Needs 4th transmission in 130k miles

alicecanalesalicecanales Member Posts: 1
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My CXL had the first transmission replaced by the dealer around 57000 miles, then another one about 95,000-I told the service guy that I'd see him in a few years and he told me no-that's all they would replace-I was already over the mileage-I told him the transmission should count from the mileage it was installed since GM said there was defective bearings in the AWD that disintegrated, putting the metal into the transmission. Then the motor blew-I had to put that on my Visa card...still paying on that-Now the transmission is going again-we took it in for a flush and fluid replacement-the mechanic said he didn't know why it was still running! This car has been a lemon from day one with shimmying and front end problems, tires were out of round....but I fell in love with the car at first sight....after 13 years, I still haven't seen a car I'd rather have than this one....I struggled to make all those payments at 700 a month from July 2005.for 5 years....but I got it paid off. I only drive 10 miles to work and back most days and shopping on the weekends-no hard driving at all! I know I need to walk away from the car and get something different but I keep having it towed home. I suppose that I'll have to get a second job to cover another transmission. Love hurts...
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