difference between air flow meter and air mass sensor

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I would like to know the difference between air flow meter and air mass senaor.What are their fuctions? Will they affect your gas miliage & are they expensive ?


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    Air flow meter is a generic term. There are 2 general types used in engines and several different designs. The most common type is a hot wire MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor. It estimates the mass of air entering the engine by determining its ability to draw heat off electrically heated wire(s). The older version called a flapper MAF sensor, estimated airflow by how much it deflected a airfoil in the airstream. Another method used was MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor. It measured the pressure drop across a restriction to calculate airflow.

    Of all the electrical equipment in your car, they can have the largest influence on your gas mileage. They can also be expensive. MAP sensors used by the millions in GM cars can go for less than $100. A common Japanese MAF could be a little over $200. Some racing and obscure European MAFs can be over $500. One thing they all have in common is they should be cheap to install. A mechanically inclined person should be able to change most of them in 30 minutes.
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    01 pathfinder service engine light is on. the code is 1135.i got some help from the nissan dealer,he would not tell me which of the 4 heated oxygen sensors it was but they would know when i brought it for service.where can this info?
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    the bridgestone 245/65/R17 duelers that came with my 2003 pathfinder with its 50K mark turning on the OD, well there is still enough tread for another year , why do they only rate these tire as B traction And B wear ? and I would buy another set , what do you think?
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