Towing with a Silverado

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I own a 1998 Silverado 1500 4x4 with the 5.7
engine and 3.73 rear end. It has the tow package,
and off road package. I cannot seem to get a
straight answer as to what this truck will tow!
Anybody know, or have experience towing with this


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    8000-9000 Lbs.

    depends on a manual or automatic...ex cab or reg cab...and length of box.

    But I'd say that's about right...perhaps a little bit more..

    Good Luck

    - Tim
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    The truck is an auto. with the x-cab and short bed.
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    I looked at a 2000 Brochure...and the 2K model with the 5.3 auto...was 8500 Lbs. I'd imagine yours is similar?
    I guess the cab and box size does not matter for does matter for payload capacity though..

    - Tim
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    Don't you have a 98 that you tow your 5th wheel with?...that's about 10K lbs I'd imagine?
    ...You may have the 4:10's though...

    - Tim
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    A 98 Chevy 1/2 ton 4x4 Ext Cab with the 350 and 3:73 gears has a max tow rating of 6500lbs.
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    Also have you actually read the fine print to see how GM is getting such high tow ratings on the new Silverados. Their treating it the same as a gross combo rating. Every time you put something in the bed or a person in the cab you not only deduct from your payload but also deduct from your tow rating. So would seem that if you deduct the payload capacity from the tow rating you would get a Chevy's true towing capacity, does that seem correct.
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    Does anyone know what the tow rating for 2000 Silverado is? I ordered 4wd, 5.3L, 3.73 axle, and Z82; brochure and trailer guide both say up maximum trailer weight of 8500lbs. So does 2k Sierra brochure. I picked up my truck yesterday and was reading the owners manual last night. On page 4-59, the owners manual lists 7500lbs. as the max trailer weight. 99 brochure had 7500lbs. as max for that combo. Which is correct? I would think that there could be more unhappy campers if the owners manual was right and people ordered based on brochure! I hope its that they didn't update manual from last year. Help!
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    Vehicle Ratings
    GVWR - Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
    You vehicle must not weigh more than the specified rating. Found on the door sticker.
    CVWR or GCVWR - This is truck and trailer combined.
    Maximum towed vehicle weight is the maximum weight of the trailer.

    Now take a good fifth wheel at 13,000 pounds, a 1500 pound hitch weight, a truck weight of 7100 pounds, a GVWR of 8800 pounds, maximum trailer weight of 13,000 pounds and GCVWR of 20,000 pounds.

    This combination exceeds the capacity of the truck to tow. How? Well, it's not the GVWR, which is 1500 plus 7100 for a total of 8600. The trailer is right at the maximum weight limit for the truck. Where this combination exceeds the specifications is in the GCVWR. 7100 plus 13,000 is 20,100 or 100 pounds over the limit. If I add my wife, the dog, luggage and the cooler to the truck we're looking at truck weight of 7350 pounds and now we have exceeded the specification by 350 pounds.

    This doesn't even consider the weight restrictions on the axles, although they probably wouldn't be exceeded in this example.

    I've only seen the Ford documentation used to calculate weight distribution and loading. I think that all truck manufacturers are required by federal law to provide these documents. You'll usually find them in the sales room literature rack. Get a copy and go through the exercise, it is an enlightening experience.

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    Max towing wt is 6500lbs. with a max tongue wt. of 750lbs. If using a 5th wheel trailer max wt. is 6000lbs. with a kingpin wt. of 1200lbs. Caution when using the 5th wheel, check the total payload of the kingpin wt., and all cargo in the truck including passengers so as not to exceed the payload capacity of the truck.
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    Thanks for info on GCWR. But my question was actually about whether the brochure or owners manual is correct. Brochure for Chevy & GMC both state 8500lb. max for Z85, 5.3L, 3.73 axle on 4wd. Owners manual states 7500lbs. which is what the 99 brochure said. Could brochure be right, and manual not updated for 2000? Thanks
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    You should be able to call the GM customer service and ask for the loading chart. (The Ford one is a single sheet of paper, maybe 17" x 22" and folded to a brochure size for the literature rack. That is the only place that the information is accurate. The bad news is that you'll have to know the options that are on your truck to do the calculation. If you have the window sticker all the option codes are usually there. It is a real pain to accomplish the calculation but you really KNOW your truck after you've done it.

    Also, I don't know the nomenclature of the GM line of trucks. If the Z85 (or 71) includes a softer ride package, your gross weight limitations are reduced. If your truck rides more like a car then I would go with the owner's manual. Doesn't your truck have a sticker on the driver door or jam? Mine has all the gross limits posted there. Let us know what you find out as we want to learn too.

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    I realize everyones concerns with tow ratings, but the first thing I consider is. " Can I stop this thing?" Most run trailer brake systems, but they may fail and then you up a creek. In my opinion 5th wheels and large trailers should not be towed with 1/2 ton pickups. If you want to haul a load get a 3/4 or 1 ton.
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    I don't care if its 1/2, 3/4, or 1 ton,; when da brakes break you is more dan up a creek. U is goin to have a heck of a ride! Your logic would say that only semi's should pull anything.
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    oops! What happened to post 14?
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    A new slide in trailer towing/hauling brochure was issued for the 2000 Silverado's in the 99 brochure since the trucks looks didn't change just the capacities. I don't have it in front of me but there were tow rate changes for 2000.

    Ray T.
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    Confusion regarding GM tow ratings was caused because for 2000, GM changed the way the tow rating was calculated (it's now calculated the same way Ford and Dodge do); this led to apparant increases in tow ratings ... the brochure (not the manual) is correct ... Example: a 1999 Silverado 2500 which was listed as 10,500 lbs for 2000 is now listed at 11,200 lbs.
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    Are tow rating calculations just another word for GM Marketing Speak? :)
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    I need to know if anyone out there is towing with their Silverado. I'm Pulling a 5,000lb travel trailer and am considering this type truck as a tow vehicle. With gas this high I want the extra gas mileage as a every day vehicle. Would like to here people"s experience with this truck towing. How's the handeling, and what kind of performance you're getting. Can you keep up with traffic on the highways and hills. Want to stay away from the 3/4 ton if possible
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    I have a friend with a 1/2 ton 4x4 z71 3.73. He says it shifts to much while towing. Maybe a 4.10 would be better. On the other hand I have a 3/4 ton 4x4 with 6.0/3.73 and tow a 6500 lb trailer.I love having the transmission gauge to watch temp.allthough it has never overheated.The gas mileage is around 11 mpg average on hills 12-13 on flat hwy.65 mph. It does pull well.I have the standard suspension and have no complaints. The truck rides nice and level even with the bed full.If I was to order a new one right now for towing I would go with 3/4 or 1 ton 6.0/4.10.It just makes towing loads less stressful for you and your truck. 1/2 ton GMC/Chevy do a nice job,and they do weigh less.

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    Sounds I'm pulling the same weight range you are. I gave some thought to 3/4 ton but it was hard to get that in a 4dr. version equipped the way I wanted. I ordered 1500 4x4 with 5.3, 3.73 axle, towing package and lots more. This is my first experience towing and I am extremely pleased with the job the truck is doing. I can more than keep up with traffic, it is very stable, mileage has been 10-11 mpg with my 26 ft. 5000lb trailer. Mileage has been 16-18 mpg. without trailer. I only have 2500 miles on the truck now and expect mileage to improve a little. While the 2500 would give a little more capacity, [only about 300lbs. according to brochure] the daily mileage and ride penalty are too much to pay in my opinion. Interestingly, the price isn't much different to move up to 2500 though. But I don't think I could have got a large discount on 2500 because of availability problems. I HAVE NO REGRETS WITH MY CHOICE! Good luck with your decision.
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    With 5.7L, auto, 3.73 gears and all the extra coolers (oil, transmission) the tow rating on my truck is 8000 using a weight distribution hitch. I tow a 7000lb trailer with no problem and the transmission stays in overdrive at 65 on level ground. At 51K the differential came apart, but the shop indicated that is was not from the limited amount of towing I had done, but that the gear lash had been set up wrong from the start. Remember all the complaints about 'clunk' in the drive train? Bingo.
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    Just put 450 miles on towing 3600lb. 19' travel trailer @ 65/70 mph. thru NY, Conn. & Mass 10/11 mpg. The tow/haul mode invention was the best thing Chevy/GMC ever designed.
    Y2K 2500 ext. cab shortbox, auto. 5.3L, 3.73 Locker & tow pkg. No complaints just raves........

    Ray T.
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    Another "I didn't buy it, so no one else needs it" post about 4wd. Time to get grip. It's not about status, but apparently it IS about envy. How regrettable!
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    Are you towing with this in overdrive or are you keeping it in 3rd while towing.
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    Geddes, with the tow haul mode you can actually use overdrive while towing. The computer will allow transmission to shift into overdrive if conditions warrant. Its a great system.
    Mannwi... if 2wd is all you need good for you! But do you ever drive through muddy campgrounds, up wet boat ramps, in mountain snow storms? I think you get the picture. There aren't many vehicles worse in the snow than an unloaded 2wd pickup. I've had 3 of them. Higher resale on 4x4 almost makes it a free option, sort of like A/C. Oh, by the way, The gas mileage on my 5.3l with 4x4 is better than my last truck which had 100 less horsepower and was 2wd. I think the EPA rates both 4wd and 2wd the same or very little difference. Not trying to offend... but sorry if I did!
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    To answer your question, Geddes.

    In my post I referred to 4th, 3rd, 2nd, etc. Some folks call 4th overdrive, and I suspect that is what you mean. The only way to get the truck in 4th is to put the shift selector "D". It will go into 4th earlier without the tow/haul mode selected, but it will also go into 4th in tow/haul, but not until you get above about 60mph. If you don't want to go into 4th, just select "3" on the shift selector. Sometimes I use "3" when I don't want it to go back and forth and there are a lot of hills with a strong head wind. You can also use tow/haul and go under 60mph, but I usually go faster.

    Hope that helps.
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    Your attributing envy to a very well thought out buying decision, by someone you don't know, is totally without logic. I feel sorry for people who think that way, and wish you all the best anyway.

    On the emotional side, I actually feel superior by buying the right vehicle. Everyone has the right to make their own choices for their own reasons....just letting you know what I feel, and it ain't envy.

    On a snowy trip to Minneapolis last winter I counted the vehicles in the ditch on I94 and the expressways around the twin cities.....80% were 4wd......might say something about driving lessons.
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    The snipping at each other brings us back to school days which I would assume we all graduated from with lessons well learned, to each his own with the choices life brings us..........
    Now kiss and make up guys..........Life's to short

    My preference is also 2WD and all my driving lessons have been Seat Of Pants learning experiences LOL

    Ray T.
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    Are you getting much squat down in the rear end with this set-up? I've read some back-ends are dropping 3 inches. Of course they didn't say if they had a weight dist hitch or not. Neither did they say if they had the z71 set-up. thanks..
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    I have a 2000 Silverado 2500 extended cab 4by. It has a 4.10 rear axle and I have been towing a 29' 5th wheel. Trailer wt. is 8500 # No problems what so ever, always pull in 3rd gear usually maintain 70mpg on the interstates. Gas mileage towing 8-9 mpg. Mileage alone 14-15 mpg. Only replacement I made was new HD Bilstine Shocks on the truck to better control the 1800 Hitch wt.
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    Do you tow in third gear because the trany wants to hunt or are you just trying to be nice to it?
    Does the trany heat up at all? Going up a hill?
    Does the 6.0L keep it at 70mph even on a steep grade? Does it have any reserve power?
    Sorry for all the questions. I'm just trying to make the right decision. Thanks.
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    I have a y2k Silverado 1500 w/5300 engine and 3.73 rear end and auto trans w/ tow/haul option. I have yet to tow but will be in less than 3 weeks. My trailer & boat are at 5000 lbs (est). Does anyuone know if fuel other than 87 octane is necessary or recommended?
  • sdpiersonsdpierson Member Posts: 69
    Thanks for the detailed info. It's greatly appreciated!
    When you say it slows to 40mph on steep grades between 7000 to 10000 ft. in 2nd with power to spare, I am assuming it will not pull it in 3rd, correct? How steep of a grade are we talking about?
    I don't want to get into the same problem I have now going up some sections of highway 80 at 35mph full throttle, hoping for a tailwind!
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    I got the opportunity this weekend to tow with a friends 2000 xcab 1/2 ton Silverado with 5.3 and 3.42 rear end. Boat and gear probably weighed in the neighborhood of 5k lbs.

    i have to say I was really impressed with the tow/haul mode. We played with it a little. It seems that it does keep the truck in 3rd gear the most. When the truck was put in OD, it would hold it flat or down hill, but any little hill, it would shift to 3rd and hold it. Shifts were very firm too. A couple of times, we made a pass, and WOW, when you step into it, it shifts into 2nd, and you hit 70 mph in no time. The passing power of the truck was incredible.

    We never hit too many BIG hills, but the hills we did pull, it pulled them effortlessly, never downshifting. In OD, the truck was turning about 1900 [email protected] 70. In 3rd gear, it turned about 23-2400 rpms @70. Whenever we passed someone, it would run up to abou 4K rpms in 2nd gear (~70 mph).

    mileage was about 12 mpg towing at 70 mph. Got about 17 empty at 80 mph.

    The powerband of the truck was very impressive. Low speed driving around town and the ramps, you don't even know the boat is back there. The '00 engines have a lot more power in the 1000-2000 rpm range than the '99s. I say the 5.3 is a much better pulling engine than the 5.7 I drive now. I tow with my 5.7 in OD with the 4.10 gears, and it probably pulls hills a little better, but definitely doesn't have the passing power, or the mileage of the 5.3. I would really like to see what the 5.3 could do with a 4.10 gear set in that size of truck.
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    When I mentioned High Mountain towing I'm referring to for example Independence Pass in Colorado. Its on highway 82 going to Aspen its an 8% grade for aprox. 10 miles and tops out at 12000 feet. Pulling the fiver I held it at aprox. 40 mph because of the switchbacks, towards the top I had to slow up because some motorhomes were holding me back. The 6.0 liter with the 4.10 gears just had that sweet sound when pulling up the grade. I'm glad I went with the 4.10 gears and not the 3.73 I don't believe with the 2500 there would be much of a mileage difference non-towing. Your right about hitting the head winds my fiver stands about 12 feet tall so there is a lot of surface area in the front. I have pulled into a 40 mph wind and it does knock the hell out of your mpg pulling 65-70 to get any kind of mpg at all with those head winds a person just has to slow up.When I mentioned High Mountain towing I'm referring to for example Independence Pass in Colorado. Its on highway 82 going to Aspen its an 8% grade for aprox. 10 miles and tops out at 12000 feet. Pulling the fiver I held it at aprox. 40 mph because of the switchbacks, towards the top I had to slow up because some motorhomes were holding me back. The 6.0 liter with the 4.10 gears just had that sweet sound when pulling up the grade. I'm glad I went with the 4.10 gears and not the 3.73 I don't believe with the 2500 there would be much of a mileage difference non-towing. Your right about hitting the head winds my fiver stands about 12 feet tall so there is a lot of surface area in the front. I have pulled into a 40 mph wind and it does knock the hell out of your mpg pulling 65-70 to get any kind of mpg at all with those head winds a person just has to slow up. The Silverado isn't the perfect tow vehicle but it seens to do a good job for my part time towing, and the wife don't mind running to the grocery store with it.
    Have a nice day!!
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    Sorry about the last post for some reason it did a double wammy on me???
  • sdpiersonsdpierson Member Posts: 69
    That is very informative.
    Your pulling a larger load than I plan on towing and it seems to be doing a good job.
    You my be right about the mileage not being much different between the 3.73 and 4.10. 14 to 15mpg is not bad for vehicle that can also tow like it does.
    Thanks again for the info. I may be able to order this week.
  • mannwimannwi Member Posts: 29

    Without the load equalizing hitch it would squat too much in the rear. I checked that out. With the load equalizer it sits level.

    We actually went to the Pilot truck stop and weighed the truck before hitching up the trailer (cost $7 & for $1 you can weigh again). It weighed 2800 at both axles with the stuff in the back of the pickup. With the load equalizing hitch the front stayed at 2800 and the rear went to 3400....and it was level. The trailer weight when hooked up is 4700, but if not hooked up it would be 5300. If you hooked the trailer up without the load equalizing hitch you get about 2500 lbs on the front axle and 3700 on the rear. The load equalizing hitch moves about 300 lbs from the rear axle to the front.

    Hope that helps.

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    Hey thanks for all the info. Its nice to see someone who actually took the time to do their research and provide actual figures. Just makes all the decisions tougher as to which vehicle to get ..oh well..thanks again..Geddes
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    I've got a 2500LS, 6.0l with the 3.73 axle. I tow my 6000# travel trailer in the Texas hill country. In most places it pulls just fine, but there have been times I wish I had ordered the 4.10 axle.

    Barney50 has pretty much told you everything there is to know about this truck and its towing capabilities. All in all, its a really sweet rig.

    With my 3.73, I will manually downshift to 2nd gear when I'm pulling a 6% or 7% grade. It'll walk right up a 7% hill at 55 MPH in 2nd gear real easy with no real strain on the engine.

    Living where you do, what you are towing, and where you will be towing, I would go with the 4.10 gears. Solo mileage won't be that much different. I've gotten as high as 17.0 MPG with my 3.73's, so you should be able to crowd 16.0 MPG with 4.10.
  • sdpiersonsdpierson Member Posts: 69
    Thanks for your input. 17mgp is great! I think I read earlier that you had a 2wd.
    This is still a tough choice for me because 95% of the time I'll be hauling air. This is also my daily driver.
    I also just got of the phone with my dealer and he confirmed the '01 6.0L will have 325hp and 370lb torque. Don't know what the power curve is though.
    I also found out the boat I tow is closer to 5000lbs with trailer ('90 Reinell 22' cutty with a 350 I/O, a dealer told my about 5000lbs, does that sound right?)
    Like I said, it is a tough choice, and I have to decide soon because My dealer said the truck is going in for order on Friday.
    Thanks for everyone's input!!
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    Sorry for the delay in responding - I was out all day yesterday.

    Based on your current information that your boat is really only 5000# and the '01 6.0l will be boosted up in both HP and torque, that probably would lean me more towards picking the 3.73.

    But one big problem still there is the fact that you may be towing at 7000 foot altitudes. That means you're losing about 20% of the sea level power of the engine. Also, keep in mind that the 5000# weight figure the dealer is giving you is probably on the light side. Even if it were exactly correct, you will still be adding several hundred pounds for gas, ice, beer, and other stuff, plus whatever you might throw in the back of the truck. As a comparison, my 6000# travel trailer (by actual scaled weight) is advertised as 5,091# "unloaded vehicle weight" in the sales brochure. By the time I added the trailer battery, 2 full propane tanks, pots and pans and other camping related crap, you can see it doesn't take long to tack on some real weight.

    I'd say you might be better off with the 4.10. But since the '01 6.0l will have more power than the "00, maybe the best thing to do would be order it with 3.73, try it and see how it goes. You could always swap in the 4.10 later if you were unhappy. I will tell you this engine is a pulling SOB, and it will percolate right up the hill in 2nd gear when you need it to.

    Don't know if any of this helps or just confuses matter worse. Let me know what you decide.
  • cdeancdean Member Posts: 1,110
    I'd say get the 3.73. If gas mileage is not that big of a deal, get the 4.10 and you'll LOVE the power. you would probably get 15 mpg at best, empty. the 3.73 would probably get 16, maybe + empty. how much is it worth to ya?
  • page3page3 Member Posts: 54
    3.73= milage/enough power
    4.10= fast off the line/towing power
  • sdpiersonsdpierson Member Posts: 69
    Thank you all for your input. The experiences you have shared has been very helpful. Good point about my boat being 5000# empty.
    I ordered the truck on Friday. Since I drive it mostly empty I decided to go with the 3.73. The extra time I may spend towing 55-60mph instead of 70 is minimal. (My current truck slows to 35mph in some spots). But, I'll be filling the tank at least once a week.
    I'll post again after I get the truck.
    Thanks again for your help.
  • robklein1robklein1 Member Posts: 2
    June, 2, 2000, I purchased a 2000 Silverado, 6L,
    auto, 2WD, LB, with the HD tow package. I paid
    $27,000 for it through fleet sales at a Lou Grubb
    dealership in Glendale, AZ. After breaking in the
    engine (approx 620 miles), I left Arizona for
    Florida towing a car. My tow load was approx 6000
    lbs. While in Kansas I had the entire drive line
    dealer serviced with fluids ($250.) in accordance
    with owners manual requirements. I dropped off the
    car in Tennessee, drove to FL then back to AZ. The
    truck's pulling capability and cruising with load
    is outstanding. However, the truck developed two
    unacceptable noises on the trip.
    PROBLEMS: The engine (6L) has a ticking noise at
    all RPMs with and without load. The sound is
    similar to a noisy lifter, exhaust leak, or
    possibly a bad injector. It is very pronounced at
    startup, then fades as the engine warms up. But, it
    doesn't completed go away. Also, under
    acceleration I hear a tinny vibrating shrill coming
    from the transmission only through first gear,
    with and without load, any engine temp. I haven't
    taken the truck in yet because of the holiday, when
    I do I will submit the fix here. Honestly, I have
    little confidence in dealership repairs, especially
    warranty work.
    After logging 7400 mile in 3.5 weeks I have other
    observations to make, some minor:
    -Gas mileage sucks! But I knew that from the
    -The rear plastic hub-cap lugs tend to loosen
    after long highway runs. I just snugged them down
    and check them often.
    -The 2WD (tires with E rating) will get stuck in
    wet grass or soft sand, especially without load.
    Trust me, it's embarrassing!
    -The convenient cup holder vibrates a lot, drinks
    require lids.
    -The cab is roomy, and the back seat has leg room.
    Who cares! I don't sit in the back.
    -I have decided that I don't like the 4 DR cab.
    Although a convenience, it appears to lack
    durability, and prone to future leaks. Those doors
    are a pain in the butt in a parking lot too,
    especially parked next to another vehicle when your
    loading or unloading the back seat. If I was an
    engineer at GM, I would loose the two back doors,
    keep the big cab size, and increase the size of the
    the two front doors.
    Considering all this I am still satisfied (not
    thrilled) with the truck.
    QUESTION? Have others experienced similar
    Robert Klein
  • wight1wight1 Member Posts: 218
    I've got the exact same rig as yours, except mine is a short bed.

    Problems I have:
    1. Also have the engine ticking noise. Appears to disappear after warm-up. Funny part about this noise was that it didn't start making that noise until the day after the first oil change. Two changes later, its still doing it. Dealer says normal.

    2. That tinny vibrating noise might be the heat shield on top of the muffler case. Mine makes that noise at exactly 1800 to 2000 rpm, and I've heard the exact same noise on 3 other 2500's. Noise disappears after warm-up and shield has chance to expand slightly. The next time you come back after a long run, listen to the truck after you shut it off - as the exhaust start to cool down, you'll hear several loud "PING" noises - that's the heat shield cooling. Dealer says no fix advised yet from GM, so they won't do anything with it.

    3. I love the 4 doors. No problems with mine, except if someone is parked next to you real close. But I try to park it half a mile away from anybody to avoid the usual dents and dings.

    4. Gas mileage ought to be better, but I average about 13.5 to 14.0 on an average tank-full. Have gotten as high as 17.0 on the highway.

    5. The plastic hub-cap lugs are really cheesy. Mine get loose all the time. Dealer tells me they've been replacing quite a few under warranty.

    6. In the last 500 miles, I seem to have developed a little bouncing in the front end going over bumps. Nothing real bad, just a little more steering wheel jerk than before. I'll be taking it in soon to have that looked at.

    All in all, I'm very satisfied. It tows my trailer very well.
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    Does anyone out there own a '99 or '00 3/4 ton 6.0 Chevy or GMC with 3.73 gears, that is pulling a 29ft 5th wheel or equivalent. I think this is what,I want but hate to lay down the money and not be happy. I see the 2001 is boosting HP to 325 and torque up a bit so I might wait for the new ones. I'm skeptical of the brochures!!! I know there is no substitute for cubic inches, but most of the time it would be empty and I just don't want diesel. I would like somebody that actually owns one or knows someone that does to give info. Any feedback would be appreciated.
    [email protected]
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    Search thru the threads for 2500 Silverado or 3/4 ton, i think there is plenty of good conversation. Overall impressions are the engine is great--incredible torque curve for a mid v8 engine--but remember it is not a big block. So depending on the weight of your 29 footer, you may want to opt for a bigger truck--i.e. the Superduty V10 or GM HD 8.1. With 3.73 gear these big trucks can get 14 or 15 mpg, and pull a mountain. The new GM HD will also give you the Allison Transmission, which albeit pricey, will give you a phenomenal powertrain.

    I think a 3/4 GM lightduty w/6.0 or 3/4 ton Ford with v10 would be your cheapest option. A GM HD w/ 8.1 and Allison would be the most expensive.

    For GM, If the trailer weight is within the limits of the 3/4 ton and the 6.0, you should probably go with the 4.10. Incredible Pulling Power and almost no penalty in mileage.

    ask around, there are plenty of owners here.
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    Have a 96 4dr 4x4 350 lwb 3500 (not dually), go for it. Add a chip, give it air, and you will be happy.
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