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Lexus GS 450h Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,130
    Don't they show the XM option on the Lexus website? Edmund's shows it at $496. What kind of wheels could cost $1000 each? I would not want to take it out of the garage for fear someone would steal them. You have duplicate options on your list. The most I can get the car up to with Edmund's is a TMV of $63,400. That does not include $4000 chrome wheels. You should spend a couple bucks more and get the LS600 hybrid when it comes out. That should be a traffic stopper.
  • Sounds like you're talking to an overly aggressive (and optimistic) salesman. Everything you listed above, with the exception of the active stabilizer suspension and dynamic cruise control, was part of the fully loaded '07 450h I bought last year for around $60k, give or take a few hundred. The price you were given seems steep for those two additional options.
    When negotiating, try to get them to throw in the $1500 government rebate that is now (I believe) unavailable for this model. Go in with a copy of the article circulating in the news yesterday about slow hybrid sales. That oughta help.
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    Actually, the price he's offered is great, *if* he wants those options.

    As far as your point about the rebate, I have no idea what you're talking about. If they're selling the car for less than the dealer invoice, how do you figure they would want to discount by another $1,500??? By the way, the rebate is still available, but it's only half the original amount for 2007.
  • kenbtkenbt Posts: 33
    Thanks for sharing your opinions all.
    2007 GS450h


    $66,842.00 $58,789.00


    $3,995.00 $1,900.00


    $695.00 $325.00


    $1,695.00 $760.00


    $73,127.00 $61,784.00 Plus Fees

    I just got off the phone with the Lexus Dealer and I told them I wasn't happy with $67K OTD. I preferred $66.8 OTD-
    they countered back at $66.9 OTD- Said no- and they said
    you are going to say no over $200- I told them yes- Like so many things granted it is only $200- but on the other hand it is a $66.8 OTD Deal. I was supposed to stay on the phone while they asked the GM again but I had to leave my cellular to take care of some business. I missed their call but I think they took my
    $66.8 OTD. Now I have to figure should I grab it- or - wait for the 2008 GS.

    They reminded me that it is under invoice and into the coveted "2% Holdback".

    Any opinions would be appreciated.
  • I guess I'm out of touch with what those options cost then. I was just comparing to what I paid. I'd have to go back to my paperwork to be sure, but it sounded high to me.
    For example, I have the Lexus XM radio and only paid $450 or $460 for it. Maybe they're putting different ones in now, but a satellite receiver is a satellite receiver, right? It's still playing through the MH amp system.

    In any event, enjoy the car!

    (PS: drive it at night before you commit --- the low beam headlights suck.)
  • dabears1dabears1 Posts: 1
    I am going to purchase a GS and was all set to order my 350 AWD until I saw a 450h today. It was the silver with the special 450 rims and chrome around the door frames and at the door plate. What a nice looking car!! I now understand why all of the 350 buyers are trying to get the 450h rims.

    My main question is how does it drive in the snow? The other question is whether the chrome accents are only available on the 450h? I do a lot of highway driving so the performance side will just be for the kid still left in me.

  • No RWD car will perform as well in ice & snow as well as one with AWD, but I was pleasantly surprised that the 450h did pretty well in the couple of small snow storms this winter in the NYC metro area. We're not talking a ton of snow, but the roads were well covered. I had heard that the stiff and wide run flat tires were going to cause the most trouble.
    In fact the car did quite well (better than my old 5-series with less sporting tires). I credit it to weight distribution. The extra weight of the batteries combined with a full tank of gas, kept the back end of the car in good shape. The traction control worked well to minimize wheel spin and fishtailing.
    Unless you live in a area with truly bad winter weather, I wouldn't be concerned about the RWD.

    I don't know about the availability of the wheels and chrome. I suspect Lexus tried to keep a few styling touches unique to the 450h.

    One comment about the wheels (which I also love the look of): because of the low side wall and lack of any lateral bulge of the run flat tires, the wheels are easy to scratch against curbs when parallel parking. Unfortunately I've done that a few times.
  • kenbtkenbt Posts: 33
    Well I still haven't decided but I did get revised pricing from Lexus of Glendale, CA- which was matched by Lexus of Cerritos which included the 10K Mile Service in the price.

    MSRP of $66,842.00 plus tax/license and fees.

    Again I have not pulled the trigger yet but emails from both dealerships are for "$62,983.00 OTD". So if you pay no more than MSRP out the door- you have a good deal- this
    comes out to basically once you include the 10K Mile Service
    $4000+ Under MSRP- But OTD.
  • bturkebturke Posts: 4
    Ok this was my deal - $60,992 MSRP - $54,778 traded my 545 BMW 2005 with 25,500 on it and got $41,000. Had to buy XM for $465 installed. What do you think?
  • Hi Bturke,

    if the Xm is Factory Installed its a Good Deal. aftermarket put by a dealership is about close to $900.

    You got your self a Deal.

    Thanks and Good Luck.
  • tricky73tricky73 Posts: 132

    Hope I am not too late; are you talking with South Bay Lexus in Torrance? I bought a LS460L from them in January and dealt with a very knowledgeable sales person; at the time he was Internet Sales Manager. Their service department is TERRIBLE!!

    I am on the verge of dumping the 460 in favor of a 450h. Reliability of my 460 falls FAR short of the earlier 4XX series. It took 3 days for them to diagnose and replace a faulty trunk release switch. I have been promised by 3 different sources an opportunity to discuss my problems with the Service Manager, but to date NOTHING. The only call that has ever been returned was to tell me my car was ready.

    I have experience with Cerritos and the Internet manager has been fair with me and I would not hesitate to go back if their price is competitive. Your price seems thousands higher than a price I got today for a ~$66.4K 450h.

    Hope this helps
  • bturkebturke Posts: 4
    Can someone please provide me mor einfo on the Black Kit?
  • bturkebturke Posts: 4
    What is the Black Kit?
  • kenbtkenbt Posts: 33

    My price was $62,983.00 OTD; MSRP is $66,842.00 ++

    I got this price which was matched by Lexus of Glendale and Cerritos Lexus. I did not ask South Bay since I wasn't sure I was going to get it- if I asked South Bay they would of beat it for sure- since I am a personal friend of the Owner of South Bay Lexus.
  • tricky73tricky73 Posts: 132
    Vista in Woodland Hills beat that price by approx $2K, threw in a satellite radio, and gave a good trade. Had the radio installed yesterday and was very impressed with knowledge and responsiveness of the service personnel; was invited to talk with the mechanic who installed the radio receiver. This person is the one who, 2 years ago, suggested mounting the antenna underneath the package shelf on an ES330 I bought so all wires are worked fine! They also explained many of the finer points of the car; do you know the vehicle has TWO 12V batteries? I saw them. The second one is to support the active stabilization system. The noise one hears when starting up in the morning with neither the engine or motor running is apparently the cooling fans; it is programmed that way. I was also certain Lexus had forgotten to include a height adjustment button for the driver head is not a button at all; just an embossed circle in the leather. Nuff for now...
  • tricky73tricky73 Posts: 132
    Retraction...I missed the "OTD"...since that price includes tax and license, sounds like a good deal. I'm still very high on Vista service.
  • bturkebturke Posts: 4
    beat what price?
  • kenbtkenbt Posts: 33
    Glad you are enjoying your car tricky73.

    So did you get the MSRP car of $66,842.00?

    If so, were you able to beat my $62,983.00 OTD?
    If I am reading one of your replies I can't imagine
    you are saying that Vista beat my deal by $2K.

  • tricky73tricky73 Posts: 132

    I misread your earlier post; see my #48 in this series.

    OTD was $66,527 inc'l XM radio; otherwise same equipment as you described (MSRP $66,842 not including XM.) Trade-in price was much more of concern to me, since I bought an LS 460L in January which proved unsatisfactory (electrical problems, dealer service difficulties, and seemingly disinterest on the part of the dealer to addressing these problems.) This flies in the face of your knowing the owner of this agency.

    I am not wanting to start a Jihad against South Bay, but my experience is random electrical problems never go away until you dump the car. However, if one needs the back seat room and more trunk space offered by the 460L, it is probably the way to go...assuming you have not owned a recent LS430. I still argue there aren't that many differences between the two...except the 430 promised to be MUCH more reliable than the 460 based on my experience.

    So far the 450h is a delightful machine; much more in keeping with my driving confidence. As you know, it has many of the same safety features included with the 460 and a couple that are not. The 460L seemed miles bigger than the LS430 I drove before; I was always very antsy driving it...not a good state of mind for a soon-to-be 80 year old geezer!
  • kenbtkenbt Posts: 33

    no problem I saw your misread comment previously- I was just
    confused when you said you beat the price- since they were selling the car to me for over 2K Under Invoice.

    even when I decided to pass on the GS450h (none of the three dealers that matched the deal and included the free
    10,000 Mile Service were pissed I passed on the deal- since
    they were going so low as it was- and now they can sell the
    car for what you bought it for- roughly 4K more than I would
    have paid OTD).

    sorry that you had bad experience with South Bay Lexus.
  • tricky73tricky73 Posts: 132

    I do not know what you currently drive, but so far the GS450h seems to be a good replacement for the LS430 which I should never have replaced. The "green" attribute of the 450, although novel, was not a major consideration in my decision. At my age I do not hot-dog a car so blazing performance wasn't important either...this machine has the same satisfying comfort to me as a favorite pair of loafers.

    I will continue to post as more experience is accumulated with the 450, including service experience. Although these forums are national, once certain posters indicate where they live, it would be helpful to identify those shops who know what they are doing and try and accommodate the customers needs rather than spend time explaining why something can't be fixed.
  • mkraussmkrauss Posts: 2
    I'm contemplating buying a GS 450h, but want the Power Active Vehicle Stabilizer. I'm distressed to learn that only cars sold on the West Coast and in the Rocky Mountain States have this option.

    Why is Lexus behaving this way? On the "build your Lexus" site, punch in different Zip codes (East, Central, and West) and you will see what I mean.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,130
    Simple fly to Denver, Portland or Seattle and get your car. Make a nice vacation of it. Then when you go in for service explain to them how they lost the sale.

    Welcome to the Forum

    Do not try to buy in CA. They will sting you with our horrible sales tax.
  • tricky73tricky73 Posts: 132
    I think this is a wonderful option; my comparison is with 2 recent model LS 430's, an ES 330, and an LS 460L. I do not hot dog an automobile at my age, but feel much more (safely) confident and comfortable in the 450h. The radar cruise is also very worthwhile for geezers...hold out for it!!

    Still looking for comments on the run flat tires...they seem great but cannot find any information about them except they are expensive and hard to find. Also a bit queezy about not having a spare although I have not had a flat tire in 20 years.
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    I replaced run-flats on my GS450h a week after buying the car. I absolutely hated how harsh they made the ride. And I don't even live in a place like New York or Chicago, where the roads are full of potholes.

    The run-flats on my car where pretty quiet despite offering really harsh ride. Also, my car did have a spare tired; I wouldn't have it any other way. Some of the run-flat packages include the spare, some don't.
  • tricky73tricky73 Posts: 132
    Did the ride improve? Mine are the Firestone/Bridgestone brand that I am led to believe solve the problem by building the tire with stiffer sidewalls as opposed to using gummy stuff or having a tire within a tire. If so, this is probably what causes the harsher ride. Some posters claim the air supports the car, but it is really the prestressed carcass that does the job, and this prestress comes from the internal pressure.

    The reason I do not have a spare is the car has active stability control which demands a second battery to control the suspension; hence no spare because that is where the additional battery is housed.

    Thanks for the post; always glad to hear from others.
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    The difference in the ride quality after taking of run-flats (Dunlop 5000) was like night and day. I put Continental ContiExtremeContact tires on the car; these are second highest rated Ultra High Performance All Season tire on TireRack. The jarring harshness is gone completely; although the Conti tires are a bit louder than the Dunlop run-flats.
  • If anybody is watching this dead thread, I have a question. I can get a new 2008 gs450h off a dealer lot in NE for $50,000 even. Options are levinson, navi, all season runflats, lexus link, spoiler, accessory package (net/mats/wheel locks). That is below "invoice" because Lexus is giving dealers $6000 on 2008 models. I could get the same car with same equipment as a 2009 for $57,000. Do you think 50 is a good price on the 2008? Would you go for the 2009 for an extra 7000? If it helps, assume that I will sell/trade the car in 3 years.
  • Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. I have been looking into GS450h due to the absolute dearth of GS460 (I wonder if Lexus is doing that on purpose to spur sales of the hybrid?). I just today got a quote for $55,866 plus tax (I live in California) on a 2009 with the options listed below, MSRP $62,215:
    Run Flat All-Season Tires with Spare Tire
    Mark Levinson Audio
    Lexus Link (Digital)
    Navigation System Includes:
    Generation 5 Navigation System and
    Voice-Activation with Destination Input
    Rear Spoiler
    Cargo Net
    Trunk Mat
    Wheel Locks
  • pslalapslala Posts: 2
    Would you mind telling me where you got your quote? I live in Palm Springs and went to Desert Lexus. The salesman told me that the GS450h was still in production and that no dealer would have one for at least another 2 months. I couldn't believe my ears. I am awaiting a quote from Lexus of Riverside through the Costco auto buying program. They were supposed to have phoned some time yesterday,I am still waiting. I thought sales people would be jumping at the chance to sell me a car. I spoke with Longo Lexus and they seem to have plenty in inventory but want to make sure I get the best price. I would like all the options you mentioned above.
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