Car goes completely dead

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Does anyone know what could cause my 09 Altima Hybrid to go completely dead intermittenly? Some times when I get in to start it there is no power to anything. If I open and close the driver door a few times it comes back to life. When this happens all the presets on the radio are lost and if there is a cd in the player it spits it out. Some times if I play with the little switch on the door jam that controls the courtesy light everything comes back to life. Could that switch possibly be the problem?

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    Those functions are all supported by the regular 12v battery.  Opening and closing the door suggests that a poor connection might be getting improved and restoring operation.  It's unlikely that the door ajar switch has anything to do with restoring power,  that's likely just a coincidence.  I would start testing at the fuse block assembly to prove which circuits do and which ones do not have power when the problem occurs and then go from there. 
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    Thank you thecardoc3,
    I wasn't able to find it, bur my local mechanic found a loose ground wire under the hood. He cleaned, tightened, and sprayed it with a protector and its all fixed.
    Thanks for your help.

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