New (Need Help) rpm Gauge not working

02libertynoah02libertynoah Member Posts: 1
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So it stated yesterday on my way to work, I was running late and drove my jeep harder than usual on a cold start. I floored on the gas pedal and I heard a beep tone from my dash and all the sudden all my icons flashed and the radio cut out. After that everything went back to normal except for my RPM Gauge which went all the way to the redline and fell to 0 and hasn't been working ever since(this happened when I came to a complete stop). I don't know if it's a wiring issue or fuse. I not much of a car junkie so I wouldn't know much. Other than. That the car is running normal and I haven't gotten a check engine light but the RPM Gauge won't move from 0. If anyone has any idea I would really appreciate it.
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