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Honda Element Maintenance and Repair



  • Steve and tidester,
    I think I have found a suitable replacement part to my failed pump. Access to the old one is daunting if not impossible. How to I gain access to the old one so I can replace with the new?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    "Daunting" is right! It's hard to access almost anything in today's cars. Perhaps someone here has direct experience with the Element and would offer some guidance. Anyone?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Greg, do you have access to the OEM info? If not, I can post the appropriate pages online.
    Here's just the text:

    1) Remove the front bumper (are you freakin' kidding me!).
    2) Disconnect the washer tubes (A).
    3) Disconnect the 2P connectors (B) from the washer motors (C) and the washer fluid level switch (D) (Canada).
    4) Remove the three mounting bolts and washer reservoir (A).
    5) Install in the reverse order of removal. Make sure the washer motors operate properly.

    This is from the '04 manual...the '03 is pretty much identical (I have one of each)

  • Sorry Greg, the procedure I just posted was for the reservoir. It looks like you can access the pump/motor by removing the right inner fender (no idea what it's like getting that out)...

    1) Remove the right inner fender.
    2) Disconnect the 2P connectors (A) from the washer motors.

  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Dont freak out TOO bad...bumper covers usually are not too difficult to get off. ID assume you have to get the grille out which is usually a few clips. Looks for two or three screw/bolts on each inner fender well. Usually there are a few plastics clips under the bumper and occasionally a bolt or two. Under the grill i could have to guess there are a few plastic clips also. Not sure how much this helps you cuz this makes it sound very easy, its not. I used to do auto body repair so i might make it sound easier then it is.
  • kmeiselkmeisel Posts: 2
    both highbeams work-both lowbeams don't.Is this a bad bulb?
  • I have the same problem too, front and back don't work, don't Honda know this is happening?
  • nemodogdadnemodogdad Posts: 1
    We have a 2003 Element 5 spped manual fwd. Great car with a few really annoying issues. We had the drivers side passenger seat belt tensioner start malfunctioning almost from day one. At 41k miles, it finally locked up completely and would not release. I even removed the anchor bolt from the floor to maximize slack, and all it did was take up until the entire length of the bellt was locked in. Definately should be a recall issue, as I know 6 people with this same problem in Elements from 2003 thru 2006. Another issue in the 2003 that may have been addressed in later modles is the kee room when in a proper driving position. When I set up the seat for my frame (6'0") my left knee is about 3/4 of an inch from the dash. If I',m in a head on, I suspect I'll break both khees before the airbags pop of and knock me out cold. Last issue is the dif fluid loss causing anything beyond a graceful , easy turn sound like you are running over rumble strips at high speed.

    Anyone else have these happen too?

  • cwalticwalti Posts: 185
    Look at This and many like issues are discussed and remedied... The diff fluid is wearing out needing be replaced with a NEW formula delivered to the dealer. I had it changed in my '05 CR-V at 18K miles. No scraping yet with the '07 Element. I love that car!!!
  • bonnie24bonnie24 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Honda Element. I had the reverse lockout also. Did you find out what the problem. Did you go to a dealer. How much did the repair cost you.
  • Brian,
    Thanks for the replies. I am sorry it has been so long for me to get back to you to thank you for the info. Based upon what I could see and rooting around the pump, I figured the bumper removal was not required. I can't imagine getting the inner fender out being too difficult, although it may be tedious. Again, I really appreciate the response.
  • kevinb4kevinb4 Posts: 2
    Hi Bonnie.

    I did take to the Honda dealership. They did an idle learn procedure, whatever that is.That was $30.00. That fixed the problem. They told me if the problem persists, the throttle body woul have to be replaced. After about 6 weeks it started doing it again, but it is intermittent. If I turn on the A/C it will come out of park. For the last 10 days or so, it has been working fine, A/C on or not.I bought it used, and fortunately purchased a 100k / 5yr warranty. I have not yet taken it back to the dealership, so I don't know how much the throttle body replacement cost. The guy at the Honda dealership said something about a recall for this problem. If that is the case, it might not cost you anything. If you don't know, there is a lockout bypass switch.There is a little plastic tab on the shift console. Take a small screwdriver and pop out the tab. Stick the screwdriver in the hole and push down on it, and it will come out of park, strange huh? Hope this was helpful. Good luck, and let me know how it turns out. I love my short bus! :shades:
  • rjnvpnrjnvpn Posts: 3
    I have had the same problem with my 03 Honda Element. I have taken my Honda to the Dealer 7 times for problems with the engine stalling and dying at unpredictable times. It used to happen every few weeks first thing in the morning; I thought the engine was cold. However, living in Southern California, the cold weather here is mild. Every time I took my car in for this issue, the car never duplicated the problem. So they never fixed it. Finally, out of exasperation, I went to another general mechanic. They advised that I replace the starter for $600. I called Honda, where I had my car serviced faithfully for 5 years to get their quote. They offered to do it for $800. I talked to the head mechanic at Honda and explained that they should cut me a better deal since I was a long time customer and my car is out of warranty. So they counter offered to replace the starter for $300. which I accepted. Since reading your post, that your engine starting problem was due to a bad solenoid, I'm wondering if I this was a mistaken diagnosis. My car seems to be starting more smoothly; howvever it makes this bzzzt noise which it used to do when this problem started. Has replacing the solenoid remedied your cars starting problems and was this an expensive repair. T :lemon:
  • enzwteenzwte Posts: 7
    I just got back my Element from the body shop. And notice that my airbag indicator light doesn't turn off. I had my passenger side doors repaired due to deep scratches.And also notice that my radio was not working either. all I had to do is put in my code.I called Honda service and said theres a possiblitlty of low voltage and if they have the means (Body Shop) they should repair it. The body shop told me to wait a little bit to see if it regains more power and the light should go off by itself... Is it something I can do to fix it could it be a fuse that just burned off. THe body shop said they never tampered with the air bags at all and said that the car was open during repair.... Any Advice :)
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Being a former body repair technician my advice is dont touch ANYTHING associated with the airbag system yourself, be it a fuse or a wire dont touch anything. Im all about fixing things myself but that is one part you dont want to mess with if you dont have the proper training. My best guess is the low voltage line is complete bull do-do. They didnt touch the airbags at all but in order to refinish the doors they had to take the door apart to pull the door handle out and the weather strip around the window. And there are airbag sensors in the doors. (see where im going with this) They forgot to connect a wiring harness somewhere is my best guess.
  • enzwteenzwte Posts: 7
    Thanks for your information and will take it back to the Body Shop and have them deal with it. I waited 3wks for the car.. The dealership said they would charge me 110.00 to get it repaired. thanks again
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    CHARGE YOU???? wait a minute here...THEY did the work. It worked before you brought it to them. Nicely explain that you arent paying for something you didnt break. They didnt do the repair properly, its not your responsibility to pay for it. Its what they call in the business a "come-back".
  • 05 honda element had problems with seat belt on passenger side light coming on after hitting bumps in road with no one on seat took connections apart under passengers seat to see if loose light in dash went out now air bag light stays on also checked connections and fuses is there a reset i also unhooked battery to ckeck if that would reset it didnt any help
  • I have daytime running lights . The tail lights work along with all marker's and dash . It will also flash passing lights . When headlight switch is turned to on the dash lights come on ,the daytime go out and the headlights dont come on. The turn lights work fine along with brake. Am I looking for a fuse ,relay or switch.
    Park brake is off.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    That sounds like when they did the DRL (daytime running lights) that they didnt reattach one of the wires to the harness. Either that or look for a loose or disconnected ground wire. What year is the vehical and where is it located?
  • checked alittle far into my problem now found that seat belt light doesnt work on passenger side either also light on air bag stays on
  • There was no work done on car. Checked for ground and no luck
  • checked for ground with a multi meter and grounds seem fine . The car is a 07 . There was no work done on the car to start this , it just stopped working over night .This is why I am thinking a fuse ,relay or switch I have checked the fuses in the panel all seem good,but is there a in line fuse somewhere under the dash?
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Cant you just bring it into the dealer then?
  • Yes I can ,but a bird can fly on a plane also. There is something about DIY that makes you feel good at the end of it.
    Can someone please let Me know if I am on the wrong path!
    I was under the impression that headlights where not on any type of fuse that could go on you and leave you in the dark going down the road at night. . But a breaker that would reset ,giving you some light to get off the road with. Seeing that the lights are not flashing I am thinking the light switch . As I said before, I am not sure.
  • how do disessblem the dash board to gain access to the dash lights
  • what bulbs do you seek? what dash do you need removed?


  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    thinking about replacing the rear wiper before winter hits here in MN. Only problem is i dont ever see them listed at auto parts stores. Is it a honda only part? or is it something i can find at the store?
  • Don't yell at me I'll help you.image

    Illustration No. Part Number Description Qty. Model List Price Our Price
    001 35505-SCV-A01 BULB 7 ELEMENT 2.62 1.96
    002 35505-SCV-A11 BULB 2 ELEMENT 2.62 1.96
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