How to deal with wheel theft?

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I bought a 2017 Honda Accord Sport, recently, and 3 days later found it on bricks right outside my apartment. I looked online and saw that the 19” alloy stock rims this model comes with are like irresistible for thieves...anyways, filed a police case and insurance claim, but my insurance is giving me back the exact same rims. I don’t want them, it was literally the only reason my car got jacked. There were plenty of Audi’s, beamers, and other really nice cars with rims and yet only I got hit. So my question is how can I go about not being robbed again. I bought a garage and am getting lug locks on it but is there anything else I can do? Also, if I were to sell the rims what’s the best way to go about that? Thanks!


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    My store used to automatically install wheel locks on ALL of our new cars with alloy wheels. They get stolen and this applies to all cars with alloys not just Hondas. I would think those other cars you mentioned probably had wheel locks. If you put on different wheels the car will look odd and you may not like the look. If you install a quality set of locks I doubt it'll happen again. A well equipped their can get around the locks but it's hard and it's time consuming. Thieves don't like that!
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