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Audi A4 allroad vs BMW 328d xDrive (Audi Vs BWM Wagons)

ods2010ods2010 Posts: 12
edited February 2018 in General
I test drove Audi Allroad and really liked it. To get all driver assist, I have buy premium-plus.

I have been unable to test drive BWM so far, BMW stores are super busy, they have only one 328d wagon, visited (bay area) the store twice, waited for while and came out without test driving one.

So I looking forward for the experts on this forum to suggest and help me decide :

Pros for BMW :smile:
Looks like 2018 BWM 328d has great mileage on paper, so i like this part.

Their technology package is super low tech. They cannot connect android phones, for iPhone i need to pay $300 more. there is no driver assistant package. i was told even backup camera is extra payment and comes with only navigation package. could not figure out all the packages i need to ask for.

My questions:
1) To drive, how does BWM 328d xDrive wagon compare to Audi allroad wagon?
2) Which one will have better resale value in 5 years and 50,000 miles later.
3) Which of two cars will have lower in maintenance cost and more reliable ?
(I had ford focus wagon before and for some reason or other, it has broken down on road atleast 3 times without warning and had to call AAA for help. so it has be reliable)
4) Has BWM announced 2019 328d xDrive that will have driver assist package on par with Audi ? should I wait for 2019 model ? I am in no hurry.
5) Are there anything i need to know about Audi allroad that you think is important for me to know before i start serious shopping for that car.

Thank you,

Looking for :
1) Wagon shape
2) All wheel drive
3) Driver assistance package like lane departure warning, automatic break, adpative cruise control.
4) Good audio

Other considerations Subaru outlook, VW's allroad. both has no diesel versions. but atleast i do not have put premium gas.
#wagons #BWM328d #Audi allroad
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