's all


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    hurtc423hurtc423 Member Posts: 5
    Help me please
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    93tracker5spd93tracker5spd Member Posts: 194
    Hello, a 93 is OBD I, you didn't say if the check engine light is on or comes on, but first I would check all fuel pump relays and fuses, to see that the relay terminals or fuse ends are free of corrosion. If no problem is found there, check the fuel filter for clogging and the PCV valve. From there you will need to connect a fuel pressure gauge to make sure you get the recommended fuel pressure to the engine. Good luck and let us know what you find.
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