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2013 Rogue Crank no start/acceleration issues

bursin5bursin5 Member Posts: 3
edited March 2018 in Nissan
I I have a 2013 Rogue and lately after I've been driving it for a while sometimes when I come up to a red light and then I want to start again I accelerate slowly and it starts jerking like popping then I have to press down on the gas pedal for it to go. Also when I've been driving it a while and sometimes uphill I'll press the gas the RPM revs up but the speed will not go up and it'll actually decelerate. And I'm about 3 days ago what's happening now is after I've been driving it a while for example go to a gas station turn it off and then when I come to turn it back on again it'll crank and crank and crank with the lights on and everything but it will not start. Only when I wait for about half an hour then it'll start up again. Does anyone know what's going on if you guys had these problems what are the issues what are the fixes please help
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