2018 CX-9 CR Reliability Score

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Hello all,
I am in the market for a $40K-ish vehicle. After evaluating (with an 84 point spreadsheet!) and test driving the CX-9, Highlander Hybrid, Murano Platinum, Sorento SX-L, and Lexus NX300h, it is clear to me that the CX-9 offers the most for me in terms of style, ride, and hushed cabin. I have a few points of hesitation. I plan to own any vehicle I buy long term (I am still driving a 2002 Highlander I bought new), so I worry when Consumer Reports rates the reliability of the CX-9 specifically as 1/5. What are your thoughts on this? I realize the Skyactiv engine is nothing like anything else on the road (a gas engine that behaves much like a diesel), so is this just a case of CR not having sufficient data? Or is there actual evidence that the CX-9's SkyActiv could be the next rotary engine?

I am also highly annoyed with the lack of ventilated seats being offered, and, of course, no Apple Carplay/Android Auto. Any rumors that those will be addressed for the 2019 model?

A quiet cabin, and safety tech are my guiding principles on a new vehicle. Feel free to chime in if I have missed a good candidate.



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    Well, I had no takers on my questions. I have since discovered a YouTube clip where Consumer Reports was discussing what drove the 1/5 reliability rating on the CX-9. They don't have enough data for 2017 or 2018, so everything is based on data from 2016 (the first year of the redesign). The main contributor was problems with the infotainment system, and only a few problems reported on the engine. Their point, however, was that a new car should have zero problems with the engine.

    I wound up getting a fully loaded 2017 CPO Lexus RX 450h with 5,000 miles for about $8K more than what a new CX-9 would have cost. The much longer warranty, better features, and Lexus' legendary reliability are all worth the price difference.
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    I actually were in similar dilemma with you.  I was down to Sorento, Santa Fe, Kodiaq, All Space and decided for the CX9.  Yes I know that the CR ranking for CX9 is a bit daunting.  But considering they rank KIA number 3 for reliability and Hyundai no 10 when these two car makers are almost the same company with quality - I just think these surveys aren't very scientific and just go by guesstimate based on perception.  

    In the end, I went with the Japanese reputation for building quality cars and many car experts blogs like CarandDriver and Long term report on the new gen of CX9 putting over 20K miles on it and CX9 came thru with flying colors.  I guess you can get frustrated with the infotainment system but I dont think that should influence the reliability in any way.  I just got my 2018 CX9 and thr infotainment is very polished but lack AA ACP which I can do without.  They are always updating their firmware for bugs.  Yes the turbo seems like a gamble but its based on a well established engine and the new CX9 is made 100% in Japan.  Im sure they have learn from their past problems with turbos and given the warranty, I just went with my heart and bought the CX9.  So far I love the car.  I could have bought an almost new German SUV for a little more but I rather have a brand new car....

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