Steering problems

muddy8648muddy8648 Plankinton, South DakotaMember Posts: 1
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Question. I have a 93 dodge Dakota ext cab 4x4 318 5.2 L, am I'm kinda having steering issues. My steering wheel is cocked to the left to drive straight and I have alot of play in it. What I'm trying to figure out is what's wrong I'm not an expert on vehicles but I am an aspiring mechanic and sort of know my stuff. My father had the same issue in his 3/4 ton Chevy Silverado ext cab rwd, and he replaced ball joints tire rods and steering column but that only took a little play out. What I want is to figure out how to take the play out and make it super responsive. But I don't know exactly where to start I do know that I went mudding today and got stuck and got towed out and hit a 2 small fence post (which didn't physically damage the truck it just glances of the number and loosened the plastic covering on the number and wheel well) and after that the steering wheel went cock eyed. But the truck still drives straight and I don't notice any shaking in the steering wheel actually there isn't any. So what should I do
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