How do I remove the doors off of my Jimmy?

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I need to know how to remove the doors off of my jimmy so i can clean between them. I just boght it and its white and where the hinges are, they are very dirty and it bothers me so i want to take them off to clean them better.


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    It's best to post in the main Chevy Blazer/GMC Jimmy: Problems & Solutions if you want to hear from owners.

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    its not worth takeing them off just to clean them, spray a good degreaser in the jamb and spray the piss out of it. In order to remove the door you have to cut the pin and then replace the pin and bushings, this is a job for a profesional.
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    Biscayne6702 has the best suggestion I think, although some of us can't resist a challenge.

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    Mine never did really fit exactly right after that. :shades:
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    My bushing in my door were wearing out so i replaced them today, it was fairly simple. you buy the kit at Oreilys or wherever, it cost about 7 bucks per hinge. Best to have a buddy help you you just take the retaining washer off of each pin then simply knock the pins out. Replace them the same as you took them off. I couldnt get my spring back in though. I also didnt have to mess with the wiring harness either so you would probably have to take off your door panel.
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    Door spring tool is $15 and best way to go - auto paint shops sell them or online.
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    I got into a minor accdent and my drivers door got hit the spring poped out and i cant get it back in. I was told buy the bodyshop that the wheel is so rusted that thay cant fix it.Can I just change the wheel pully so in moves agan it is verry rusty.The other guys insurance wont pay for the repair.
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    Front door have to remove panel and unplug electrical connector, then support under door, remove (pound out with punch) the 2 door pins, door is off. Now depends on year but believe that large pin with the roller also is removable so call dealer and look it up. You need to buy new door pins and bushings also and use white litheum grease to lube. To do one door shop should be around $250 I'd guess. Door spring requires a tool to compress and safely reinstall.
    OR - spray penetrating oil on the wheel and get it to rotate, grease, reinstall spring with tool ($15) and go for cheap.
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    Thanks for the info I will try it the easy way first if my micanic wants to try maybe the other guys ins will pick up the tab. Thanks agan :blush:
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