SRX Starting problems

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Just purchased a 06 srx v6 last week since then it has not started on 2 occasions. Both times luckily I was at home. I needed to have the car jumped. On Sat. the owner of the dealership himself came to my home to see what was wrong. He found nothing wrong he jumped it and said to come in Monday AM and they will put the battery on the comp. I will be going there ASAP. Has anyone ever had this problem or any thoughts what may be causing this?


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    If you want feedback from owners I suggest posting your message in the Cadillac SRX discussion where they are more likely to see your message.

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    I own a 04 SRX V8. Last year one morning it would not start. I contacted Cadillac road assistance an they replaced the battery. I was told that there was a bad run of batteries.
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    I ran my battery down playing with the 3rd seat. I wanted to figure out how to stow it, so I did that with the engine shut off. Then I returned it to the original postion. The next day the battery was dead. Since then I have the engine running to change the 3rd seat and plan on going somewhere immeadiately so the battery can recharge.
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